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Ah, the summer, your colleagues are on holiday. Time to clean up your desk, get those last reviews gone before the bulk of autumn will drop in and browse the web to see what's new.The Spotify application proved itself a thankfull platform of dicovering new things and acts. But lately things have changed. Their 'what's new' section only shows the latest mainstream acts and honestly we could not care less that Nelly Furtado or R Kelly released a new album. We already get that info from dozens of other channels. We want that obscure Spanish indieband, we adore that Norwegian siren who is hip in Oslo, we like that German electroact pumping Berlin's nightlife. To make things worse they recently even block certain albums due to 'licensing restictrions'. What the frak? What happened to streaming music for everyone Spotify! Did you also sell out for the allmighty dollar? You too Spotify? Instead getting a temper in this hot weather I wrote a nice opinion blog for this months feature.

Which is always better then what happened to Laura Pausini who saw her tour stalled due to a murder among her stagebuilders while at work in Lecce, South Italy. One country further along the mediterranean Anna Vissi anounced she will restage her rockmusical Diamones to be performed in 2013. So get your tickets to Athens. For now, enjoy the sun and tune in to some great new releases and artists we reviewed again for your listening pleasure


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Et tu, Spotify?

Last month Spotify celebrated it's first birthday on the US market. But is it reason for a celebration? Did the move to the US market force Spotify to betray it's initial ideas of offering music in an easy accesible, fun and legal way. And with each listened track compensate the artists in a fair manor. Since Spotify began to grow critique also grew. Spotify is still a treasure chest filled with music but the current marketing goals threaten it's liberal cuddly character. Will Spotify eventually throw itself in it's own sword like a true centurion or are they still a guid to a possible new music selling model. Read our opinion blog.


Update on Anna Vissi

Greek singer Anna Vissi may reach the age of 55 this year, that does not mean she is taking it slow. Active as always she now announced to dust off the rock-opera 'Diamones' ( Δαίμονες / Demons) for a re-stage in spring 2013 at the Pallas theatre in Athens. The rock opera was written in 1991 by her then-husband Nikos Karvelas and Stavros Sideras. Vissi will again play the part of Queen Rozana. Meanwhile she also released a five-track CD single this month packaged with magazine "Tiletheatis". Read more

Murder on Laura's tour

A number of trailer trucks carrying equipment for Italian pop star Laura Pausini's Inedito Tour were blocked in Malta on August 3rd pending clarification into the murder of a crew member who was involved in the construction of a stage in the Southern Italian city of Lecce. Following her concert in Malta Pausini was due to perform in Lecce later that week. While the equipment was dismantled in Malta on Wednesday evening, another crew - subcontracted by an Italian firm - was busy erecting the stage in Lecce. An unidentified man entered the venue in Lecce and shot the 20-year-old crew member in the head. While the motive behind the murder is still unknown, the Laura Pausini team expressed their shock and are still deciding whether to go ahead with the concert in Lecce. The venue has been cordoned off. This is the second tragedy to have struck Pausini's Inedito Tour as earlier this year a man was killed after a stage structure collapsed. Read more


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Ysa Ferrer (France)

Gay icon and ultimate plastic. Science Fiction Pop in optima forma. If you put a match to her music it will probably melt. Ysa coons, groans and sighs her song over hip electronic music with a high pitched voice. But like sweets it deliciously unpretentious. Exactly what you'd expect from French Lolita Pop what makes it even stranger that she was impopular at home for so long. Maybe it’s because there is some dark and mysterious edge to it. You know that you’re looking at a created fantasyworld made of glitter and fashion but there's a hidden aspect to it on which you cannot lay your finger. No wonder the gay scene adores her. She is the personification of an imagenary diva except that in this case she actually excists. Go to artist page


Richard Müller (Slovakia)

Some foreign bloggers labeled Müller as a Depeche Mode disciple. How wrong that analysis is. They miss the essence of Richard completely and maybe based their ordeal on 2,5 notes of a Banket song. Richard is more then that. Especially his solo work and the music he did with Hapka and Horáceck. His music is intelligent yet poppy. Thanks to his journalistic background he is capable to mix Czech/Slovaka cabaresque critique with electronic music, traditional elements and modern arrangements. His music sounds modern and timeless at the same time. He is regarded very high as an artist in Slovakia and is one the most interesting post-iron curtain artists in the region. Go to artist page


Lombard & Małgorzata Ostrowska (Poland)

Sympathetic radio friendly poprock from a band that started out as a punk-light variety to Maanam. As far as I know they did not come up with very experimental music but did deliver thorough stable rock. Nice enough to pick up if you bump into any albums of them. Go to artist page


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