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"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


It is the time of the year when we close down the 12 month cycle again. We drag a tree in our house, light the fireplace and get cozy. And in the Europop office there is always music. As our loyal followers know we've been digging the cellars and dark corners of the web the past years on a mission to find original European Christmas songs. Four years we did not think they'd excist. But they do, and there are some real nice ones amongst them. This year we bumped into a Claudio Baglioni track from the end of the sixties called 'Notte di Natale'. A brilliant Euro-Christmas songs. With a big orchestra and Claudio's sweet voice. Magic. Check it out, there are hundreds of versions on youtube from that song. Oh, but don't go downloading them. Certainly when you live in Finland where currently a dispute is roaring about a nine year old girl being prosecuted for that. It keeps the local media busy. And as we know the Christian part of the world celebrates the birth of Christ this month. But be sure not to mistake Maria Peszek's album for a Christmas album. The diva of Polish alternative punkpop has another message altogether as she exorcises her ghosts from a nervous breakdown.

Be sure to enjoy the coming festivities, let's hope the Maya's got it all wrong and we'll see each other in 2013. As always: ENJOY THE MUSIC.


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Our search for European Christmas songs

The past four years we been holding this feature always around this time of the year. And each year we were able to add some new original Christmas songs to our catologue. And so the list grows and grows. With classics like Udo Lindenberg's 'When the snow falls wunderbar', Dino Dvornik & Gobac' 'Čestit Božić', De Jeugd van tegenwoordig's 'Ho ho ho' and Michael Falch' 'Tænd December'. This year Claudio Baglioni gets into a Christmas mood but unfortunately it is almost all translated American songbook. Better take the sled up North to Sweden and Norway. There the music is maybe a bit folky but ABBA's Benny Andersson does take the opportunity to record some Swedish Christmas folk originals with his orchestra under the title 'Tomten Har Åkt Hem'. In Norway actress/singer Herborg Kråkevik takes care of a folky Christmas with 'Jul I Stova'. Usually the tips trickle in over the days towards Christmas day so keep ém coming and we'll add them to the list.. Read the article


Maria Peszek recounts her nervous breakdown “God is only in the human mind”

Anxiety. Insomnia. Panic attacks. In an interview with ‘Polityka’ Polish singer Maria Peszek (30) speaks openly about the dark period. "Hey, if anyone knows how it is here at the bottom" – is a text phrase from her latest album "Jesus Maria Peszek". After the heavy touring in the slipstream if her previous album Peszek suffered from bilateral ear inflammation. And this let to a lengthy recovery and her recent, rather controversial, album that caused quite a stir in her native country. Read more

Finnish artists in dispute about download case

Illegal downloading is still an issue. You almost forgot about it as maybe a lost cause or solved with the popularity of Spotify and and the won lawsuits against the Pirate Bay. But a phenoma that has become so common under youngsters does not dissapaer into thin air. A recent case in Finland has caused quite a stir among Finnish artists. A 9 year old girl tried to download a Chisu song and got busted. She didn't even get the track but only empty files and virusses. Anyway, the family got a fine for 600 Euro's and refused to pay since the eventually bought the album when they heard about the girl's unsuccesfull attempts. The police came in, convisgated her PC (for emotional detail, which was full of Winnie the Pooh stickers) and ordered a lawsuit. This got the Finnish artists openly discussing if this isn't going a bit too far. Artists like Maija Vilkkumaa have openly stated that the police should go after the dealer and not the child who can not totally be blamed for being aware of the consequences.

Gianni Resta:
Maria Peszek:
Jezus Maria Peszek
Do rycerzy, do szlachty, doo mieszczan
'Amparo Sánchez
Alma de cantaora
Franco Battiato:
Apriti Sesamo
Voo Voo:
Nowa Płyta
Tik Daudz
Olivia Ruiz:
Le calme et la tempête
Varry Brava:
  Europopmusic artists (added to the encyclopedia)  

Sebastian (Denmark)

One of the most credible singer/songwriters in the European music scene. Musically he could be categorized under the label 'quality radio friendly rock'. This label does not mean 'boring oldies' however. Sebastian's music he made in the 70's and 80's is of high standard and features some outstanding craftmanship. In Denmark he stands on lonely hights. He sigh for the higher art led to his breakaway from popmusic in the 90's and more into modern light theatrical work. Go to artist page


Die Goldenen Zitronen (Germany)

Recolcitrant, collages as album cover and the shrill 'voice' of Kamerun ... in that sense DGZ is still the punkband they were in the 80's. Combining rock with an 1970s-era punk vibe and lyrics that are both critical, yet comedic and pop-like. Their music did make a development over the years. From straightforward punkrock to a style that adapted techno, jazz, pop, industrial and schlager. If you don't understand German their albums since 1994 are the most interesting musically.The band rejects the rules of the traditional music industry, seeing themselves as a symbol of artistic independence not wanting to "serve the structures of rock" (Ted Gaier.). This attitude together with their long excistence places them at the top of the German underground. The known unknown as you might call it. Die Goldenen Zitronen have had a diverse number of collaborators, ranging from the poet Franz Josef Degenhardt to new acts such as DJ Hell, Chicks on Speed or Peaches.. Go to artist page


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