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"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


It's been a busy couple of weeks. Not only did we have the personal pleasure to return and roam the beautifull coastline of Dalmatia, we also had the big event in Azerbeidzjan to follow in the closing week of May and to top it of we had the pleasure of experiencing a liveshow of Hungarian pop hero Ákos. The result is a small final report on the Eurovision and of course congratulations to winner Loreen. Further more we stacked up on some Croatian releases and found a face-to-face with Ákos ready to be reprinted for your reading pleasure.

Meanwhile our nextdoor neighbours are rather noisily getting ready for yet another game of football. With almost no time to relax we switched from the 'Euphoria' of the ESC to the euphoria of the European Championship taking place untill the first of July. We clawed our way through piles of (amateuristic) football songs to present for you a nice selection of football hits from the participating countries (if we could find them). So get your flags, hats and banners and join us in the sometimes rancid world of football anthems.

And because the tournament partly takes place in Poland we did an extra effort to review the latest Polish releases. So inbetween the games you can run into the nearest Empik and stack up on some quality local pop or rock. As always enjoy the music!


  Music news and background articles  

Songs for the European Championship 2012

The European Championship 2012 will take place in Poland and Ukraine between 8 June and 1 July. Being a blog about music we'll leave the athletic performances of the teams for what they are and zoom in on the wonderfull and happy world of Football songs. The fun thing is that most other participation countries also have their own unofficial championship song (or sometimes several). Musically they go from punkrock to schlager with the common rule that they have a lightly hallowing nationalistic and simple chorus, you can easily sing and clap along with the song and preferably can jump a lot around on the beat. For the EC 2012 we dug up a selection of (un)official unofficial 'footiehits' from each country for this years tournament. With clips and background info. Enjoy the game! Go to the article.

Eurovision 2012, Sweden wins

With the song ‘Euphoria’ Sweden’s Loreen secures that the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will return to Stockholm. The last time Sweden won was in 1999 when Charlotte Nilsson performed her ABBA rip off ‘Take me to your heaven’. Last year they were already very close with Eric Saade ending third. This time Sweden wowed Europe with an original dance song grabbing an amazing total of 372 points. Of which 18 of the 42 countries gave her the highest score of 12. Only one country didn’t like Loreen and that was Italy, giving her no points. This year no less than 19 out of 42 countries singing in their native tongue. This is the highest amount since years. 11 of them performed at the final evening last 26th of May with five of them making it into the top 10 and two even in the top 3. The lowest score this year was for Austria who were send home with just 8 points handed to them by Germany, Switzerland and Iceland. Oh well, better chance next year. In our own little bet in the Europopmusic office we only got Nina Badric (Croatia) wrong thinking her to be a sure candidate for the finals but she ended 12 in the semi-finals. For more information on all 19 artists who sang in their own language go to our Eurovision page. Go to our ESC page..

Ákos speaks: "I have been destined to give"

We had the pleasure of catching the show of popular Hungarian singer Ákos in Amsterdam in June. For an audience of super enthousiastic fans (mostly Hungarian expats) he gave an almost two hour rollercoaster ride through his career from hits from Bonanza Banzai to his more stylish recent work. Meanwhile at home he was awarded with the prestitigieus Kossuth award (or Kossuth-díj), a state award handed to a person who contributed an outstanding personal achievement in the fields of science, culture and the arts. Ákos was honoured of course as can be read in an interview with Superior magazine. He also speaks of his motives to make music, his personal life and the new album to be released ths autumn. Go to the interview.


Intimate book gives rare insight in Polish singer/songwriter Marek Grechuta

IIn Poland singer/songwriter Marek Grechuta is legend. Not only for his work with Anawa or solo but also in the way he modernized Polish rockmusic and added jazz and psychedlic influences to them. Combined with his critical and biting intellegent lyrics he was a defining figure in Polish rock of the seventies together with Niemen and SBB. But besides a key figure he is also and enigma and lived a reclusive life. No wonder that in Poland people are looking forward to the book of his live partner Danuta Grechuta (whom he married in 1970) in which she reflects in her life with Marek. She paints an intimate and intense picture of her life with the artist. Read on.




Glasperlenspiel is dancing in the rain with Volvic

If you already thought the music of synthipop duo Glasperlenspiel was a bit light and bubbly then the band themselves are going to confirm you in that belief. News just got out that they struck a deal with mineralwater Volvic for a refreshing musical score to their product. The new song 'Tanzen im regen' will accompany the summer promotion campaign. The choice for Glasperlenspiel was made because " their music has a lot of vitality and force just like the bubbling freshness of our product". Barf! But set aside the marketing dribble we are looking forward to a new single from this young German act. Read on




Rare live footage of Dalida now on DVD

25 years ago (in May 1987) French singer Dalida committed suicide by swallowing an overdose of barbiturates, leaving a note reading "Life has become unbearable ... Forgive me". Her legacy and popularity has been kept very much alive by her brother Orlando. Numerous remixes, box-sets and compilations were released onto the market the past quarter century and gradually it seemed the vaults were drying up. But now a very special treat is released. On three DVD's you can watch some classic performances of the diva spread over a timeframe of 6 years. From 1971 (Olympia) to 1977 (Prague). A period when she was artistically in her prime and emotionally still stabile enough to perform. Read on


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Ima li budnih

  Europopmusic artists (added to the encyclopedia)  

Ulf Lundell (Sweden)

The Bruce Springsteen of Scandinavia, the Bob Dylan who plugged in Swedish prog, the working class hero of Stockholm. Ulf earns all these titles and also the hardest working songwriter in the region with an impressive list of songs and books on his record. His albums from his early period upon his rehab period are actually the most intense, honest and, in my opinion, the ones most worthy of seeking out. Expect some classic Swedish log-rock. Get your hiking gear, get Ulf on your Ipod and head off into those endless forests. With his catalogue you can walk for miles.. Go to artist page


Emil Dimitrov (Bulgaria)

The king of Bulgarian song. Emil has an almost holy status in his native country but is hardly known outside. Which is too bad since he has a great voice, can handle several genres, delivered some great funky raregrooves and some classic chanson/beat with a Bulgarian twist. Some call him the Sinatra of the East but in fact he has more of a Slavic Tony Bennett. Thanks to Ivo for bringing Emil under our attention and Yurin for selling us copies of his classic albums. Which almost all are called Emil, which makes it a bit complicated. Go to artist page


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