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With our website we have the ambition to make it a portal for European popmusic. To get some wider recognition for our site we set up a Myspace page. Since every artist that takes himself seriously has a Myspace page we thought we made our profile a hyve of european talent and a nice spin off of the website.

Actually after we had set up our profile we didn’t really know what to expect. In privat social point of view My Space is completely outclassed by networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. And interactivity amongst the Myspace members is low to almost non- excistent.

On top of that with all the clips, pictures, MP3’s and blogs everyone seems to use to sauce up their webpage the network gets frustating s.l.o.w.!! But, with some patience, My Space also turned out to be a great place to get to know new bands and music from around Europe. Almost daily we get invitations. So slowly, our My Space page becomes a pool of 'young' Europop talent. For your pleasure and convience we made a selection of new friends of the past three months.


  The history of electronic music
within European pop
  Part 3: The in-sound from way out art 1  

Centre piece of part 3 of our feuilleton about the history of electronic music is the album ' ‘The In Sound From Way Out’ (1966) by German Gershon Kingsley and Frenchman Jean Jaques Perrey. The combination of Perrey's tape loops, and his inventive melodies with Kingsley's complementary arrangements and instrumentation resulted in tunes that sounded like an animated cartoon gone berserk.

  And they would have quite an influence on the pop and rock scene for years to come. From Keith Emerson to the Beastie Boys. Even Walt Disney was smitten with their music and incorporated it into the 'Main Street Electric Parade' in his themeparks. But there is more electronic evolution in the sixties. For instance: Raymond Scott and his soundtrack for the GM Futurama pavillion and his soothing sounds - series. And of course the BBC workshop creating one of the most haunting electronic TV-themes: Doctor Who. Read more...  


  Artist of the month...  
Josipa Lisac

This time Josipa Lisac is artist of the month. That is not entirely coincidental, since she has just released a new album 'Zivim po svome'. There is propbaly no-one in Croatia that will deny the fact that La Lisac is one of the countries most important ladies on the music scene. Not just because of the innovative, sometimes groundbreaking albums she recorded, but also because of her expressive personality and looks. With the ever-changing colour of her hair and extravagant gowns, she turned herself into a piece of art...Read more...na


  The best album from...  
  Frank Boeijen Groep
Bataillon d'amour (1986)

Frank Boeijen Groep
In April 1986 the SED (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands) held their eleventh congress in the presence of party leader Honecker and Russia’s new leader Mikhail Gorbachev. In the same year one of East-Germany's best bands delivered one of their best albums. Moving between the ambition to tell the DDR people about what's wrong in their country and still keeping it acceptable for the censors of the SED they made a classic album filled with bitter observation from behind the iron curtain. The bataljon of love set hope for a better future. A future that would take three more years to develop.

Click here to read why we consider 'Bataillon d'amour' Silly's masterpiece. Here you can also listen to songsamples.from some of the album tracks.


  In memoriam  
  Alain Bashung
Alain Bashung, 14 March 2009

Suffering from lung cancer for over a year, and very weak, famous French singer Alain Bashung died on 14 March 2009 at the St. Joseph Hospital in Paris at the age of 61 years. After a religious ceremony in the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, his body was buried in the cemetery of Père-Lachaise on 20 March 2009.

Only 2 weeks before his death, on 28 February 2009, he won three awards at the Victoires de la Musique in 2009, including that of the best male singer of the year.
Read the necrology



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Artists of the month...Josipa Lisac!
The best album from... Silly!
Newly added artists pages

MySpace update
In memoriam: Alain Bashung


  Latest album reviews  


Ojos de Brujo: (Spain)
Alice: (Italy)
Lungo la strada (live)

Renato Zero: (Italy)

Hildegard Knef: (Germany)
Die Hildegard Knef album-edition 1972-1980

Mina: (Italy)
Sulla tua bocca lo diro

Nynke Laverman: (Netherlands)
Mitsoura: (Hungary)
Dura Dura Dura

Macaco: (Spain)
Puerto Presente

Tereza Kesovija: (Croatia)
Tereza à l'Olympia

Josipa Lisac: (Croatia)
Zivim po svome
Patty Pravo: (Italy)
Live Arena di Verona
  My Space update  

Check the europop My Space page for all our friends or click on the image to go directly to the Myspace page of the new friends.

Dr3iecksbeziehung (Germany), singer Ma-Ry makes synthpop in the style of Rosenstolz. They just released their second album.

Brava Esse (Italy) is the pseudonym of the Stefania Paola. She makes urban in the American tradition (think Rihanna) but then in Italian. Hip!

Musher (France) is a rockband with some punky edges. A first demo or EP (I’m not sure) has just been released. They’re touring France endlessly apparently.

Schulz (Germany) comes from Hannover. The singer Schulz is not a newcomer in the German musicscene and has already been around since the nineties. But he now has a band under his own name playing punky-poppy singer songwriter material (is that a genre?)
Fixkes (Belgium) makes music with a little bit of hiphop, a bit of pop and a bit of singer/songwriter. In Flemish/Antwerp dialect. Love the track ‘Lievelingsdier’ (favourite pet). Sweet.
Giuseppe Cucè (Italy) already participated at San Remo (with ‘Farfalle’) and a Luigi Tenco tribute and now released a second single ‘La ballatta di un fiore’. Nice voice in the good cantatori tradition.
Ceslaw Spiewa (Poland). Folky, semi-acoustic group with members from Poland and Denmark. Attracts fans from all over the world.
Anelia (Bulgaria) is a true pop queen. Great video's and art work. And already five albums in her catalogue. A prime example of fame within the borders of one's own country.
Jann Halexander (France), 26 years old and multitalented. He acts, directs movies, plays piano and also releases albums in the french chanson tradition. His latest is 'Le Marginal'.
  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Eva Dahlgren (Sweden)
Antònia Font (Spain)
(Grupa) Zana

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