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Die Goldenen Zitronen (English: The Golden Lemons) spawned from the Hamburg punk scene in 1984. Founding members Schorsch Kamerun (vocals), Ale Sexfeind (drums), Ted Gaier (bass, guitar), and Aldo Moro (guitar, bass) live together in a squatted house at the Buttstrasse. Feeling that the punk scene lacked a sense of humor they started creating music that was political but also satirical. A first EP “Doris ist in der Gang” was released in 1986 quickly followed by the single ‘Am Tag als Thomas Anders starb’ taking a pun at the then popular Modern Talking singer. This last one attracted a lot of attention. Their subsequent release, "Für Immer Punk," was a cult hit in the German punk scene, inspiring comparisons with bands such as Abwärts, Die Toten Hosen and Die Ärzte. Their debut album ‘Porsche, Genscher, Hallo HSV’ is still seen by critics as a keyrecord for the German post-punk period. In the German underground the band became more and more popular also due to their chaotic but electric live performances. The gradual succes let to an interest from major record labels. DGZ packed their response into the title of the third album ‘Fuck you’ (1990). The album is a satirical protest against the tedium of daily life.By this time only Schorsch Kamerun and Ted Gaier remained. The new members were Thomas Wenzel (Die Sterne) under the pseudonym Julius Block, keyboarder and drummer Mense Reents (Egoexpress, Stella), and Enno Paluca. The following 1991 tour becomes a disaster with their old fans adapting badly to their new style, extreme right hooligans disturbing their performance and their tourbus crashing on their way to a show in Rotterdam (Netherlands). This caused for a time out.

1994's "Das Bisschen Totschlag" saw a return to the studio and a major musical transition, in which Die Zitronen mixed their usual power-rock style with elements of garage-trash, electro-beat, hip-hop and noise-pop. This trend of experimentation continued with 1996's "Economy Class," which was influenced by improvisational jazz. This last album also saw the coming of bandmember Hans Platzgummer, a musician who had international succes in the 80’s with grunge band H.P. Zinker. With 1998's "Dead School Hamburg" (a jab at the Hamburger Schule trend of music), the band further altered their style, pursuing a greater emphasis on electronic instrumentation. Their most recent album, 2001's "Schafott zum Fahrstuhl", takes a more avant-garde direction. It also closed the second period for the collective. For five years the band would fall silent untill in 2006 the best of ‘Aussage gegen Aussage’ is the first sign of new life. The new studio album ‘Lenin’ gets raving reviews in the music press and is discribed as ‘Pink Floyd going new wave’. This sound is perfected on the 2009 ‘Die Entstehung der Nacht’ which leans heavy on influences from electropunk. The intelligent mixture of styles is continued on the following albums.

On the web:

- DGZ's official website: http://www.die-goldenen-zitronen.de/

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What do we think:

DB: Recolcitrant, collages as album cover and the shrill 'voice' of Kamerun ... in that sense DGZ is still the punkband they were in the 80's. Combining rock with an 1970s-era punk vibe and lyrics that are both critical, yet comedic and pop-like. Their music did make a development over the years. From straightforward punkrock to a style that adapted techno, jazz, pop, industrial and schlager. If you don't understand German their albums since 1994 are the most interesting musically.The band rejects the rules of the traditional music industry, seeing themselves as a symbol of artistic independence not wanting to "serve the structures of rock" (Ted Gaier.). This attitude together with their long excistence places them at the top of the German underground. The known unknown as you might call it. Die Goldenen Zitronen have had a diverse number of collaborators, ranging from the poet Franz Josef Degenhardt to new acts such as DJ Hell, Chicks on Speed or Peaches.


- Porsche, Genscher, Hallo HSV - 1987

- Kampfstern Mallorca dockt an - 1988

♪♪ - Fuck you - 1990

- Punkrock - 1991

♪♪♪ - Das bisschen Totschlag - 1994

- Economy Class - 1996

- Dead school Hamburg - 1998

- Schafott zum Fahrstuhl - 2001

♪♪♪♪- Lenin - 2006

♪♪♪♪- Die Entstehung der Nacht - 2009

♪♪♪ - Who's bad? - 2013

♪♪♪ - More than a feeling - 2019

♪♪♪♪♪ = outstanding album, an absolute must-have
♪♪♪♪ = great album, highly recomended
♪♪♪ = nice album
♪♪ = be careful, requires listening before buying
♪ = best to be avoided


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