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This month we start a new cycle of articles focussing on a certain era of europopmusic history. Traveling around Europe, and reading some of the local history, we found that the year 1968 forms a linking pin around Europe concerning the forming of a serious local music scene. Of course we knew about the riots in Prague and Paris, of course we know that 'We shall overcome' was sort of the soundtrack of these movements but there was more going on. One of the important seeds that were put into the minds of the people is their pride of local culture. To out ones rebellion what better way then in your own language. I mean, Pete Seeger is nice and all, but iof you don't understand a word you're singing what's the use. The coming months (this probably will turn out in one of those projects) we take a closer look at the event of 1968.

Also we have the honour of giving away two copies of the new album by Finnish band Eleanoora Rosenholm (courtesy of Fonal records). So if you want to have a chance on one of these you answer the two simple questions before april 17.

For now we leave you with the reviews and articles for this month. As always, enjoy!


  1968 in Europe, the making of musical identities  


As said on our introduction page we define European pop music by the unique social-cultural elements present in each European country. Language is the main focus but sometimes these elements can also be found in the instruments or arrangements that are being used. In describing the individual music scenes we also found that the political situations in a country were often of influence on the development of a musical identity. Like a match held to a can of gasoline. Especially one year seems to form a turning point, even a starting point for many countries to develop a local pop/rock scène. It was a year that Europe burned with riots and student protests. That year was 1968.

In a series of articles to come we’d like to investigate the hypothesis that the events that happened around 1968 were crucial for the making of individual musical identities in Europe. (go to the introduction)
  Albanian singer Elsina Hidersha, aka Emmy, run down and killed  


One of Albania’s most popular pop stars, Elsina Hidersha, (born 15 March 1989) has been run over and killed in Tirana in what may have been a case of vehicular homicide. The incident happened in the late hours of 26 February 2011, when Hidersha was leaving a night club where she had been performing. Hidersha was hit by a car allegedly driven by her ex-boyfriend, 47-year-old Kosovar businessman Haziz Kelmendi. The police said they suspect the incident was intentional and was a matter of jealousy. Reportedly Kelmendi was heavily intoxicated at the time of the incident. Hidersha subsequently lapsed into a coma and died on February 28th from severe brain injuries and fractures to her skull. Elsina Hidersha most notable hits were "Pse të dua ty", "A ma jep", "Rastësisht u pamë", and "Let It Play".

  Feature on Balkanton  

In our recent feature on the old state labels of Central Europe during the days of the USSR we forgot to add the state label of Bulgaria. With shame and thanks to those we notified us on that omission we added the info on that to the feature page. The label had the well chosen name 'Balkanton' which is geographical a strategic chosen name. Go to the article here.



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1968 in Europe
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Ex-Yugo artists on tour
Elsina Hidersha killed
Feature in Balkanton


  Latest album reviews  


  Eleanoora Rosenholm:
Hyväile minua pimeä tähti

  Maleńczuk & Steczkowska

  Marianne Rosenberg

12 Düet


Martyna Jakubowicz
Okruchy życia


The Eleanoora Rosenholm contest

Courtesy of Fonal records we give away two copies of the brilliant new Eleanoora Rosenholm album ''Hyväile minua pimeä tähti'. All you have to do is answer these two simple questions:

What are the names of the original bandmembers?

Who is the director of the new ER video for the single 'Pimeä tähti'?

Answers can be send in until 17 April 2011 to We announce the winners later that week. PS don't forget to mention your adress.

Ex-Yugo artists on tour


The coming weeks some of the former Yugoslavian pop-veterans will be performing outside their country. For Oliver Dragojevic you'd had to be quick. He performed on March 12 at the Unihalle in Wupperthal (Austria) and the day before (11 March) in Munich at the Tonhalle. But more dates are to be annouced for a short spring tour. Singer Zdravko Čolić (photo) will visit Berlin (Germany), the Universal Hall, on the 9th of April and on april 2 he performs in The Netherlands at the Quick Hall in Nijmegen. Dragana Mirković will come to the west were she will be at the Tiffany Club in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on the 30th of April (that is Queensday, which is a national holiday). Last but not least, part of legendary rockband Bijelo Dugme comes to Belgium on April 15 for a show at the Atrium in Antwerp. Which part is unclear because both splits are currently touring.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Colette Magny
Joachim Witt
Hapka & Horáček
(Czech republlic)
Veronika Fischer
Lili Ivanova (Bulgaria)

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