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This is the last newsletter for 2010. A dynamic year with lots of new music and artists we discovered this year. As you probably noticed our trip to Hungary and Slovakia fed the catalogue in that segment. In the meantime we also try to add pages to the other countries. But we also found that we reached the limit of what we both can do (next to our daytime jobs). To keep up with all the reviews, regular tweets, Myspace request and creating bio's we're going to restyle the newsletter in 2011 and maybe the homepage. More on that in the new year.

For this edition we pick up the trail of 'the producers' again. This time we head for Zagreb (Croatia) where we meet Veljko Despot. Popmusic connaisseur and entrepeneur he definitelly left his mark on the Croatian and Yugo popscene. Further the news reached us that Gianna Nannini gave birth to a baby daughter, Eva Dahlgren is doing an autobiographical theatreshow and Noir Desir decided to throw in the towel.

And of course we're getting ready for the holiday season with our traditional Euro Christmas music feature. Again we found some updates the past year and this year we discovered no less then five new Christmas singles.

For now we leave you with the reviews and articles for this month. And of course all the best wishes for 2011. Have a merry Christmas. As always, enjoy!


  Christmas (euro)pop songs  

It's that time of the year again. The snow is blowing outside and Europe is getting ready for the festive season. With ‘ White Christmas’ , ‘I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus’, ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ and ‘ Last Christmas’ this time of the year the radio is filled with merry poptunes about the season. But what can be considered as common in the Anglo-American countries is not at all usual in the rest of Europe. Original Christmas pop records are very few, compared to the English or the American markets. But since we started this yearly feature readers of the website tipped us with unknown Euro-Christmas songs. Popular Google searchwords to our feature are of course 'Petit Papa Noël', Udo Lindenberg's ' When the snow falls wunderbar', Mina &Celentano's duet 'Buon Natale', Dino Dvornik & Gobac' funky Christmas single 'Čestit Božić' and Dutch rapcombo Jeugd van Tegenwoordig with 'Ho ho ho' (which was never released as single). And this year we even have some new additions to the list of local Christmas tunes. In Germany rock-act Unheilig comes up with the single 'Winterland', in the Netherlands popular singer Marco Borsato released the single 'Kerstmis' (as theme song for the movie 'Het geheim'), in Latvia Dween & Sandija Vigante have a clubby winter with 'Baltas Pārslas' and in Denmark Anne Linnet comes up with an entire Christmas album with only new compositions called 'Linnet’s Jul'. For more read the feature article about Christmas Europop music

  The Producers: Veljko Despot  

Like we already concluded before some Europop producers may not have a big trackrecord but with the hits they had they left a definate mark on the European popmusic scène. Maybe not even with tweedling on the mixing desk but smelling out what was good and what was not. In good English an entrepeneur. For Croatia (and former Yugoslavia) this is Veljko Despot. His keen ear brought him to London in the sixties where he would become the only journalist from the Eastern bloc to interview the Beatles. Back home he used his talent for Jugoton (and later Croatia records). Despot is like John Peel, Eddy Barclay and George Martin in one. Read on...

  Artist of the month...  
Mireille Mathieu


For the closing artist feature of 2010, and of course the holiday season, we would like focus on the queen of Europop-easy listening in general en Europop Chistmas music in particular (see our other feature on that) Mireille Mathieu. Over the past five decades she has recorded over 1200 songs. Not only in French but in nine different languages, set aside the numerous performances when she wowed audience with a song in local language. Not bad for a girl who performed poorly in elementary school due to dyslexia. Read more...na

  The best album from...  
Loredana Bertè (Italy)
Un pettirosso da combattimento
(1997) -

Frank Boeijen Groep
Un pettirosso da combattimento’ (‘A fighting robin’) is the first album released by Loredana Bertè after the untimely death of her sister (and popular singer) Mia Martini in 1995. The album is entirely dedicated to her sister and deals with Loredana’s loneliness, bitterness and confusion. The album was produced by Mario Paoluzzi and Nando Sepe, Mia Martini’s manager, took care of the executive production and management. When listening to ‘Un pettirosso da combattimento’ you become witness of the sad and dark period in Loredana’s live.

Click here to read why we consider this a masterpiece.



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Christmas (Euro) popsongs
The Producers: Veljko Despot
Noir Desir split up
Gianna Nannini becomes mother
Inside Michael Falch
The Dahlgren monologues


  Latest album reviews  


  Maryla Rodowicz:
  Kayah & Renata Przemyk:
Panienki z temperamentem
Appelle-moi Jen

Jeugd van tegenwoordig:
De lachende derde

De toi à moi
  Etienne Daho & Jeanne Moreau:
Le condamné à mort
  Polarkreis 18:
  Viola Valentino:
Alleati non ovvi
  Mylène Farmer:
Blue Noir
  Voo Voo:
Wszyscy muzycy to wojownic
  Marco Borsato:
Dromen durven delen
The end of Noir Désir

This seems an odd message since due to the imprisonement of singer Bertrand Cantat the band wasn't really active since 2000. Bertrand Cantat was condemned to 8 years in prison for the murder of Marie Trintignan in Vilnius. In 2007 he was released and the band started rehearsing again. Two new tracks came out of these sessions in November 2008 and a cover of Alain Bashung’s track, Aucun Express, remains unreleased. But obviously you can't turn back time. The chemistry between the band members was lost and guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay decided to call it a day last Monday 29 November. This was enough reason for the other band members to stop as well. Serge Teyssot-Gay is to release an album soon after the band’s end: les Contes du Chaos, with Zone Libre, due for release on 31 January 2011. What the rest of the band members will do is unclear.

Gianna Nannini (54) becomes mother for the first time

As if age does not matter  Italian singer Gianna Nannini became mother for the first time at the age of 54. Last Friday (26/11/2010) she gave birth (by caesarean) to her daughter Penelope at the Madonnina Clinic in Milan. The girl weighs 2.5 pounds and is doing well. Just recently Gianna showed off her pregnancy on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine wearing a T-shirt with the inscription ‘God is a woman’. The name of the child is not accidental: in Greek mythology, Penelope was the wife of Odysseus. She had to wait twenty years before her husband came back from the war against Troy. In January, the new album by Nannini, "Io e te '(I and You) will be released. We wish Gianna (and Penelope) a wonderful time the coming months.

Inside Michael Falch

Accompanying his compilation album ‘Hele Vejen 1980 – 2010’ Danish singer Michael Falch began a blog under the title "Subtitles - anecdotes from 30 years of rocklive and stories behind the songs “. The plan is to give an extra insight in the singers considerations to write a certain song, maybe give just a nice atmospheric extra or a funny story that happened while recording and touring. The first songs he takes at hand are ‘Vejrbidt & vindblǽst’, ‘Trǽkfugle’ and ‘Lad mig lige se dig’. Of course the whole blog is in Danish but if you got your translate option running it won’t be a big problem to get what Michael moves. Go to: michaelfalch.blogspot.com/

The Dahlgren monologues

MilvaBeing a succesfull singer in Sweden for many years, Eva Dahlgren took another step in her career by not singing at all. Last month she performed a monologue in a selected amount of theatres around Sweden. There are texts, which, according to Eva, did not fit in or between her songs. She talks about her childhood and her upbringing, her everu day life and funny anecdotes from being on the road. Of course, there was some music amongst which the song that gave the show it's name 'Ingen är som jag' (no one is like me). Meanwhile it is said a new album is in the making.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Area (Italy)
Flip Kowlier
Xavier Naidoo (Germany)
Jacno (France)

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