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The big Europea musical event is coming up fast now. Of course we speak of the Eurovision Song Contest. This year the eyes and ears of Europe (and fans from other parts of the globe) will turn to Baku, Azerbeidjan. Although most contestants sing about love the preparations behind the event are less loveable. For the new Crystal Hall the regime of president Ilham Aliyev decided that most of the houses in the area (the Bayil district) had to be demolished. And if the inhabitants did not go freely then they were forced out. Amnesty and Human Rights Watch already condemned the actions. Artistic protest comes from satirical poet Mirze Sakit of lives in exile in Belgium. The local youth organisation N!DA Civic Movement stated that they are not against the ESC but would rather have the ESC bring European values to the country. I wonder if one of the contestants feels they urge to make a stand on the evening itself. We'll see. Let's hope music once again shows it's healing power. Meanwhile, if you're still interested we as each year assembled the countries that use their own language in the competition. And of course we offer you other European pop and rock news with interviews, reviews and five new profile pages in the encyclopedia. Because there is more then just the ESC in Europop.


  Music news and background articles  

Eurovision 2012, 19 countries sing in their own language

Between 22 and 26 May the Eurovision Song Contest is held in Baku with no less then 19 out of 42 countries singing in their native tongue. This is the highest amount since years. On our special feature page you find a list of all countries performing in their own language this year (including England and Ireland). And in this we're not counting countries that just have one word or sentence but at least one couplet and refrain (this eliminates Pasha Parfeny from Moldavia since the only local word in his song is the songtitle 'Lăutar'). We added the order in which they will perform plus some extra background info, a link to their website and a review of what we think of the song. And last but not least what we think their chances are of going to the finals at the 26th. Go to the article..


Enrique Sierra passed away

We missed this but some weeks ago Enrique Sierra, guitarist of Radio Futura, died of his long lasting kidney disease. He died at the age of 54 on 17 February in Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid. His punky look and guitar sound was fundamental to the group’s songs and image. Two decades ago, he had his first kidney transplant, and some time later he had a second. In the years as a solo artists Sierra diversified his artistic career. From music (with Klub a.o.) to digital paintings which still can be seen on Read on


Update on Alice

It has been years since Italian singer Alice delivered a studio album. Her last was almost ten years ago called 'Viaggio in italia'. So it's no wonder that we're getting e-mails if we know what she's been up to (and if she even is still alive). She still is and on april 21th she gave a concert in the Swiss city Bellinzona under the title ' L'armonia dei canti'. What we gathered is that recordings for a new album have been finished and is on the release schedule for this summer. Meanwhile a tour is going to be annouced for this autumn. There's also sad news since Angelo Carrara, who produced Alice's hit albums in the Eighties died last March. And if you can't wait for a new album, Alice lend her voice to a track of Italian band Babylonia taken from their album 'The ethereal collection'. The song "Io Sono Il Deserto" was written by Robbie Rox. A clip can be watched on Youtube.




Interview with Mathias Malzieu (Dionysos)

Next year Dionysos will be 20 years and their long awaited animated film La Mecanique du coeur will appear, but first frontman Mathias Malzieu teaches us the Bird'n'Roll. It is not only the title and the title track from the new album, a dance and a custom concept. For behind the retro-cool rock song, here are often laced with frivolous harmonies and primitive rhythms, deeper soils are hidden. Through the Bird'n'roll Malzieu gives us an insight into his attitude to life: "My songs, my books, my pictures, all my stories actually function as trees. They sit with their roots firmly in the ground (read: reality), but their branches fanning out lustily to the birds, the clouds and the free world that lies beyond imagination. " Read the interview with Mathias.


Nuit gravement

Bird 'n roll

Dominique A:
Vers les lueurs

  Europopmusic artists (added to the encyclopedia)  

Radio Futura (Spain)

I actually never found Radio Futura that interesting because their sound stays very close to English pub-rock from the 80's. It never sounded that original. But then I never really gave their two middle albums a good spin (thanks Christina for urging me to play them again for a closer listen). Here they give way for original Spanish elements and the dark touch for drama that has become common in Spanish indie rock. And you have to remember they were actually the first that started this music stream in Spain. Not all the albums stood the test of time but 'De un país en llamas' (as the most catchy) and ' La canción de Juan Perro' (as the most artistic interesting) are worth seeking out. The albums are easily to find in Spanish second hand stores, the band was and still is wildly popular.. Go to artist page


Dominique A (France)

Dominique A was a sort of underground figurehead for French ‘minimalist’ music at the start of the 90’s. So underground that I only began to notice him because he was a regular guest on the German 'Le Pop' compilation albums in the new age. Together with others from the young generation of French music such as Katerine, Mathieu Boogaert and Vincent Delerm. But Dominique is definitely the master of the bunch with his melancholy melodies and his moody lyrics infused with social realism. As his career continues his output becomes more and more of almost untouchable artistic class. Go to artist page


Darkwood Dub (Serbia)

Interesting indie band from Serbia making a nuclear mix of reggae, electropunk and rock. Blending dubby bass grooves, live drumming, folklore and electronics. In a sense you could link them to cultacts like Basement 5, Mark Stewart or Gary Clail. A sort of On-U-sound in Belgrade. In Europopmusic terms, the Serbian answer to Italian band Subsonica. Bit rawer at times, bit more ethnic influences on the other. With studio technics getting better over the years their recordings also gained more sophistication. Go to artist page


Absoluuttinen Nollapiste (Finland)

With the term folkprogrock on their hands most people probably get visions of hippies playing lengthy songs on bongos and a guitar. Skip that thought because AN is much more pop then you would assume. Yes, there are lots of elements of local instruments and melodies in there but the band always seems to give it a swing towards a comfortable listening experience without getting themselves lost in the (Finnish) woods. It’s like expecting something mouldy and instead getting a crystal clear and focussed gift. There is a world between pop and prog is what AN proves. Go to artist page


Kostas Tournas (Greece)

Even for the most dedicated progressive rockdiggers Greece is something of uncharted territory. Not completely just because in the time of the Junta some excellent progrock and folkrock was made here. Indeed the dicatorial regime allowed Western rrock (within restrcitions of course) to show how flexibel they were. This allowed for some great music to get recorded. Kostas Tournas was one of the leading figures, first with Poll and later solo. The stuff he made in the seventies is well worth to seek out.. Go to artist page


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