Newsletter   # 2, December 2008  

"Hello Europopmusic fans..."

  Since it is already December, we bet a lot of you folks are already busy preparing for the Christmas holidays. It seems only natural to add a Christmas touch to this newsletter.  

So we decided to search for the best European Christmas pop songs. What we did not know was that most Christmas pop songs were actually recorded by American artists; it was not easy to compile a European Christmas chart. In the end, we found 30 Christmas songs that we would like to present to you on our website.

    Our top 5 Christmas songs:  
  1. Tino Rossi - Petit papa Noël
  2. Udo Lindenberg - When the snow falls wunderbar
  3. Dalida - Joyeux Noel
  4. Andre Hazes - Met Kerst ben ik alleen
  5. Claude François - C'est Noël et j'aurai tout ça

To see numbers 6 - 30 visit the special Christmas page on our website. Here you can also find other nice (and not so nice) covers of Christmas albums. Click here to go directly to the Christmas page...

Finally, we would like to thank you for your interest in www.europopmusic.eu and we hope you will visit us many times again in 2009. We wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful musical 2009 to you all!!




  Artist of the month...  

“Spppllliiifff” Nina Hagen sighs in ‘Heiss‘ from her debut album. It remains unsure if she is referring to a cigarette filled with marihuana or to the band that surrounded her and created the inspiring musical environment for her best two records.


tThe then called Nina Hagen Band was in fact already the band that would later become known as Spliff. For her second album La Nina was already fed up with the band and ‘Unbehagen’ was created with her in the US and Spliff in Berlin. From 1980 the band goes ‘solo’  and it becomes evident that an important part of the Nina Hagen sound was created by Mitteregger, Potschka, Praeker and Heil.....

  The best album from...  
Haris Alexiou (Greece)xAlice
Di Efchon (1992)

One of the few pop music artists who successfully launched a career outside of Greece, is Haris Alexiou. Her music is a melting pot from influences like traditional Greek music (rembetika), folk and - naturally - European chansons (Italy, France, Germany). Click here to read why we consider 'Di Efchon' her masterpiece...

Want to listen to 'Di Efchon'?
Just click here to listen to some songsamples...

  Any comments?  
  Naturally, all opinions are 100% subjective and strictly our own. However, we do our utmost best to present you the information as correctly as possible. Should you have any comments on this website, please let us know via e-mail: info@europopmusic.eu. Any comment that might help the evolution of this website is highly appreciated. We look forward hearing from you!  

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  Latest album reviews  

This month we reviewed some great (and not so great) albums for you. Click on the images to tread the full review!

  Bénabar (France):

Bløf (Netherlands):

  Beáta Palya (Hungaria):
Adieu les complexes
  Fréderique Spigt (Netherlands):
  Donatella Rettore (Italy):
Stralunata (box)
  RoBERT (France):
Sourde et aveugle
  Justyna Steczkowska (Poland):
Puchowe kołysanki
  In memoriam: Hector Zazou  
The French-Algerian composer and arranger Hector Zazou was a bridge builder between music genres that

apparently had little to do with each other. He combined classical music, minimal, poetry, world music and pop creating a complete new but still natural sound. He preferred creating projects, for which he chose a certain theme and invited a variety of guest to contribute. Country of origin or music style was of no importance to him. For his latest project 'In the house of mirrors', he brought together Tibetan Yungchen Lhamo, Uzbek Sevara Nazarxon, Swiss Laurence Revey, the Gaelic flutist Carlos Núñez and the Italian group PJC. The album, recorded in India, was released in October of this year, but unfortunately Zazou already left us by that time. On September 8 he died, sixty years old.
Click to read the complete article...

  European Border Breakers Awards  

On January 15, 2009 ten European groups and artists will receive this year's European Border Breakers Awards. The award festival is part of a show set to take place on the opening night of the EuroSonic Noorderslag Festival, Groningen, Netherlands. The ceremony will be hosted by Jools Holland and Jan Fígel, the European Commissioner responsible for Education, Training, Culture and Youth.
Click to read the complete article...

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):
Mor ve Ötes (Turkey)
Spliff (Germany)
Tereza Kesovija (Croatia)
Van Dik Hout (Netherlands)



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