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It's the heart of summer and as usual we are not graced by a lot of new releases. Although there's a lot in the pipeline we have to wait till next month untill the stream gets flowing again. And for Italy that may even be longer since a dispute about royalties is keeping the record companies from releasing anything new at all! It's like the situation in the seventies (when Italy banned all Anglo-American music after an incident with Deep Purple in Milan) but then the other way round. Allegedly some stations have 'Waka Waka' on continious reply. God have mercy on the poor Italians.

In an interview Italian singer Rettore states that her new album is ready for release but stays shelfed untill the situation is resolved. What will happen to the highly anticipated Milva/Battiato project is anybody's guess. More legal stuff in Belgium where producer and songwriter Lou Depryck finally gets the neighbouring rights for punkpop classis 'Ça plane pour moi' over Plastic Bertrand. A linguist had to come in to court to explain. As you can see it has not been a quit summer for the lawyers. Hope we can get back to the music soon.

Meanwhile we're off to Hungary and Slovakia so expect some news from that countries soon. Enjoy!


  Italian radio boycott drains
market of new releases

If you were wondering why there has been so much silence on the Italian music front here is your answer. The entire local market is at a standstill due to increasingly heated negotiations between the record industry and the country's radio sector. The subject are the sound recording royalties paid by radio stations. The two sectors' previous agreement, where radio stations paid 1% of their revenues to the collecting society representing labels and recording artists, expired way back in 2006, and the two industries have been wrangling ever since. In a nutshell the record companies claimed a increase in revenue share from 1 to 2%. In return the radio stations (united in the RNA) laid down a claim disclosing the record labels to claiming no royalties at all on new releases that are sent to radio stations as promos, presumably because of the perceived promotional value of airplay. Outraged the labels united decided not to bring out any new releases until the problem is solved. FIMI boss Enzo Mazza told reporters that the radio stations' demands were "absurd" given the importance of music to their output, adding "they [RNA's members] spend more on their electricity bills than they do on music". Bottom line is that we, as music lovers, are derived of any new stuff coming from Italy for now. We can only hope they clear it up soon. For more information in the dispute click here or go to the website of the FIMI

  The producers: Bolland & Bolland  

Who made the Europopsound? Who were the persons behind the mixing desk responsible for those typical European sounds? In our series ‘The producers’ we investigate the persons in the studio who lurked in the shadows twiddling the buttons, coached and guided the musicians, came with brilliant ideas for the project in question and supervised the whole mixing and mastering process.Without maybe even knowing these entrepreneurs laid their own signature on the albums. We all know famous producers like Phil Spector, Brian Eno and George Martin. But in this series we pay tribute to those non Anglo-American producers. This time we zoom in on the Dutch production duo Bolland & Bolland. Often hackled by music purists for their crude style of making music it's the hits that count for the brothers. And you just have to think 'Falco' to see what they are capable of. click here for the article.


  Artist of the month...  
Alain Chamfort

When he became part of the entourage of then super star Claude François, his career really took of. Alain Chamfort, the dandy of the French chanson, left his mark on French popmusic. Earlier this year he released a concept-album about fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent. Chamfort proofs that even a pop idol can age in a credible way. This month we point the lime light on Alain Chamfort! Read more...na


  The best album from...  
Ozlem Tekin
Tek Basima - ♪♪♪♪♪

Frank Boeijen Groep
After spending her adolescent wilde years in a punk band together with Sebnem Ferrah, Ozlem introduced electro-dance music in Turkey in the mid nineties. But it would last until 2002 when she released her masterpiece (up till now): 'Tek Basima'. Ten songs full of pain and frustration about a love gone by...

Click here to read why we consider 'Tek Basima' Ozlem Tekins masterpiece.

  Linguist verdict: Plastic 'ça plane pour moi' Bertrand playbacked  
  Alain Bashung

It has been disputed for more then 33 years between enterpreter of the 1977 Belgian hitsingle Roger Jouret aka Plastic Bertrand and Lou Deprijck, composer of the song. Deprijck already made fame for himself with disco/latin pastiche act Two man Sound and reggae act Lou & the Hollywood Bananas (hit: 'Kingston Kingston') when he created 'ça plane pour moi' together with the act Plastic Bertrand. In 2006 a judge decided Jouret to be the rightfull owner of the song rights since he is on the cover. In return Deprijck hired a linguist to prove that it was actually him that sung the song. And past week the judge ruled that it was proof enough that Deprijck is in fact the performer of the songs. In an interview with Le Soir Jouret admitted Deprijck sung the first of Plastic Bertrands albums: "I was not allowed inside the studio in exchange of 0,5% of the copyrights". Why all the fuss after so many years? Simple, for money. Coca Cola is using the song in their current Asian campaign.



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Polish singer Gayga dies at 56
Milva & Battiato team up again for new album
Linguist verdict: Plastic Bertrand playbacked
Nothern ladies in the remix


  Latest album reviews  



Flip Kowlier:

Adimi Kalbine Yaz
IInterview with Donatella Rettore

During her career Italian singer Donatella Rettore always stood in the panorama of Italian music genres and changed skin many times during her long and colorful career. With a new album (Caduta Massi) in the making and a tour coming up Giovanni Zambito caught up with the singer for magazine Fattitaliani. She welcomes Giovanni with: " Fortunately you caught me just in time for my vacation, and then I can enjoy my dogs and my husband, make my trips". Read the interview.

  Polish singer Gayga dies at 56  

On July 30 Polish perfomer Gayga died. Born under the name Krystyna Joiners she began her career as a singer in the bluesrock combo Wojciech Skowronski. During the new wave period she took on the name Gayga, switched to pop and released the single ''Ja - ruchomy cel' in 1984. A self-titled album followed in 1987 without much succes. In 1994 she returns as part of the duo MC Diva jumping on the popular Eurohouse train with the likes of Captain Jack, DJ Bobo and so on. The combo released three albums before dissolving in 1997. Gayga was just enjoying a small return to the stage in 2008 when Universal released a 'Best of' compilation of MC Diva. It was not to be...RIP.


Milva and Franco Battiato announce a new collaboration


The news is now official : Milva will release a new album entitled "Non conosco nessun Patrizio" which will contain a selection of excerpts from the repertoire of Franco Battiato, who is directly involved in the preparation and production work. The duo worked together twice fruitfully in the past which delivered Milva highlight 'Milva e dintorni' (containing the classic 'Alexanderplatz') and the even better ''Una storia inventata'. Anticipations amongst fans of Italian music are high. Milva herself quoted on the project: " I feel very close to the world of Franco, although I can not fully penetrate , because I'm open, and he's like a door closed." The album will be released in 14 September 2010 by Universal and will be officially launched at a preview concert to be held at the Teatro Romano Verona , next September 8.


Nothern ladies in the remix


Finnish singer Maija Vikkumaa new single 'Dingon ja Yö' is specially remixed by Jukka Immosen who before also remixed Anssi Kelan, Asan, Redraman and Jenni Vartiaisen. Speaking of Jenni, she also has a new single coming up called 'Neettiin' which for the occasion is remixed by Jaakko Salovaara or JS16, internationally known as producer of the Bomfunk MC's (hit: Freestyler).. Meanwhile Polish singer Justyna Steczkowska is working on a remix project, or more a rework project, of her old material specially for her show at the Woodstock festival (the yearly Polish addition that is). She already reveiled hints of new Gothic rock versions of 'Kryminalna miłość' and 'Tatuuj mnie' (click on the titles for the vids).

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Barbara (France)
David Bisbal (Spain)

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