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"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


Four years we've been on the web now, dear readers. What started in 2008 as an small idea and hobby of trying to write down the information we found about artists we liked has grown into an online magazine, encyclopedia and back ground wiki for many people around the globe. For all our faithfull followers, thank you!. And things get better. Last month we were pleased to learn that cross-border pan European circulation of music is returning on the agenda. Not at the MTV awards as you learned in our last newsletter but the European Commission has has recently started a research into Popular Music Heritage, Cultural Memory and Cultural Identity. Or in short POPID. The mission of the project is "to explore the relationship between popular music and contemporary renderings of cultural identity and local and national cultural heritage in a pan-European context". Well, we don't want to brag but we've been doing that for the past four years.

And so we continue with our investigation on 1968, this time we zoom into Bulgaria. Further more we found interviews with French singer/songwriter Marc Lavoine and elusive Italian diva Alice. And the good news that Nilüfer made a good recovery from her treatment and is now ready to take the stage again. Plus the reviews of some great new albums. As always: ENJOY THE MUSIC.


  Music news and background articles  

Bulgaria in 1968; Sunny beach, Golden Orpheus and 15 minutes of protest

In some countries the turmoil of the 1968 events were only a distant rumble that happened across the border. An example of this we find in Bulgaria. In fact Bulgaria found itself in a bit of a catch because it was just developing itself as an alternative tourist paradise. But the young tourists also brought western youth culture with them. The officials tried to promote local (pop)music with the Golden Orpheus Songcontest but in the end the western pop was much more aluring and more professional. It also brought western protest when a West german organised a protest march during the 9th festival of youth. The protest lasted about 15 minutes. That was it, the governement took a firm grip and turned back the clock. Radio journalist Alexander Vladkov described the end of the Sixties as followed: “For most Bulgarians, the year 1968 did not turn out to be the herald of something new, something better, and something with a human face on. It was the cruel comeback of an austere, suppressing reality.“ Read the article


Marc Lavoine speaks: "Love is my favourite state of mind"

On the occasion of the release of his new album "Je descends du singe", Marc Lavoine gave an interview to Jonathan Hamard of Pure Charts. The interpreter of "Toi mon amour" took the opportunity to engage in the conversation with all sincerity, but with modesty, remaining cautious in his answers. Marc takes a closer look at his new album, and the questions that it imposes. On science, on religion, on death and most of all on love. For yourself and for others. You can read the translated interview here.

Alice speaks: "Maybe I work a bit too far from the current rules of showbussines"

Not the most talkative of artists Italy’s music icon Alice made some acceptions in August when her album ‘Samsara’ was on the verge of being released. And so she did a short Q&A at the FNAC and sat down for a head to head on RTL radio. And Enzo Gentile was able to ask her four burning questions for Il Mattino. Alice, polite as always, answers the questions in a reserved manor. But proving that an artist of her stature can have the luxury of working in a complete personal timezone. You can read the translated interview here.

Nilüfer's recovery from cancer

Last year Turkish singer Nilüfer was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. At the time Nilüfer overconfidently commented : "I have no fear, and do not worry. I feel very fortunate that the diagnosis came inan early stage. Shortly after the treatment, I'll be fit as a fiddle". That seemed a bit wishfull thinking once she'd undergone surgery, chemotherapy and 9 months of heavy medication. But the diva returned to the studio last spring and entered the stage again last july. After a standing ovation she told the public "I now enjoy and even more thankfull for every minute I can spend with you and bring you my music". This month she gave an open hearted interview about her illness to Turkish TV channel SkyTurk360. She took the occasion to raise self awareness for breast cancer: "do not neglect to have checkups. Early diagnosis is very important. I takes patience for healing to all this suffering. Be aware of contaminating as soon as possible and it will safe a lot of pain. "


EBBA 2013; vote and win a trip to the award show

Recently the 10 winners of the European Border Breakers Awards 2013 were revealed. From now until December 21, 2012 the European public can vote for their favourite EBBA Awards winner and the act that receives the most votes will go on to win the 'Public Choice Award'. By voting, European music fans have the chance to win a trip to the EBBA Awards ceremony to see many of the winning acts perform. The EBBA Awards show takes place at the Eurosonic Noorderslag showcase festival in Groningen, the Netherlands on 9 January 2013. You can cast your vote inthe category 'Public Choice Award'. Last year the Belgian act Selah Sue won the Public Choice Award.



'Prāta Vētra
Vēl viena klusā daba
Kari Bremnes:
Og så kom resten av livet
Viola Valentino:
Panna, fragole e cipolle
Absoluuttinen Nollapiste:
Pisara ja lammas 1
Allt på rött
Antònia Font
Vostè és aqui
  Europopmusic artists (added to the encyclopedia)  

Viola Valentino (Italy)

Viola Valentino is definitely not Europe’s best female singer. However, she created her own niche in the early eighties in Italy combining French whispering swinging style (Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy) with uplifting disco tunes. After success faded she completely reinvented herself, changing her singing style significantly and starting to interpret far more credible material. With the 2009 ep ‘I tacchi di Giada’ she achieved her creative peak, which she succeeded to continu on the following releases ‘Alleati non ovvi’ (2010) and ‘Panne, fragole e cipolle’ (2012). I can only hope diva extraordinaire and gay icon La Valentino will continue to release albums with this high quality for many years to come. Yes, I am a fan! Go to artist page


Blumfeld & Jochen Distelmeyer (Germany)

Of the Hamburger scene Blumfeld is probably one of the most dark romantic. Marked by a deep engagement with the social environment, Distelmeyer focuses often on the (im) possibility of a relationship with a rigid consumer society. Anxiety, depression, insecurity, disorientation are recurring themes. The resistance and protest against the cold side of modern society form a central motif. It makes that Distelmeyer is heralded by songwriters and literature writers alike as a rare talent. Contrary to what you might expect Blumfeld knows how to wrap the sometimes pessimistic focus on the world with surprisingly optimistic alternative rock arrangements. Making their music intelligent and still easy accessible. Go to artist page


Baustelle (Italy)

Starting out as an epic rockband Baustelle evolved into a band that mixes that a typical Mediterranean romantic sound with elements of post-new wave and modern classical composers like Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti. This holds the trap that they are just a copy of Anglo-American alternative bands but the luscious Tuscan hills of Montepulciano have a positive influence. Baustelle’s music sounds sweet as a good white wine and robust like a delicious pasta. You can drink and eat that anywhere in the world but it is never prepared like in Italy. You hear the sun and good Italian life through and in that they translate an international sound to something very typical Italian. Go to artist page


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