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Only one month to go before the yearly Eurovision Song Contest breaks lose in Oslo. We've been keeping taps on the contestants and songs slowly dripping past months. And we are pleased to inform you that 18 countries will be performing their song in their native language. It seems more and more countries find that they rather give a convincing act then an anonymous eurodisco stomper in bad english. You can find all 18 contestants on our special ESC 2010 page and of course there's a webpoll. So you can immediately vote for your favorite. The poll has been running already for three weeks and currently Serbia, Spain and Greece are in leading positions.

But we also continue on our closer look to the producers behind European popmusic. This month we take a closer look to a producer from a country people usually don't associate with popmusic. Still Stefanos Korkolis did some great production work with some of Greece's best singers. In another feature we zoom into the Hungarian beat scene of the sixties thanks to Laszlo Kovacs who mailed us the article.

And as usual we keep you updated on the latest releases we came across and small newsitems. And is it just us or did the trend for coverart suddenly became 'portraits before a white background'. It is probably a coincidence but if you check the list on the right you'll see that half the covers this month have a lot of white in them.


  The producers...Stefanos Korkolis  

Who made the Europopsound? Who were the persons behind the mixing desk responsible for those typical European sounds?

  In our series ‘The producers’ we investigate the persons in the studio who lurked in the shadows twiddling the buttons, coached and guided the musicians, came with brilliant ideas for the project in question and supervised the whole mixing and mastering process.Without maybe even knowing these entrepreneurs laid their own signature on the albums. We all know famous producers like Phil Spector, Brian Eno and George Martin. But in this series we pay tribute to those non Anglo-American producers. This month we continue with the man behind very interesting Greek albums...Stefanos Korkolis Read more...  
  Feature article: Hungarian sixties beat music (by Laszlo Kovacs)  
  Imagine you are living in a Communist country that had not only fought on the ’wrong’side of both World Wars, but also lost two third of its territory and some ten million people dropping out of its new boundaries (after the first World War), had one million dead and had its capital eventually destroyed (during the second WW). Even more, it has just recently lost its own national revolution against Soviet Communist rule in 1956. And imagine you are son of a nation that has an unique passion for playing music. Not just the unique Gypsy Music is coming from there, but also the high classic heritage of Liszt and Bartók. Well, you are in early 60s Hungary, in some sense sitting in the very middle of Europe, in other sense just Behind the Iron Curtain. You want to do rock music. What will be the result? We came in contact with Hungarian collector Laszlo Kovacs who wrote a very interesting article about this Hungarian time period under the title 'Paprikázz Fel'. Read more...  
  Artist of the month...  
Raymond van het Groenewoud


He refers to himself as a musician but also a poet, philosopher and clown. Fact is that he is all that and more. One of the mayor influences of singing in Flemish for over four decades. To understand what possessed Belgian singers like Johan Verminnen and Raymond van het Groenewoud to create their own Flemish version of blues we have to take a look to what happened in Belgium in the sixties. The loss of the colonies, the start of the linguistic wars between French and Dutch and the rappid decline of the mining industry. It all coloured the Flemish blues Van het Groenewoud brings. Read more...na


  The best album from...  
Antonello Venditti (Italy)
Sotto il segno dei pesci - ♪♪♪♪♪

Frank Boeijen Groep
Venditti made name for himself in the 1970s with the social themes woven into his songs. In 1977 the political climate turned against his rather left wing political ideas. This resulted in a personal crisis with Venditti unsure of what to do next. This resulted in writing and recording ‘Sotto il segno dei pesci’ (Born Under the sign of Pisces) (1978) which contained more personal and intimate themes opposite to his political manifests. It would establish his name permanently in Italian music..

Click here to read why we consider 'Sotto il segno dei pesci' Antonello's masterpiece.

  Alizée, the electro-chic return with 4th album  
  Alain Bashung
After a two-year break from recording, following a less than successful third album, Alizée has come back with a slightly different style. The Corsican singer has called on the talents of the Paris electro scene for her new album Une Enfant du Siècle (a child of the century). It is a more sober affair, drenched in the sound of vintage synths. Some will say she’s gone down the hipster route, even if in this interview the former Lolita, now 25, protests that she’s merely “growing up” with her audience. Read the interview on the RFI-website


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Latest album reviews
Artists of the month...Raymond v/h Groenewoud
The best album from... Antonello Venditti
Newly added artists pages
Feature: the Producers - Stefanos Korkolis
Feature: Hungarian 60's beat music
Shantel denied entry to Turkey
Vote for your favorite Eurovsion song
Interview: Ivano Fossati
Alizee about her new album


  Latest album reviews  


David Bisbal
Sin Mirar Atrás
Kayah & Royal Quartet
Le Vibrazioni
Le strade del tempo
Lo Nunca Dicho
El Camino Hacia los Sueños
Miguel Bosé:

Mladen Burnać


  Shantel denied entry to Turkey  

Shantel, who through his music conjures a vision of a borderless world,
had to experience the opposite past week at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul.
Shantel states: “Turkish officials denied my entry at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport yesterday. I was on my way to Ankara to play a concert over there. Right at the passport control my passport and flight ticket were taken away. No reason was given. I had to stay the next 10 hours in the transit zone - nobody informed me about what was going on. I was authorized to make just one phone call and didn’t get any drink or food. Police officers escorted me to the last outgoing aircraft to Frankfurt am Main and I had to leave Turkey directly. The concert in Ankara was cancelled." An official reason has not be given but Shantel is already invited back for new concertdates later this year.

Vote for your favorite ESC song (sung in their own language)



There are 39 countries participating this in year in the Eurovision song contest. But we will make this easy for you and devided them into those who sing in their own language and those who don't. Of them 18 decided to sing in their own language. Which is the highest count since 2007. So bravo! We created a page around the ESC on which you can find all the countries singing in their native tongue , a link to their profile page on ESC and we also give you the opportunty to cast your vote which of these 18 songs you like best. Go directly to the page and VOTE!

Ivano Fossati speaks
Alain Bashung

One of Italy’s best songwriters just released a new compilation ‘Di tanto amore’ spanning three decades of music. Like a true Italian the central theme in his songs is love: "I think just one verse, one word, perhaps an unexpected ambiguity, to illuminate the scene around the players and make the love story told in a few minutes of music and lyrics, it covers more than just the private imaginary universe of two human beings, but in practice the experience or the hope of many people. " Andrea Scanzi interviewed Ivano for La Stampa about the new album, love, politics, Tiziano Ferro and more. Read further.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Johan Verminnen (Belgium)
Georg Danzer (Austria)
Dino Dvornik (Croatia)

Bajm & Beata Kozidrak (Poland)

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