February 2011
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"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


Collecting Europop means browsing through a lot of dusty boxes and cd-racks. The times we had to clamber down dodgy stairs to mouldy cellars in some Central-European neighbourhood way beyond the usual tourist areas. And all this to get the little gems and dig deeper into the history of European popmusic. It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it.

As you can read in the 'Latvian/Polish riddle' article this digging around can result in all sorts of suprises. In the catch that also featured the Latvian Poljazz releases I found an album of Lili Ivanova. Never heard of her? Won't be long because this Bulgarian pop-icon set me on a scouting trail through the history of Bulgarian. Long live the internet which enabled me to get a whole box coming from some recordshop in Russia. So by the next newsletter I expect some Bulgarian profiles to add to our online encyclopedia.

For now we leave you with the reviews and articles for this month. As always, enjoy!


  A Latvian/Polish riddle ??  


Collecting Europopmusic means a lot of digging through dusty boxes. Usually record stores file it somewhere under World music, local product or musical-leftovers-I-just-don’t-understand. And that section is usually somewhere down below or very high up behind some boxes and dead mice. You get the picture, it is not an easy task to keep all you music lovers informed. And sometimes you dig an album up that puzzles you. Here’s a nice example. From a dusty shelf I dug up two albums which turned out to be an enigma. Put in the section ‘Polish jazz’ the covers revealed a picture of the Milda statue in Riga, Latvia. The language on the flipside was obviously not Polish although they were released on the Poljazz label. Usually the internet helps out with revealing little bits and pieces but this time it drew a blank. The albums were titled ‘Pieśni łotewskie’ and ‘Pieśni Latgalii ( Inflant Polskich )’. Recorded in 1986 the albums were released in 1988. I suspected the Poland link was followed due to the fact that local Latvian product wasn’t allowed in Latvia itself. Russian rule was very strict. It had to be in Russian or was not allowed. Featured groups were  Grupa Kombuļi and Grupa Grodi. Sound engineer/producer was partly in the hands of Uģis Prauliņš. Now Prauliņš is a Latvian composer who was a member of the folkgroup Salve in the 1970s and the folk-/progressive-rock group Vecās mājas in the Eighties. Our guess was that Prauliņš secretly recorded the tracks with his own money, took the recordings abroad to the Poljazz office to have the albums pressed and then transport them back to Latvia. After publishing this news item we got a kind mail from Prauliņš himself informing us that it was something less romantic though. The reason Poljazz released the songs was probably because formerly Inflantia (Latgale) was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth [1561-1772] and the songs are also the heritage of Polish cultural history. Grodi are still performing in Latvia (Aida Rancane & Andris Kapusts). Oh well, less 007 but still a nice story.

  The rocky horror Linnet show?  


All female Danish theatrecompany Sort Samvittighed (Black conscience) created the musical theatreshow 'Hvid Magi' (White magic) around songs of Danish singer Anne Linnet. The show is a vaudeville meltingpot of masochistic nurses, bloodthursty girl scouts and baby cannibals. Musical arranger Jeanett Albeck took 23 of Anne's more masochistic lyrics (mostly from her Marquis de Sade era) for the show. Anne even delivered one new song exclusively for the show, the title song. Allegedly she found the whole show hilarious,. If you wanna see for yourself you have to book a ticket to Kopenhagen and go to the Betty Nansen Theatre. See for more info.



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A Latvian/Polish riddle
Justyna wins OGAE video contest
The Rocky Horror Linnet show
Nilüfer goes rock in duets


  Latest album reviews  


  Patty Pravo:
Nella terra dei Pinguini
  Eefje de Visser:
De Koek

Safari Disco Club


Gianna Nannini:
Io e Te

Hannelore Bedert:
Amsterdam Klezmer Band:
Keckec & Acid folk orchestra: Pesme iz godina uspavanog razuma
Justyna wins OGAE video contest


Polish singer Justyna Steczkowska won the latest edition of the "OGAE Video Contest" with the clip from the song 'Kim tu jestem' . The OGAE is the collective fan-club of the ESC and the Video Contest is a video event in which several individual fan clubs can enter with an original song and video released in the previous 12 months in their countries. Only 12 clubs joined this contest (last year the number of participating OGAE clubs was 16). The song contains fragments of the movie 'Królowa Śniegu' (The snow queen) in which Justyna was cast to play the title role. Unfortunatelly the agenda's did not compute so director Macieja Michalskiego offered to direct the video instead. The song was also the theme song for the movie. You can watch the beautiful video on Youtube.

Nilüfer goes rock in duet-album


For her new album '12 Düet' Turkish singer Nilüfer goes rock with some of the nation's lading pop/rock acts. The first single is already an unexpected combination when Şebnem Ferah joins her for a version of 'Erkekler Ağlamaz'. Furthermore the album will feature re-interpreations of Nilüfer's old songs. Featured guests are a.o. Teoman, Hayko Cepkin and Yüksek Sadakat. The album will be on sale soon.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Pierre Rapsat (Belgium)
Rosario Florés (Spain)

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