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"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


As we speak the release stream for autumn is starting to hit the stores. Or mayeb release monsoon is a better word because the scheduled releases for the coming months show some very promising titles. The new -M-, Biolay, VooVoo, Antonia Font, Kari Bremnes, Alice...we can go on for some time. The big names in Europopmusic land spend the past months in the studio. Not that being a big means you also cough up a brilliant release. Spain's poplegend Bosé came up with the rather obbligato 'Papitwo', a reprise of the duet project he did 5 years ago, Greek diva's Galani and Alexiou delivered a very disappointing live-album (which make us sigh of release for once in our lives not be witness to that regrettable performance) and Belgium's Vive la Fete come up with more of the same but then less. The interesting releases of the past month came from young artists so who knows which unknown singer or band will surprise us the coming month. We're looking forward to discovering them for you. One of those is Greek singer Natassa Bofiliou so be sure to check her interview below.

Sometimes singers with promise see their career cut short under unfortunate circumstances. This is surely the fact in 1971 when Bulgarian promise Pasha Hristova saw her career end in a plane crash. We dug up this interesting example of Bulgarian soul for you to rediscover. More digging you'll in our returned feature cycle of 1968 with a look at Denmark. So hold on tight for the coming months and for now as always: ENJOY THE MUSIC.


  Music news and background articles  

1968 in Denmark: Riots, John Wayne and Savage Rose

We continue our investigation into the dynamics of 1968 on the development of European pop and rockmusic with Denmark. Not particularly known for its fierce protests, the country showed a sudden resolute steadfastness when America started intervening in Indochina. It was a combination of anti-American sentiments, the new left movement and solidarity with struggles in the Third World. Musically Danish pop and rock showed a similar stuborness with their convictions of what's fair and right in the World. Right into the lion's den when progrock band Savage Rose used an American tour as political pamphlet. By 1971 the movement derailed with splinters going underground, other less violent ones established the Freestate Christianshavn and the music became less political but very aware of their own culture. Thus founding one of the oldest still active music festivals at Roskilde. Read the article


Natassa Bofiliou speaks: Don't be afraid of your dreams

With a new album in the stores young Greek singer Natassa Bofiliou suddenly finds herself in the top league in Greek popmusic. Critics and fans alike herald the album for being one of the better ones this year. Crafted through performing live Natassa natural habitat is the stage. On 5 september Natassa Bofilious gave a sold out show concert at Technopolis for 2.500 fans. Just of stage she gave a short interview to Avopolis. She explains she loves performing live. "The road is a great experience,although I was only 80% satisfied with the show, Whether playing for an audience of 50 people or 1500 for an audience of people, you have to be flawless” she explains. We did our best to translate large parts of the interview for you to get to know this new interesting artist. Read the interview.

Hot autumn ahead: release update

The past weeks some of the biggest Europopmusic stars annouced their upcoming releases. If they live up to our expectations it's gonna be a hot autumn. In France -M- (Mathieu Chedid) released the single 'Mojo' as teaser for his coming album. Check the single here. Benjamin Biolay, another of those French titans of pop, is teasing us with 'Aime mon amour' from an album also scheduled for November. Belgian singer Arno's new album (recorded with John Parish) called 'Future Vintage' will be available on 17 september. To warm you up Naïve placed an 'interview' in Youtube. In Lithuania's Jurga Šeduikytė delivers the most mysterious teaser with just a soundscape and she emerging from the water (the clip is called 'so blue') for a release that's 'coming soon??'. Polish rockjazzpopband Voo Voo also announced a new album. They hit the studio as we speak to mix an album planned for October. And then we have Alice, Jenni Vartiainen and Kayah who hint to new albums. As said, it's gonna be a hot autumn. We'll keep you posted on upcoming news and of course by the time we will review the albums.

Pasha Hristova: Bulgaria's forgotten soul

We wrote a guestblog for our friends of Music of the Balkans (if you don't know it yet, check it out) about the forgotten voice of Bulgarian Soul; Pasha Hristova. Bursting with talent and promise for the future Pasha entered the Bulgarian music scene at the end of the sixties. The promise was cut short however when her plane crashed in 1971 and all that remained were a hand full of E.P.'s compiled on her debut album. Not enough to write a full bio for her we took up the invitation of MotB to write a short story about her. If you're interested you can find the sad story of Pasha there. You can also try if you can dig up some of her old music although, even in Bulgaria, the items are hard to find.


Remember Michel Berger; 20 years later

This August it is 20 years ago that one of France's brighest singer/songwriters and pop artists passed away. Michel Berger had all the weapons to make a grand return to the public eye back in 1992. In spring he recorded the album 'Double jeux' with his life partner France Gall.  It turned out to be a huge success and the couple spoke insistently of a tour that would unite them on stage. Moments of legend lay ahead. But on August 2 the book suddenly closed when Berger died of a heart attack, in the middle of a tennis match. His legacy remains however with some great tracks to enjoy. For more info in Michel check his page on the website.


Natassa Bofiliou:
Οι μέρες του φωτός
Miguel Bosé:
Vive La Fête:
Produit de Belgique
Haris Alexiou & Dimitra Galani:
Live Pallas 2012
  Europopmusic artists (added to the encyclopedia)  

Adelaide Ferreira (Portugal)

Adelaide stole our herats back in 1985 when she performed at the Eurovision with a fantastic, highly emotional ballad. She has not released that many albums, but they are really worth while getting to know better if you are interested in Adelaides musical style: typical  European pop music with Portuguese drama, a warm, tender yet strong voice, mostly ballads and mid tempo songs. I would recommend the albums she released since 2000, starting with the fine and mellow ‘Sentidos’. Go to artist page


Deutsch Amerikanischer Freundschaft (D.A.F.) (Germany)

Usually Kraftwerk are named when people look for an influence on modern day house and techno. But DAF can be considered even influencial. Their stripped down, basic and cold approach to music can not only be found in the clubs but also in the modern alternative circuit were someone like Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) or Rammstein must have heard  ‘Alles ist Gut’. At the time ‘der Mussolini’, ‘Sato Sato’ and formed the nihilistic soundtrack to dark squatter parties held at some bizar location like a inoperative factory or old schoolbuilding. The rhythmic intense and minimalistic music loaned from acts like Suicide and the Silver Apples but took it to much darker depths. In fact DAF combined the Spanish electropunk scene (Kaka de Luxe and Pegamoides) with the German (Der Plan and Kraftwerk) to create a bizar and sweaty mix. The music of DAF is so synonimus for Germany/Europe and the NDW sound at the start of the Eighties that for people who weren’t around during that era it is maybe a bit hard to grasp. Go to artist page


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