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And so 2011 is already winding down. Past weeks we tried to keep up with all the releases still piling up. There is still some reviews coming but here you'll find the latest fruits of our labour. Amongst them there are albums by renowned Europop artists of which we had high expectations and disappointed, and new young artists thet suprised us.

As you have become accustomed to we continue in December our quest for the original European Christmas song. And with that we do not mean Emilie Simon (France) singing 'Santa Baby' or De Staat (Netherlands) doing an avant-garde noise version of 'Let it snow' (although both are worthwhile so seek out). We mean those true local Christmas popsongs that are not inerpretations of Anglo-American songs. And over the past 4 years we found quite a few so be sure to browse the article of you're interested.

But of course we also continue with our feature in 1968, this time we fly to the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. As always enjoy this editions reviews and articles! To all our followers and readers have a very merry Christmas and a happy 2012.


  1968 in Europe, focus on FRS Yugoslavia  


As said on our introduction page we define European pop music by the unique social-cultural elements present in each European country. Language is the main focus but sometimes these elements can also be found in the instruments or arrangements that are being used. In describing the individual music scenes we also found that the political situations in a country were often of influence on the development of a musical identity. Like a match held to a can of gasoline. Especially one year seems to form a turning point, even a starting point for many countries to develop a local pop/rock scène. It was a year that Europe burned with riots and student protests. That year was 1968.

As we already now from previous chapters the student dissatisfaction of the late sixties was not solely confined to capitalist countries. Many students in Yugoslavia shared similar concerns with their fellows at universities in France, Germany and other countries that had seen campus revolts. The students of the New Belgrade campus resented the privileges of the party elite, and this resentments boiled over on the night of 2nd June 1968. A performance by a theatre company called 'Friendship caravan' erupted into a riot that lasted for days. What made Yugoslavia unique was the undercurrent of nationalistic sentiments. An event like the Croatian spring that happened in the slipstream of 68 would not have been possible without the protests. Musically however 1968 meant a boom and first bloom of local pop and rockmusic. A bang that would last for most part of the excistence of the republic. Go to the article.

  Noël!! Navidad!! Kolędy!! Weihnachten!!  


It's almost Christmas and loyal followers of our blog know what this means. An update to our infamous European Christmas music. In our endless queste to search for the heart of European popmusic we dare the Anglo-American tradition of Christmas pop songs. And we do not mean 'White Christmas’ , ‘I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus’, ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ and ‘ Last Christmas’ Original Christmas pop records from the European mainland are very few, compared to the English or the American markets. Where they started to create popular Christmas songs for the growing market the European contignent stuck to singing the traditional Christmas carols passed around since 15th century. But the past years we found more and more original Christmas songs. Thanks also to tips from our fans and followers. We also update the page each year with some recent material of which this year we can mention a big project by one of France's legendary composer Michel Legrand. Under the title 'Noël!!!, Noël!!!, Noël!!!' (emphasized in case you maybe were expecting to buy an Easter album) featuring a collection of traditional christmas songs and new tracks. He lets them interpret by the young pop-generation amongst whom -M-, Madeleine Peyroux, Emilie Simon, Olivia Ruiz and Coeur de Pirate. Go to our Christmas special..

  Unique radio recordings of Czesław Niemen  

In this month of re-re-releasing, remixing, reheating and reselling the works of the likes of Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and other classic Anglo-American bands we bend your ears to a release from the mainland of Europe that we think is a much better way to spend your money. No, we do not mean the re-issue of the Gainsbourg masterwork ‘Melody Nelson’ (although that one is also certainly worthwhile). Radio Polska comes up with a double album by legendary Czeslaw Niemen. ‘Pamiętam ten dzie’ (translated ‘remember this day’ is over two hours of archival recordings, some of which circulated on obscure bootlegs for years. The recordings span a period from 1962 to 1980 and give a great overview of why Niemen deserved his status in Poland and surrounding countries. Starting with a very young Niemen at the talent radioshow ‘Podwieczorek przy mikrofonie’ he sings ‘Ave Maria no Morro’. It then chronology goes to  rare recordings when he was in the vocalgroup Błękitne Pończochy, to ‘Pod Papugami’, in a complete different version then the one appearing on his later debut album, the collection winds through the years up until the highly electronical and minimal Katharisis period. It is amazing that these recordings survived after all this time and Radio Polska took the time to polish them up. A unique insight in a great European artist is there for you to be discovered.



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1968 in Europe
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Noel!! Koledy!! Weihnachten!!
Rare Niemen radio recordings


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Katarzyna Nosowska speaks:
"Life is not a tube of paste"

One of the most respected vocalists in Poland, Katarzyna Nosowska just released her latest solo album '8'. In a short interview for Polska Times she debunks myths about herselves, explains why she does not like politics and reveals how positive energy draws. Not known for being the light of the party she turns out to be a happy but realistic person with high senses for anything wrong in the world; "Reality touches me hard sometimes, because life is not a tube of cream. I'm oversensitive, but that does not mean that these sad moments are interspersed with moments when it really is wonderful". In the slipstream of this interview we also got word that a new band-album with Hey is planned for somewhere in 2012. Go to the interview.

Italy is warming up for the 62th 'festival della canzone Italiana' at San Remo


Forget the ESC 2012 for a few weeks and prepare for the Earthmother of all music contests; the festival of Italian song better known as San Remo. Between February 14 and 18 2012 you can tune in in Rai Uno for four evenings filled with chaotic stagechanges, incomprehensible comedyacts, blond bombshells without a real purpose just being there, and so on. But of course these are all just a sideshow to what it is all about namely Europe's oldest music festival. 14 famous and unknown Italian singers will contest with new original material. It has been a way for up-and-coming wannabes to flex their vocal chords alongside established stars since 1951. Of the 14 only 8 will battle for the main prize at the final evening. The biggest news in Italy this week was that Italian legend Adriano Celentano will compete this year. In the slipstream of his latest album he is convident enough to give it another try. New this year is the social media element called SanRemoSocial. Followers on Facebook can vote for the favourite young artists to continue in the competition ending in 4 contestants in the pre-finale. The rules are a bit dodgy but who cares. On the 16th it's international night when non-Italian join in. Strong rumours say that Madonna herself will fly in to perform. As in 2011 the entire event again will be presented by good old Gianni Morandi. In february Italy will forget the Euro-crisis for a week and celebrate music. For more info see the RAI website.

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We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Jeanette (Spain)
Verdena (Italy)

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