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Newsletter, November 2013


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Who would have thought in 2008 that what started out as our own small blog as an extension to our record collection would grow out to a website filled with info on European pop and rockmusic. And even more, that we are still around and going strong after 5 years (which is ancient in blog terms, most blogs don’t make three years). Our aim with was to place the music of European continental artists in the spotlight. Born out of a personal love for local European pop/rock music the blog soon attracted a large number of visitors up untill the current 15.000 to 20.000 unique visitors a month. The blog extended over the years to an online encyclopedia with almost 400 entries and an online magazine giving news about new music but also giving a new historical context to European popular music. This unique point of view got us newsitems on local radio and TV stations around Europe and an invite from the Erasmus University Rotterdam to join in a panel about the uniqueness of European pop culture. Not bad for a private initiative that is still made in our spare time by two music lovers and completely non commercial. But most of all we do it for you! Those fans from around the world that send us appreciations and tips are the highest motivation to continue. So keep those anniversary congrats coming this month and keep those kind mails flowing in at

And as always: ENJOY THE MUSIC.


  Music news and background articles  

In memoriam Marek Jackowski (66)
"Dear friends and correspondents. If you do not receive a reply that means I'm working in the studio. I’ll catch up in my free time. Meanwhile, I wish you a nice, hot Saturday and Sunday," - wrote Jackowski just a few minutes before his death on his Facebook profile. Marek Jackowski, founder and longtime leader of Polish Eighties iconic rockband Maanam passed away on May 18, 2013. At the age of 66 he died of a heart attack in his house in Naples. It seems a bit late to feature this on our homepage but we only found out recently due to the fact that suddenly all kinds of compilations pop up (thank you Polish followers for not tipping us). He leaves a wife and three daughters from his second marriage and of course Kora (his first wife and Manaam companion) with their son Mateusz. With the band Maanam he formed key figure in Polish new wave pop having a status that spans more then three decades. His solo work however always lacked the popularity he had with the band. With his passing Poland is deprived of one of its motors in popular music. An artist worthy for a necrology on our website. Read his In memoriam.

Max Herre presents a special live performance
streaming in MTV & VIVA on 13/12/2013

After Udo Lindenberg, Sido and Sportfreunde Stiller it is now singer-songwriter/rapper Max Herre to take the stage for a special night with MTV unplugged. On 13 december at 21:00 CET he wil present a two-hour sessions spanning the time from the beginning of his career with the German hip-hop band ""Freundeskreis" to his recent success as a solo artist (his latest album is gone #1 in the local charts) with hits like „A.N.N.A.“, "Tabula Rasa“ and "Wolke 7“. Accompanied a 25-piece orchestra the show features guest like .Support gets the musicians also important companions like Joy Denalane, Samy Deluxe, Gentleman, Patrice, Philipp Poisel and the legendary Fab5freddy. With the show Herre tries to make a tribute to the old pirate radio stations. "I am very proud and happy to have worked on this project with some of the best musicians of our time, most of them long-time friends and partners," says Max Herre. The show is free to watch for anyone with an internetconnection on the German MTV website or on VIVA (which is not available for viewers from the US).

Cité de la Musique (Paris) pays hommage to Europunk with big exhibition

Europunk. As part of the Europopmusic idiom we simply cannot pass by this exhibition in Paris' Cité de la musique. Each individual European country had his Punk- exhibition the past years but never was this done on a European scale. The exhibition aims to show the result of this creative ferment that, between 1976 and 1980, along with what was happening in the United States, was stirred UK first, then the entire European continent. Illegitimate child of Dada, Fluxus and Situationism, the cons-culture that rejected art will indeed succeeded in defiance of aesthetic canons, impregnating deep and lasting all creative fields: music of course, but also film, visual arts, fashion, comics ... 

In total, more than 450 items (clothing, fanzines, posters, leaflets, drawings and collages, album covers, movies, etc..) from public and private collections and numerous audio and video recordings, show that vitality and creative freedom that made ​​punk, despite himself, an artistic revolution. The six chapters of the exhibition will be supervised by a timeline placing artists in the political and cultural context of the time, while listening consists of a wall of speakers will feel room by image and sound, all the innovative energy of this artistic revolution. Radio France International jumps in on the subject with a very good overview on French punk. Be sure to check that article at the RFI site. Or book a ticket to Paris and visit the exhibition which will be on display untill January 19, 2014.


Slovakia's pop scéne committed to raise money for child cancer victims

In October a wide selection of Slovakia's finest pop artists made a stand to help children who suffer from cancer. The foundation behind it called Nadácia Kvapka Nádeje (or Drops of hope) was established to constantly and continuously promote therapeutic, educational, cultural and social needs of sick children and especially children affected by cancer. On October 20th there was a big TV show to raise money for new units and equipment for pediatric hematology-oncology patients.  Performing artists were amongst others Helena Vondráčková, Olympic, Miroslav Žbirka, Beáta Dubasová, Miro Jaroš, Kristína, Sabína Křováková and Štefan Pčelár. For the event Slovakian popsinger Dominika Mirgová recorded a special single together with rapper Suvereno. The video for the song was shot at the transplant department of the clinic in Bratislava and features personal and patients. "I was a few days after the shooting and I heard nothing but praise. I am very happy that I could be a part of this project " said Mirgová "When i saw the video I was moved to tears. I'm an emotional person. I did not cry because it's sad. contrary. This video, from the children who really feel hope, which has an enormous power . I was completely overwhelmed and whenever I start it again, I get goosebumps.". You can see the video on Youtube. The project also has its own Facebook


Brigitte Fontaine:
J’ai l’honneur d’être
Eva de Roovere:
Sebastien Tellier:
Jeugd van Tegenwoordig:
Ja, Natuurlijk
Achtung Fertig
Die Goldenen Zitronen:
Who's Bad?
En Varm Nats Kølige Luft
  Europopmusic artists (added to the encyclopedia)  

Gasolin' & Kim Larsen (Denmark)

All European Blues rock (as a variation to All American rock) is what Gasolin' makes. The influences from the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Band and Grateful Dead are more then obvious, Maybe that's the reason they never made it in the US, their sound was to similar to bands they already had in abundance over there. Still they sound European or to be more exact Danish then you'd think. Kim Larsen found in Bob Dylan an example how he wants to write songs and so he did. With the freetown of Christianhavn he had the inspiration on his doorstep. Larsen als had a bit of a contrariness streak and loved kicking (subtly) against the establishment. His 1979 album title is his social security number and was a protest against the governement trying to control the danish people. Larsen is still a leading musical figure in Denmark..Go to artist page


Eefje de Visser (Netherlands)

Making Dutch pop music has proved very difficult. Soon it becomes pretentious, pompous or bombastic. Dutch artist also tend to be quite close to filling their production to the brim. Eefje is a breath of fresh air for that matter. Witty, small, musical and catchy. And definitely popmusic. Her first album is easily accessible and has a variety of styles. Her second album is an icy excercise with her ​​voice and the music almost organically merging. Her voice and music weaving a snowy landscape. Also for non Dutch speaking people worth a listen..Go to artist page


Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (Netherlands)

Warning, if you want to learn Dutch, it is not advisable to listen to the Youth of Today. The juggling with words, the subcutaneous puns and lame corniness are omnipresent and will leave you just confused. If you are looking for some funk-electroncis combined with an intelligent flow then these hiphop guys are your act to check. The juvenile sillyness with probably elude you so its best to step in with their third album where the foursome gets control over their hormones and zany universe and come up with a tasty album that bounces from electro to urban to funky disco. We linked them to Jan Delay and 't Hof van Commerce with whom they share the same musical taste but compared to them De Jeugd is the juvenile naughty delinquent for what matters the thematics of their lyrics. .Go to artist page


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