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"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


Summer is here so the amount of releases gradually wind down to a more normal volume. This gave us the time to catch up on some albums we might have missed. Like the album by Norwegian singer Gabrielle who delivers the perfect soundtrack for a summer day. Ah, the summer; "It is raining sunshine" Dutch singer Ellen ten Damme sings and in an interview she explains why. This month we also saw the short reunion of one of the legendary all-girl groups of Europe. The Danish girls, now ladies at age, of Shit & Chalou came together for a photoshoot, some promotalk and a walk down memory lane for the release of their retrospective box.

That the memory lane sometimes can get a bit nostalgic shows our feature article of this month. The past two years we've seen record stores slowly disappear. For the youngsters among us, that are shops where they actually have records on stock and you can browse them live instead of browsing a digital catalogue on Amazon. But technology and customer behaviour are not in favour of these relics of old time. And so a requiem is at place, for those who disappeared.

But don't let this blogpost get you down. Although the channels change the music stays. Wether it comes to you through radio, internet or from our humble reviews. So, as always enjoy the music! Have a great summer.


  Music news and background articles  

"All things must pass"; A requiem for the record store

“All things must pass” is the title of George Harrison’s 1970 triple album. A universal conclusion that played through my head while I found a string of London record stores closed last month. It is also a songtitle that underlines that nothing is forever, not even that cozy record store around the corner. It is time for a requiem for the havens with cabinets filled with musty records , for piles of cd-boxes mysteriously defying gravity, for clawing your way through endless copies of ‘Rumours’ and ‘Bat out of Hell’. And for the somewhat introvert man (yes they are almost always men) behind the counter, the walking encyclopedia, the all knowing ear, your guide through musical mists. Go to the blogpost.


Ellen ten Damme speaks

“Het regende zon” is the second Dutch language album of singer Ellen ten Damme after “Durf jij?” Responding to the question why she does not sing in English like the majority of Dutch pop artists she says "It fascinates me so much moreto sing in Dutch, It's all a bit 'I feel' and 'I want' and that just doesn’t do it for me," she says of the English lyrics of her colleagues. "Nothing against their music, but it all seems so similar. That English drivel can be heard everywhere, singing in Dutch fascinates me so much more. It’s a challenge to make Dutch sound good in popmusic." In a recent interview she speaks of the new album, working with famed writers like Remco Campert and the deeper meaning behind some of the songs. Go to the interview.

Jurga in the movies

After joining the theatre with her music last summer Lithuanian singer Jurga Šeduikytė is now exploring the film world. She joined the international European workshop "Vasaros media studija" with 14 other artists from Poland and Spain. The project is build around a story telling about the relationship between brother and sister. So far, neither the movies name nor its objective scenes are clear. "We’re just going in the creative process of improvisation around the scenario" – Jurga said. Jurga will compose and create the soundtrack for the movie and in she will be seen as herself. "As a composer, this is my debut film" - admits Šeduikytė. It did donate some songs before to the Giedrė Žickytė film about the Singing Revolution ‘Kaip mes zaideme revoliucija’, but this time it is more like a game – it is a serious work environment". Of course we’re looking forward to new music from Jurga but our biggest hope is that she will come up with a genuine album and follow up to her 2009 album ‘+37°’.


Shit & Chalou reunion

This month a box set will be released (25 June) with every album from legendary Danish all-girl group Shit & Chalou: covering 1974 to 1982. Shit & Chalou (or Chanel as they later changed their name) wrote rock history in Denmark with an all female concept challenged the male-dominated music industry. The band was founded by Anne Linnet along with Lis Sørensen, Astrid Elbæk, Ulla T. Eriksen and Lone Poulsen. They described their music as "Ready cunt rock, funk and pussy pattepunk". The box contains the four original remastered albums (plus a bonus CD with previously unreleased material. Among these live recordings from Montmartre and the Roskilde Festival, demo tracks and other goodies Read on.




Slađana Milošević writes study on 'Men/Women'

Serbian pop/rock singer Alexandra Slađana Milošević is no stranger in metaphysical theories about the world, religion and the sexes. She dedicated the last two years not to music (at least not solely to music) but also in penning down her thoughts on the difference between men and women. She compiled all her studies and reflections for the book 'Civilizacija I žena - Muška žena' (Civilization and women - men / women) that will see the light of day this month. Read on


Carmen Maria Vega:
Du chaos naissent les etoiles
Jag är inte rädd för mörkret
Mildt Sagt
The constitution of pleasure:
Ανδρέας / Ντίνος

Ellen ten Damme:
Het regende zon


Jeanne Mas:
Made in France

Łukasz Zagrobelny:
Ja tu zostaję
  Europopmusic artists (added to the encyclopedia)  

J.A.R. (Czech republic)

Funkajazzohiphoprock from the Czech republic. And not just a cheap copy but this collective has some serious music making going on. The chemistry between Holý, Viktorik and the rest of the crew is as organic as it is catching. Maybe for some it is all a bit to funky but it's damn tastefull. Go to artist page


Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morte (Italy)

We're going deep into Italian alternative rock with this musical lovechild of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Tim Burton. Dressed with the sinister skull outfit they look like they're celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead on a regular basis. You might confuse them with a similar strategy as American metalband Slipknot but in this case looks are deceiving. In fact TARM cleverly mixes Italian pop with reggae, punk and rock. The art of bandleader Toffolo ads to creating a stylish mystery without becoming gore or sinister. Hinting more towards the Residents in the sense of creating a total concept around their musical output. Go to artist page


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