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In the first years of the millenium Germany shows a return to more ‘normal’ pop music. That doesn’t mean that the music history is discarded totally.

New groups incorporate the revenues from the Hamburger Schule, the Neue Deutsche Welle and the Liedermacher. Groups like Rosenstolz, Blumchen, Tokio Hotel, MIA., Wir sind helden, Christian Morgenstern, 2raumwoning (formed around NDW singer Inge Humpa) and Ich + Ich (with singer Annette Humpe) break through in the decennium.

German rap gets mixed with reggae dub and funk with Jan Delay songwriter and producer who became known to a wide public as a member of German rap groups Absolute Beginner and La Boom. Another popular acts in this genre is Seeed and the techno-rap anarchy by Hamburg based Deichkind. More mainstream singer Clueso steals the hearts of the girls at the start of the Millenium with his urban/singer-songwriter mix. All female vocal group Laing enters the scene with a a funky sound that sounds like the Pointer sisters on electro. De Phazz (or Pit Baumgartner) is a downtempo jazz ensemble integrating modern turntablism and elements of soul, Latin, trip hop and drum and bass into a lounge music sound. As a soloartist rapper Kool Savas deserves to be mentioned.

It also sees the return of more basic schlager with new artists like Michelle, Gaby Albrecht and Wolfgang Petry. An artist like Jurgen Lugge even goes back to the German musicstyles of the fifties.



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