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"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


It's a spring again and as always we're being flushed by new releases. But what a good score it was this past month. With seven 4-star albums and even a rare 5-star album we can again show you how much good music is to be found within the European borders. From underground to mainstream we encoutered original, artistically interesting or just plain commercially tasty albums. Of course we were also disappointed here and there but even those albums are worth giving it a spin on your Spotify player. The question remains why these albums hardly get picked up outside their country. Is language really such an issue? Some of this months albums can easily compete with an overestimated album like the new Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay or Lana del Rey's debut. And still she gets all the press. Luckily you've got us. So as always enjoy the music, and feel free to comment.


  Music news and background articles  

1968 in Europe, focus on Greece

If you think Greece is in bad weather with the eurocrisis you forget that in 1967 they suffered under a military coup (called the Junta) which plunged the country into a political and social straightjacket for over six years. On the subject of music culture the junta actually embraced Western music to show how tolerate they were. The club Kyttapo in Athens became the centrepoint and this period is regarded as the birth of Greek rock. And so again it underpins our hypothesis that the events of 1968 were crucial for European pop and rockmusic. Another very interesting chapter in our 1968 cycle. Go to the article.


Biolay goes opera

French singer/songwriter Benjamin Biolay will be trying a new form of art this year when he joins the opera. A pop opera that is called ‘Pop'pea’ based on the opera ‘Couronnement de Poppée ‘ by Monteverdi (1642). Parallel to this news Biolay also announced a new album probably to be released in November. Read more.


Kreuners last shout

2012 is the year of the big farewell for Belgian rockband de Kreuners. Originally started in the Eighties as a new wave band with edgy punky music they gradually evolved as the Flemish rockband everybody loves. But enough is enough, after 30 years you can't admit you're young and edgy anymore. But they're planning to go out with a blast. First there is the live album "Live in Zwortegem," the book of band member Jan Van Eyken, an outdoor concert on the lawns of Torhour Werchter  Classic on June 23 and as the icing on the cake s' The Last groan' or Laatste Kreun with no less than two farewell concerts at the Antwerp Sportpaleis and on 7 and 15 December 2012. Catch them while you can.




Oliver 50 years in music

One of the godfathers of Croatian singer/songwriting Oliver Dragojević celebrates his 50 years in the music business this year. Actually we are smuggling a bit with the 50 years because it's only 45 years as a solo artist. But let's not spoil the fun because Oliver will continue his worldwide tour this year with concerts all over the globe and a live-album in the making recorded at his jubilee show in Croatia.


Juliette Gréco
Ça se traverse et c'est beau

Lise Westzynthius:
Tæt på en kold favn


The Scene:
Christophe Willem:
Rachida Brakni:
Rachida Brakni

Pariisin Kevät:
Kaikki on satua

Hoy Van A Salirte Las Alas
Los Evangelistas:
Homenaje a Enrique Morente
Lena Philipsson:
Världen snurrar
Maryla Rodowicz
Buty 2
Sanne Salomonsen
Tiden brænder
Ping Pong
  Europopmusic artists (added to the encyclopedia)  

Mika Rättö (Finland)
(Kuusumun Profeetta  / Eleanoora Rosenholm)

People who see Europop as cheesy housemusic will definitely leave the building in terror with Mika Rättö's artistic definition of music. Exciting, difficult, haunting, mysterious and quirky are words that identify Mika's definition of music. He takes elements folk, jazz, rock and moviesoundtrack and makes something completely original with it. I actually have no idea what to compare this with, maybe as something that comes close to a recent musical score for a Finnish thriller written by Scott Walker. Kuusumun Profeetta is the male side of the catalogue, Eleanoora the female. Experimental but not unaccesable, avant-garde pop/rock without becoming artyfarty. Unique in Europopmusic-land. If in doubt start with the Eleanoora albums, then move on to the more difficult stuff. Go to artist page


Vetusta Morla (Spain)

Vetusta Morla is influenced by the intellectual and somewhat darker side of European indie music with Radiohead and Sigur Ros as their main examples. This makes no surprise if you name yourself after an ages old turtle that lives in the swamp of sadness and who refuses to accept the fact that she will be consumed by the Nothing. A refreshing thought. But nonetheless Vetusta Morla’s music is one of the big new hopes for Spanish rock. Their debut was still a bit copying their idols but their second album has grandeur, energy and a sound of its own incorporating Spanish influences into an eloquent style. Go to artist page


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