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Hardly any other pop genre in Europe has been influenced so deeply by it’s own musical history. No wonder if you take in consideration the numerous dramatic social and political events the country had to endure in the 20th century.

Basically Greek popular music falls apart in two separate genres. The Rembétiko & Entékno genre is the more traditional of the two. And with traditional we do not mean the Zorba the Greek act you get on your summer vacation but more the Greek blues with songs filled with drama, passion, romance, and bitterness.

On the other hand you have the more up tempo (one could say ‘positive’) genre called Laïko (later Laïka). This genre incorporates more international known music styles but again they always seem to slip in a typical Greek instrument or arrangement.

For a foreigner it sometimes is hard to distiguish wether a song is Rembétiko or Laïko and you probably have to be Greek to hear the difference. So forgive us if we label an artist in the wrong genre.

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