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We one the verge of travelling to Italy so brace yourself for some new Italian releases in the coming month. For this months update we take a closer look at France in 1968 in our feature on the protestmovements of that era. Back to the present we're also starting to get ready for the Eurovision song contest in Düsseldorf. And honestly we are a bit disappointed with the round-up of this year. A lot of copies of what was popular last year and a lot of cheap disco. Even Dana International returns with a bleak copy of what she did 15 years ago. But worse, only 9 countries decided to sing in their own (non-English) language. Adding Ireland and the UK to that we get 11. A bit bleak compared to previous years.

Luckily there's enough going on besides the ESC. We tracked interviews by German popdiva Marianne Rosenberg en young electro trio Yelle. And Subsonica is blazing across the Italian stages with a new show.

So we leave you with the reviews and articles for this month. As always, enjoy!


  1968 in Europe, focus on France  


As said on our introduction page we define European pop music by the unique social-cultural elements present in each European country. Language is the main focus but sometimes these elements can also be found in the instruments or arrangements that are being used. In describing the individual music scenes we also found that the political situations in a country were often of influence on the development of a musical identity. Like a match held to a can of gasoline. Especially one year seems to form a turning point, even a starting point for many countries to develop a local pop/rock scène. It was a year that Europe burned with riots and student protests. That year was 1968.

The first country we zoom into is the one that got the most attention and historical is regarded as one of the sparks that ignited the whole movenement. We turn to Paris, France, and take a look at the riots, but more so, look at the musical consequences that happened around the events. Go to the article.

  Eurovision 2011, only 9 countries sing in their own language  


Did we see an increasing amount of countries singing in their own language the past years (see archive) this year's ESC is a big disappoitment in that front. If we not include the english speaking countries only 9 countries sing in their native tongue. That's half of what it was last year. Poland, Serbia, Portugal, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Spain, Bulgaria and France dare to choose their own language and Greece does it partly (the rapper does his stuff in English). Add the UK and Ireland and you have 11 countries participating that way. The Netherlands and Albania initially also sang in their own language but changed it after being selected. What remains is a lot of songs sung in a weird kind of English not adding to the quality of the songs which is, in our humble opinion not really high this year.. Again, it's gonna be a disappointing year for us. Nevertheless we're gonna enjoy the whole hustle and bustle around it.

  Subsonica photo diary  

Italian rock-combo Subsonica is currently at the end of their spring tour supporting their latest album 'Eden'. On facebook they placed a photo and videodiary for every venue the visited the past weeks. The guys are now warming up for the festival season taking them to Rock in Roma, Sherwood festival and Festival di Majano.



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1968 in Europe
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The winners of the Eleanoora competition
Subsonica tour diary


  Latest album reviews  


  Fraulein Rottenmeier:
Elettronica maccheronica
  TV Resistori:
TV Resistori
  A. Mielavs & K. Tatarinova:
Latviešu romances
Marianne Rosenberg speaks

Last month we saw the vibrant show of Marianne Rosenberg at the Huxley Theatre in Berlin. And she pulled of a stomping show consisting mostly of material of her new album 'Regenrhythmus' laced with some material from 'Luna', 'Uns verbrennt die nacht' and 'Spiegelbilder'. The people who turned up for a schlager show had a tough time especially with the more cynical and dark lyrics of the new songs. Prior to the show Manuela Kay had a brief one-on-one with Marianne for the gay-website Siegesäule. Go to the interview.

Yelle speaks

AnneDoing their electro-pop routine across stages in Europe Yelle found the time to answer some questions from RFI’s Nicolas Dambre. Yelle, consisting of singer Julie Budet backed up by notorious sidekicks Jean-François Perrier, aka GrandMarnier Destable and Tanguy, alias Tepr. Known for their energetic performances the band answers what is gets them going. Go to the interview.

Winners of the eleanoora rosenholm competition

AnneLast month we had a competition around the new album of Finnish band Eleanoora Rosenholm. People could send in the answer to two easy answers in the hope of winning a copy of the latest album. Out of all the mails we got we pulled two winners. So congratulations to Ola Szkudlapska from Warsaw (Poland) and Andrea Firrincieli from Leuven (Belgium). The cd's are in the mail.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Kult (Poland)
Omega (Hungary)
Alexandra (Germany)
Nicole Rieu (France)

  Any comments?  

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