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It's that time of the year again when everything and everyone is in festive spirits. As last year we want to join the fun with a special Europop christmas page. Again we ask ourself the question (while Wham, the Jacksons and Bing Crosby dominate the airwaves) is there such a thing as European non-english Christmas hits. With the help of several media and fans we updated out Christmas page with orginal christmas songs from Croatia, Slovakia, Spain, Netherlands and so on. In answer to the question if these songs excist, they do but they are more a novelty then a full blown hit genre.

While we slowly go to the end of 2009 we take a last look at our Myspace page and give you a fresh round up of new friends we made over the past six months. As always it's a diverse bunch from slick urban pop to hiphop to gothic rock.

What will 2010 hold in store for us? Traditionally the year kicks of with the Eurosonic festival in Groningen (NL) where a huge diversity of European acts present themselves. Well over 180 acts perform in venues around the city at the 14th and 15th of january. 17 acts sing in their own language but if we losen up that rule a bit there are a lot of interesting acts there. Check the website for the program.

And what will happen further? Only time will tell but we'll keep up our efforts to keep you posted. Have a great Christmas and New Year's eve.


  European original Christmas pophits...do they excist?  

With ‘ White Christmas’ , ‘I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus’, ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ and ‘ Last Christmas’ this time of the year the radio is filled with merry poptunes about the season. But what can be considered as common in the Anglo-American countries is not at all usual in the rest of Europe.

  Original continental Christmas pop records are very few, compared to the English or the American markets. Still we did find traces of examples of European Christmas pophits. Starting with 'Petit papa Noel' onto Christmas Ep's made in Yugoslavia, Poland, Italy, Spain and so on. Every year there are attempts made to create an original song. Usually not very succesfull but certainly lots of fun. Over the year we updated the article thanks to tips from readers and bumping into songs while browsing. Read more... and additions are always welcome at info@europopmusic.eu.  


  Artist of the month...  
Benjamin Biolay

"I'm not here to shock the bourgeois"
Benjamin Biolay has been known the past years for being a notorious bad boy, a person that speaks his mind and in doing so makes more enemies then friends, and a person with an ego as big as the moon. On the other hand he enriched the French music scene with some brilliant albums and is regarded by many as the heir of that other famous bad boy Serge Gainsbourg. With a new album in the shops French music magazine Les Inrock got the opportunity to ask mister Biolay some questions about the split with EMI, about his ongoing battle with fellow artists and about the new album, modestly called ‘La Superbe’. We could have written our own vision on this artist but it's much more interesting to let him tell it in his own words. .Read more...na


  The best album from...  
  Frank Boeijen Groep
Eva Dahlgren
En blekt blondins hjärta (1991)

Frank Boeijen Groep
In 1991 Swedish singer Eva Dahlgren released ‘En blekt blondins hjärta’ (‘A bleached blonde heart’). This album sold 500,000 copies and gave her five Swedish Grammis in the categories Best Song, Artist of the Year, Best Album, Best Female Artist and Best Song-writer. The next year the album was also released in an English version. 1991 and 1992 were definitely Eva’s ‘big years’ and if you lived in Sweden and happened not to like her songs, you really had a problem; they were played continuously on the radio…

With hindsight the album is still on of the best Swedish pop albums ever. It contains a string of great tracks, up tempo, mid tempo and ballads. The production is modern yet almost timeless, which is quite an achievement considering that many of the albums from the early nineties suffer from outdate productions and arrangements (remember it was the era when house beats were all over the air…). And, first and foremost, there is Eva’s poetry. Eva Dahlgren definitely belongs to the Swedish female poetic artists.

Click here to read why we consider 'En blekt blondins hjärta' Eva's masterpiece.

  Anne Linnet boxed  

The career of Danish singer Anne Linnet spans over 35 years. Reason enough for a retrospective with a deluxe boxset. The box is simply called "boksen" and contains five CDs and a DVD with hits and highlights from her broad career - here is everything from the very early beginnings in Aarhus to Shit & Chanel, Anne Linnet Band, Marquis De Sade, Bitch Boys, Anne Linnet as a solo artist and as duet partner. The package consists of five different cd's for five different moods going from 'de stille' to 'de bløde'. In addition there is a booklet filled with private notes, drawings and photos. Anne Linnet has been deeply involved in developing the "box" and the publication is the result of a very personal selection from her long musical career. A great introduction for those new to Linnet's music.

  In memoriam  
  Alain Bashung
Dutch singer Ramses Shaffy passed away (76)

On the 1st of december Dutch singer/songwriter Ramses Shaffy died. Although his days of musical glory were already longpassed Shaffy still had a big group of sixties devotees keeping his legacy alive. His drinking habits put a heavy strain on his health though. Shaffy himself has spent the last years in a nursing home. Here he was treated for his epilepsy attacks and recently pneumonia. .The combination with esophageal cancer turned out to be lethal. "Last week his health deteriorated significantly", says his management. " he passed away peacefully". He is considered one of the greater Dutch poetic songwriters.



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Artists of the month...Benjamin Biolay!
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Newly added artists pages

Anne Linnet in a box
Johnny Hallyday out of coma
MySpace roundup
In memoriam: Ramses Shaffy


  Latest album reviews  


Dimitra Galani (Greece):
CajsaStina Åkertsröm (Sweden):
Sången om dig och mig

Rosario (Spain):

Filippos Pliatsikas (Greece):
Μpalarines Epitrepontai

Ornella Vanoni (Italy):
Più di te
Haris Alexiou (Greece):
I agapi tha se vrei opou kai na sai
Joaquin Sabina (Spain):
Vinagre y rosas


Lio & Phantom (Belgium):
Phantom ft. Lio

La ciudad subterranean

Franco Battiato (Italy):
Inneres Auge
Benjamin Biolay (France):
La superbe
  My Space update  

Check the europop My Space page for all our friends or click on the image to go directly to the Myspace page of the new friends.

Pamela Pau (Italy), actually an American girl immigrating to Italy at the age of 6. She already did the San Remo musical festival roundabout and will be releasing her first album soon. A first single 'Astratto' is already available. Girliepop.

Francois Branier (France) is obviously influenced by Voulzy and Souchon. Typical soft french voice over intellegent popmusic. From the pittoresk village of Aquitance.

Jakub Bojko (Poland) was part of the hiphop band Sigma before he went solo. What he makes now hints towards Emanuel Moire, Justin Timberlake...urban pop. The instrumental tracks on his debut album all have English titles while the rest is in Polish, funny.

And if Bojko is totally your thing you'll love young Stratia (Bulgaria) who taps from the same well. Strings and urban beats. Has a lot of female friends on myspace.
Not tired yet of that flamenco-fusion made by the likes of Manu Chao, Ojos de Brujo and Macaco? Then Calima (Spain) is the band for you. They just released a new album called 'Tierra'.
Hiprockers (Netherlands) from Amsterdam mix rock with hiphop (dûh) hence the bandname. Sounds like Osdorp Posse gave themselves a restart.
SiNEK (Turkey) from Izmir make Turkish indierock with multiple vocals. Nice and loud. Walls of guitars tend to blur the vocals but maybe that is the way it should be.
Triste Sire (France) is the French answer to Tokio Hotel and Muse. Rock with hints of Goth. Already something of a phenomena in their homecountry (they do the Olympia in january) they are ready to take the world.
Sen Zu (Poland) makes electro-rock getting influences from MIA. and Skunk Anansie. Powerfull stage act...summer festivals programmers, get this band booked for the upcoming festivals! Great stuff. Check 'Co mamy´ from their latest album ´Stajlisz & Romantik'.
  Johnny Hallyday out of coma  
  French rock 'n roll legend Johnny Hallyday woke up from his comateus state this week. That was the news that dominated France besides Copenhagen and Berlusconi's headbump with the dome of Milan.
Johnny Hallyday, born in 1943 in Belgium as Jean-Philippe Smet, lies in a hospital in Los Angeles. He was in a coma since last week to relieve him from the pain after back surgery. American doctors said, according to themanager of Johnny, that an earlier operation in France by famous surgeon Stephane Delajoux was a "mess". (Not) coincidently the 'Star surgeon' was attacked in the streets in Paris by masked men - fans of Johnny, as is suspected
  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Ulla Meinecke (Germany)
Dado Topić (& Time) (Croatia)
Marcella Bella (Italy)
CajsaStina Akerstöm (Sweden)

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