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Obviously it's that time of the year when European artists decide it's time to release the fruits of their labour. The Europopmusic office has been flooded with new releases the past weeks. We can hardly keep up with listening to all that new music. But as always we put our backs in it and starting weeding through the bulk trying to see of we could find a selection to fit your delicate taste.

And we did, this month you'll find the first catch we got around reviewing with some fine releases from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and Finland. More is coming up but this way you have something to look forward to.

In this edition of our monthly update you'll find that popmusic and politics sometimes can be a heated relationship. Especcially when you live in Italy. We also take you once again back to 68. This time to Franco's Spain. And already a celebration to mark on your toilet-calender is the anniversary of French pop-dandy Etienne Daho in which he promises a special surprise for his fans.

As always enjoy this editions reviews and articles!


  1968 in Europe, focus on Spain  


As said on our introduction page we define European pop music by the unique social-cultural elements present in each European country. Language is the main focus but sometimes these elements can also be found in the instruments or arrangements that are being used. In describing the individual music scenes we also found that the political situations in a country were often of influence on the development of a musical identity. Like a match held to a can of gasoline. Especially one year seems to form a turning point, even a starting point for many countries to develop a local pop/rock scène. It was a year that Europe burned with riots and student protests. That year was 1968.

By 1960 the Spanish regime established by Franco was firm in place. The Spanish Civil War and WWII firmly rooted out any leftwing sentiments there were (or so he thought). A right winged military dictatorship just being admitted to the United Nations. With tourism growing and the international eye looking at Spain Franco did his best to create a positive image for his regime. But Franco's Spanish nationalism also promoted a unitary national identity by repressing Spain's cultural diversity. In an attempt to establish this national homogeneity he used language politics thus abolishing the official statute and recognition for the Basque, Galician, and Catalan languages. The smouldering fire of frustated local minoreties finally escalated in 1967 in a series of events that, contrary to most 68-movements, also gained some effect. Go to the article.

  Vanessa Paradis and -M- lend their voices in new animated film  


"Un Monstre à Paris" (A Monster in Paris) is the new 3D animated film by French director Bibo Bergeron (Shark Tale, The Road to El Dorado) and can be seen from October 12, 2011. Belgian singer Vanessa Paradis, French singer -M- (Mathieu Chedid), and Eric & Ramzy Kevin Klein lend their voices to this project. The first song from the soundtrack is "La Seine" sung by Paradis and -M-. The 5-track EP features four more songs by the duo. The ambiguous title refers not only to the river that runs through Paris (Seine), but also sounds the same as the French word for stage (scene).

  Heideroosjes call it quits  


Dutch punkrock collective Heideroosje announced their breakup after a very long excistance. "It hurts down to my bones" singer / guitarist Marco Roelofs says. "Heideroosjes is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle. And also been our livelihood. We began at the age of 14 and have been together for more than half of our lifes. We've been together longer as a band than with our girlfriends. "
But the intensive lifestyle of constant touring did not live happily with every band member anymore "When you're in a professional band plays there is always mutual pressure. This constant battle began to break us up". The band will release a farewell album 'Ceasefire' later this fall and a goodbye tour next year.

  Jurga Šeduikytė on the road with the Lele theatregroup  


The musical performance of "MetroNomes" - a kind of live music, puppetry, movement, mime, text, animation by Vilnius based theatre group Lele went on the road. Lithuanian singer Jurga, who wrote the music for the show, accompanied the group during their performances. She also announced that the music from the show was only available on CD to be sold exclusively at the venues. Which is a bit of a bummer since many international fans won't be able to make it to Lithuania.

  Etienne Daho to be celebrating his 30th anniversary  


Back in 1981, Etienne Daho released his first album Mythomane. Thirty years on, four of the artist’s albums are due for re-release, including a clutch of new material. The Breton dandy will also be serving up an unusual compilation of forty tracks by other artists he has worked with in the space of his career. A happy anniversary and a welcome gift for his fans.



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Marcella Bella investigated for tax fraud

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Punkband Heideroosjes split up

Daho's 30th anniversary
A Monster in Paris with Paradis and M


  Latest album reviews  


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Plea to the UN for World peace by Spanish celebs

World peace has been a dream for ages and now well known Spanish and Latin artists like Miguel Bosé, Eva Longoria, Alejandro Sanz, Ricki Martin and Juanes (amongst many other public figures) adhered to the Santiago Declaration on the Human Right to Peace. The idea is that Peace is a human right and they are planning to deliver their plea to the UN. Elements in the declaration are the right to human security and to live in a safe and healthy environment, freedom of thought, opinion, expression, conscience and religion, the right to demand from all States a general and complete disarmament and much more. Attending a generalized demand from civil society the declaration has to be submitted to the General Assembly. But they need enough signatures. Hence a big media campaign for World Peace. Click here to join the petition.

Marcella Bella investigated for tax fraud


In Italy the Tax Police of the Guardia di Finanza of Milan concluded their investigation on the data on the computer seized in 2009 of Swiss lawyer Fabrizio Pessina. Among the suspects for this big tax evasion of 450 million Euro pops up the name of singer Marcella Bella, linked to the acts by her husband Mario Merello. Specifically, the singer is suspected of evasion of over 2.5 million Euro. Merello is allegedly part of a netwerk of ad hoc companies in tax havens, which gave out false invoices for nonexistent transactions offshore, and the system of allowing customers' criminal association (the other 16 defendants) to reduce the tax burden, and then redeploy the money illegally.

'Berlusconi is a thief ', denounced Ornella Vanoni


More Italian political pop news when singer Ornella Vanoni was sued for an unauthorized political rally, after some heavy statements made at Ostia Classic, an exhibition organized and funded by the Department Davide Bordoni. The singer performed at the exhibit and after the first song launched into a tirade stating: "Italy is disgusting. I'm leaving this country. Berlusconi is a thief. He has tripled its capital and he took away everything. There is no more middle class. " The organisation was not amused. The claims against Vanoni sound even more strange when one considers that she, in the last elections in Milan, supported the candidate of the center-right Letizia Moratti.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):
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