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"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


We're sorry it has been over two months since you heard from us. Our newsletter generator suddenly decided to go into a restyle with all the technical problems that accompany such a proces. Therefor we were unable to send out the newsletter. And once it was possible it conflicted with the lay-out we had (something with CSS and HTML codes which is such a bore). So we were forced to come up with yet another restyle of our own.

But all things considered we think we made the newsletter a bit meaner and leaner with the result you have in your mailbox today. All the elements are still there but we tweeked and compressed everything a bit. New is the larger section on the artists added to the encyclopedia. Some extra info why we think they were worth being added to the list of artists present on the website.

So here it is, the all new Europopmusic newsletter. As always enjoy, and feel free to comment.


  Music news and background articles  


1968 in Europe, focus on Poland

Doing the research on Poland for our 1968 cycle events read as a historical stageplay between two powerhungry men battling each other over the backs of their people, culture and neighbours. In this political inflamable atmosphere the Rolling Stones landed in Warsaw in 1967, playing the Palace of Culture. The response by the youth was as enthusiastic as violent. It did not miss it's effect on the music scene that suddenly saw itself confronted with restrictions after the Stones left and was forced into a mould. Still some great rockmusic originated from that era. Go to the article.


Lucio Dalla (68) passed away

At the dawn of his 69th birthday, he would have celebrated March 4, Lucio Dalla has died. He Suffered a heart attack and died at Bologna Monreaux, Switzerland, where he was for a series of European concerts. In his 50-year career, he wrote many songs in the history of Italian music: such as Anna e Marco, L’anno che verrà and Piazza grande and many others. Internationally his most famous song is 'Caruso' which has been covered my numorous artists.


Laibach takes to the Iron Sky

Imagine a SF movie where in the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space program evaded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers. When an American (of course) astronaut finds out the Moon Führer decides the glorious moment of retaking the Earth has arrived sooner than expected. Sounds absurd? Never in Hollywood since this blockbuster movie will hit a theatre near you this year. And who else to create a fitting soundtrack for this movie then those Slovenian godfathers of teutonic industial Laibach. The music for the movie will be compiled on Laibach's new album 'We come in peace' released this april. Read more.




Severina gives birth to baby boy

Croatian singer Severina Vuckovic (39) gave birth to her first child on February 21 in a hospital in Split. Aleksander came in the world by means of a Caesarean section. He weighed 3,200 grams and there were no complications. The couple Vuckovic-Popovic announced that their children will be raised in Belgrade - Milan has bought a luxury apartment in Vračar, which is ready for the arrival of the toddler.


Celentano causes stir at San remo 2012 / Emma Carrone wins

Invited to make a special appearance at San Remo this year 73 year old singer and actor Adriano Celentano caused a stir when he took the opportunity to start a rand about Catholic press, the Greek debt crisis and the state of Italian politics. That aside it was a festive as chaotic edition with Emma Carrone snatching first prize with 'Non E` l'Inferno'. To make things extra complicated Nina Zilli was selected to represent Italy at the ESC in Baku with 'Per Sempre'



Háj & lov

Befehl von ganz unten
Nina Badrić
Mikael Simpson
Noget laant, noget blaat

Marie Key:
I Byen Igen

  Europopmusic artists (added to the encyclopedia)  


Meri Cetinić (Croatia)

Another tip if you have a fondness for female singers in the light-pop segment. High pitching voice, smoothing between folk and pop with some jazz in the middle. Meri is one of those Split-festival canons that almost lives on that stage. Pretty constant catalogue so if you like one album you probably like the lot. Go to artist page


Lis Sørensen (Denmark)

Her bright, clean and unsentimental voice has made her a fine interpreter of rock ballads and lyrical melodies. And she must be a very nice person to be around with or to have around since so many artist want to work with her more then once. She is very loyal to a few songwriters that write lyrics for her (Lis usually writes the music herself). Among them of course Sebastian and Linnet but also Elisabeth, sister of the Gnags-brothers. Honest and serious musician with whose material you hardly can go wrong. Go to artist page


Lars H.U.G. (& Kliché) (Denmark)

Imagine an artist that is on the same wavelength as David Sylvian, is highly influenced by David Bowie in his Berlin-period (Low / Heroes) and has a soft spot for Brian Eno and Richard Barbieri. You probably get close to an artist like Lars H.U.G. with his helping buddies Torp and Voss. Intelligent popmusic with character. He also confirms the thought that it is not the quantity that counts but the quality. Over a career spanning 30 years he does not have a really big catalogue but almost everything is worth your while. Next to his singing career Lars is a renowned painter. Go to artist page


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