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Newsletter, October 2013


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We got some questions wether and when we're going to pick up on our 1968 feature. Those dear followers can enjoy a new chapter in the quest for the origins of European pop-rock with a focus on Finland. The general outline is familiar by now. Economic properity and self-consciousness amongst European youth encourages independent thinking about the world. This added with a growing polarization between the political right (aided by the USA) and the left (aided by the USSR). The subcutaneous friction between the two superpowers makes the wish for a local exhaust valve amongst youngsters. The tension translates into protest for more rights on universities and also a creative exponent, creating your own music. In Finland the tension also translated also in a growing number of manic depressions and suicides. But behold the healing powers of music, with Finland organizing a rock festival to get some positive energy flowing.

And positive energy is just what the world needs. Especially with the days growing darker again on the northern hemisphere. So endulge yourself this month with some great new albums by Jenni Vartiainen, Ornella Vanoni, Urszula, Pariisin Kevät, Zweitfrau or Marlene Kuntz. Or just go directly to the website and lose yourself into our review-archive and catalogue with over 400 artist entries by now. And as always: ENJOY THE MUSIC.


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1968 in Finland - Vahna & Ruisrock
As in other Scandinavian countries, in Finland the year 1968 has become a significant memory place, still influencing the current political debate. At the centre of power in this timeframe in Finland was President Urho Kekkonen.Being something of a absolute ruler and a shrewd politician the president moved between his own right wing believes to charming the Nato, USSR and later the EEC, and still staying inpartial. This was somewhat against the growing left wing movement of the time blaming him of being a potentate and stubborn. But fact is that he managed to get Finland through the cold war living on the threshold of the Soviet Union. That the Fins did not have that much to complain about shows the 1968 protest actions, which were in fact limited to one day! What influenced Finnish rock was maybe not politics but more the enviroment. Finnish progrock bands from the end of the sixties heralded rural life in the woods. These same woods, the desolation and the long dark winters also caused for growing manic depression amongst youngsters. Believing in the healing power of music the " Youth Information Centre " thought it a good idea to organise a rock festival to lift the spirits. The resulting Ruisrock festival is currently one of the oldest still running festivals in Europe and has been a breeding ground for local pop and rock since 1969. Learn more about Finland in 1968 on the feature page on our site.

Ornella Vanoni announces retirement

With the release of her new album 'Meticci' Italian singer Ornella Vanoni also annouced her retirement. She stated: "This will be my last album and my farewell to the recordingstudio, I have sang and done all I had to be sung". The extent of her retirement is cause for debate however. She announced to do a tour spring next year but the question is wether a retirement from the studio is also a retirement from the stage. The 79 year old diva has enough material to keep on performing her songs untill the absolute end. And of the 'three' classic Italian diva's of popular music she is still the last one performing regurarly (with Mina already shunning the limelight since 1981 and Milva retirering two years ago). Recently even in de USA where ticketprices catapulted to over $ 200,-. Meanwhile 'Meticci' sounds like a nice conclusion of everything she stood for during her career. Cool pop-jazz and lounge-Italian song. Relaxed and warmblooded. If you want to catch La Vanoni live be sure to book a ticket to Italy in 2014, it could well be the last chance you get. Tourdates will be announced on her Facebook page.

Anxious moments for Delorean in Mexico

Members of Spanish band Delorean had some anxious moments in Mexico when they found themselves in a midts of a kidnapping scam. Thugs allegedly demanded 20m pesos (£940,000) in ransom money during the ordeal, which ended on Monday. AStaying in Mexico city for the  Mutek festival, they were contacted by alleged members of the Zetas gang, who threatened to kill the musicians if they did not obey very particular orders. Delorean agreed to change hotels, give up their mobile phones and buy new ones as per the gangsters' instructions. The "kidnappers" did not use guns or physical violence during the affair. They communicated with the band by phone, warning them that they were being watched and could be shot at any time. Meanwhile, they ordered the band members to make phonecalls to relatives, telling their families that they had been kidnapped and demanding a ransom of 5m pesos per person. Luckily, it appears that Delorean were not actually being held by a group of gunmen – they just believed they were. Scared but OK they resume a US tour afterwards. Two other Spanish acts, John Talabot and Pional, have since announced they are calling off a Mexican tour. "We are happy that our friends Delorean are OK," Talabot wrote (via Consequence of Sound), "[but] we are cancelling our tour in Mexico for security reasons."


Kayah wows with transcultural show

Polish singer Kayah is currently back on the scene after a long abscence due to illness. The show she is touring with gets raving reviews all round. Together with the Transoriental Orchestra she creates melting pot of Slavic, Balkan and Persian sounds, supported by electronic and jazz improvisation. The band plays original instruments such as cymbals, santur, oud, saz, lutes, flutes, fifes, drums in the world. Accordianist Marcin Wyrostek is responsible for all leading the band. But it is the amazing voice of Kayah that lift this show to a higher level. Be sure to check Youtube for snippets from the show.  The tour opened last month at the Singers Jewish festival in Warsaw with a enthousiastic crowd as result, The musical arrangements for the show were made by Atanas Valkova - Polish - Bulgarian film composer and music producer ( 7th Award winner Berlinale Score Competition and nominations for the European Talent Award Soundtrack_Cologne 7.0 ). We sincerely hope the show will continue outside Poland. If not we'll settle for a DVD from the show.


Jenni Vartiainen:
Eony snu
Ornella Vanoni:
Meticci (Io mi fermo qui)
Candan Erçetin:
Milyonlarca kuştuk…
Helene Noguerra:
Année zero
Renata Przemyk:
w Trójce live
Pariisin kevät:
Jossain on tie ulos
Marlene Kuntz:
Nella tua luce
  Europopmusic artists (added to the encyclopedia)  

Pariisin Kevät (Finland)

There is some great alternative music coming from Finland and if you're into the Scandinavian sound of Kent and Mew, Pariisin Kevät is absolutely up your alley. Although Arto Tuunela is the main character in the band they succeed in sounding truly organic as an ensemble in the way they make music. 'Kaikki On Satua' is a great album to step in with hints of Finnish folklore, gothic fairytale themes, Arto’s icy thin voice and tinkling guitar pop...Go to artist page


Die Puhdys (Germany)

No DDR-Ostrock anthology compilation should be complete without at least one song by the Puhdys on it. With maybe one of the most dorky names and the worst and ugliest graphic designs for their albumcovers in European rockhistory their music is the contrary. Especially some of their seventies albums sounds like the German answer to the Sweet mixed with Status Quo and Uriah heep. Derailing organ sounds, pumping bass and drums, wailing guitar solo’s, it was all there. Glam and hard rock combined. A crafty effort considering they barely had excess to music which inspired them and it underlines that the bandmembers where all good musicians. As it goes with rockbands that continue endlessly their studioalbums became less and less interesting, chewing over the old music that they recorded in their prime. Live however this is still one of the big rock dinosaurs touring the German territory and capable of moving a crowd. .Go to artist page


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