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Newsletter, December 2013


"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


Christmas is here again and so we're almost looking to the end of 2013. It was an interesting year with some very good albums and of course some disappointing. We also a trend of the old Yugoslav countries steaming up in the European popspectrum with spectacular live shows from Severina en Jelena Karleusa. And also the Exit festival that trendwatchers think will push Sziget from it's dominant position of being the best European festival, And of course it was our personal discovery of two former Eastern bloc countries Romania and Bulgaria that offer some hidden suprises. And of course it was the year we turned 5 (yeah!!)

Almost traditionally we close the year wiith our ongoing investigation if there is something like European Christmas music and if so, what the background is. We wish a happy holidays and hope to see you all again in 2014!

And as always: ENJOY THE MUSIC.


  Music news and background articles  

European Christmas Music
With ‘ White Christmas’ , ‘I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus’, ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ and ‘ Last Christmas’ this time of the year the radio is filled with merry poptunes about the season. But what can be considered as common in the Anglo-American countries is not at all usual in the rest of Europe. Original Christmas pop records are very few, compared to the English or the American markets. Where they started to create popular Christmas songs for the growing market the European contingent stuck to singing the traditional Christmas carols passed around since 15th century. In England and other countries, such as Poland (kolędowanie), Romania (colinde) and Bulgaria (koledari), there is a tradition of Christmas caroling (earlier known as wassailing), in which groups of singers travel from house to house, singing carols, for which they are often rewarded with gifts, money, mince pies, or a glass of an appropriate beverage. Money collected in this way is now normally given to charity. Read our special insight into the why, where and what of European Christmas music or go to our videoclip compilation page to get you directly in the festive mood.

Open letter from Peter Plate (Rosenstolz) to Putin

Peter Plate (ex-Rosenstolz) and Carolina Bigge send and Open Letter to the German press to raise awareness and support for Lesbian and Gay rights in Russia. "When Natasha loves Olga. And Wladimir does not forgive then that's not cool at all. The situations for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender in Russia escalates more and more! In June 2013, a law was under President Putin passed which means nothing in the end as that homosexuality is no longer livable. The law prohibits, among other things positively against minors or in media such as the Internet to talk about homosexuality or depict gay couples in public.
This means, in addition to this intolerable grievance for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender for some apparently a license for violence to be against homosexuals. These acts are seemingly less and less criminally prosecuted. Therefore, we start with many dedicated volunteers who Aktion Zehn: Equal rights for all - even in Russia! The aim is to draw attention to this situation in Germany loudly attention, thereby raising the awareness of our political leaders in dealing with Russia."

To support the protest Peter recorded the protest song 'Zehn' and they planned a demonstration at 12 december. But there is also a viral element. "It would be wonderful if you support the campaign and would just join in - we will get with your support for a huge media attention and. "8-9 - TEN: Equal rights for all - even in Russia!" Says this set simply in a camera, mobile phone, webcam ... like also adds personal comments on it - and send it to, but post it on your own pages and in your networks, then we can use it to form a chain of supporters who will quickly so strong hope that something moves". Also check Peter's facebook.


Matia Bazar's music turned into a musical

In Italy the music of classic popband Matia Bazar has been transformed into a musical called: "Solo tu" (after one of the\ir big hits. The protagonist of 'Only You' is Cynthia, caring mother and wife of Walter too good and fit for not making her feel inadequate. Cynthia is played by Lisa Angelillo (singer and actress with a rich experience of theater and television, not least has held the role of Tanya in the musical Mamma Mia ). The discovery of a betrayal revolutionize the life of Cynthia and that of all the characters involved in a whirlwind of new situations and emotional balance, until the meeting with Bruce, the entrepreneur / poet played by Michael Carfora It is directed by Elena Dragonetti, the musical arrangements are taken care of by Carlo Marrale and Emiliano Cioncoloni . Marrale has repeatedly recalled, during the presentation of the show: "When I put hand to the story, I realized that the songs that we wrote together even more than 30 years ago were combined to perfection, as if there was already a sort of plot undercurrent. This show can not be a great act of love and a tribute to Aldo Stellita that for me he's never gone. "


Martyna Jakubowicz
Burzliwy błękit Joanny
Etienne Daho:
Les chansons de l’innocence retrouvée
Jonathan Johansson:
Ett Språk För Dom Dömda
& Transoriental orchestra
Veronica Maggio:
Handen I fickan fast jag bryr mig
Das Leben ist Schön
  Europopmusic artists (from the encyclopedia)  

Martyna Jackubowicz (Poland)

We came to know Martyna through her Bob Dylan album. And actually she was able to led you believe you're actually listening to Polish originals. The tracks make you completely forget the originals giving the Dylan catalogue a whole fresh Polish folkrock make over. Listen to her version of 'Lay lady lay' to see what i mean. As can be read in her bio incorporating Polish musical influences in her music is one of the key elements in her repertoire. Although the American influences tend to take over sometimes. An album like 'Patchwork' is beautifully made and very stylish but could have been any Daniel Lanois production if not sung in Polish. And that's the unique element, that light cold/warm voice that goes around in the nothern part of Europe. Not the raspy blues voice you expect. She may not be a very productive artist but quality-wise a good choice if you're into folkrock. Due to the hung to American folk you'll find we gave her a three-star review most of the time. Don't let that hold you back to discover this artist.. Go to artist page


Etienne Daho (France)

Etiene Daho is unmistakably French with his soft deep voice and sense of style. The interesting thing about Daho is that he always seemed to get in sink with the musical trend but has the ability to give it a Daho twitch. Debut 'Mythomane' doesn't show it yet but with 'la Notte la Notte' he is right in sink with the pop new wave sounds popular in France in 83. His two follow ups (‘Pop Satori’ and ‘Pour nos vies martiennes’) are more of the same. Both albums have some good singles on it but do not stand out as an album. The nineties start of with a lot of touring and production work. But from 1996 it becomes really interesting with the St Etienne mini album (with the excellent 'Jungle Pulse' track) followed by 'Eden' and 'Corps et armes'. After that Daho has a regular output of high quality albums. 'L'invitation' sees a return to more regular pop music after years of experimenting with electronics and Les chansons de l’innocence retrouvée is an orchestral ode to the grand music of the seventies.Go to artist page


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