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January and February are often very slow months as far as new album releases are concerned. And 2009 is definitely no exception to that rule. We searched our favourite webshops but helas, almost no new interesting releases. Luckily we found a great webshop for Finnish music. So we bought some interesting lp's and cd's from the northern parts of Europe. This resulted in a small 'Scandinavian wave' on our website with many new pages from Scandinavian artists and some reviews of recent album releases from these artists.

Furthermore, we started a feuilleton regarding the history of electronic music within European pop. This month kicks off with part 1, written by DOUBLE BASS: 'The art of noise'. Naturally, we will keep you informed on the following chapters via this newsletter. Enjoy!


  The history of electronic music
within European pop
  Part 1: The art of noise
Part 1

The synthesizer plays an important role in European popular music. It’s an instrument you will encounter in the European art scene, the (progressive rock scene) and entering the main stage in the eighties with the development of new wave and hi-nrg disco. But did this tradition came falling from the sky? In the coming months we will try to recreate a small history of the use of electronic music and the use of the synthesizer within the European popscene...

  This feuilleton will take you back to 1897 when the French Thaddeus Cahill created the telharmonium. Learn what avant-garde artists and scientists have paved the way for the likes of Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and, basically, all current electronic popmusic. The first chapter entitled 'The art of noise' takes you from 1897 to the early fifties. Read more...  


  Artist of the month...  
Kari Bremnes

This month Kari's thirteenth solo album was released. A perfect time to introduce this 52 year old singer-songwriter from Norway to european music fans. ‘Reise’, the title from her 2007 live album, has a deeper meaning then just travelling from concert hall to concert hall. It almost seems that her live and career have been a constant travel. Born in the coastal town of Svolvær on the island Lofoten she sees the ferry’s and big sea ships come and go. In her own words she got intrigued by the dynamics around this never ending stream of arrival and departure. After taking acting lessons and working in a psychiatric hospital she studied Nordic language and literature at university. She was drawn towards poetry and stories that concerned travelling especially those of Danish poet Tove Litlevsen. After university she started working as a journalist for the Nationen newspaper, and later at Aftenposten. In her free hours she started singing and performing with her brothers. Read more...nam

  The best album from...  
  Frank Boeijen Groep
Frank Boeijen Groep
Foto van een mooie dag (1985)

Frank Boeijen Groep
The 1985 album ‘Foto van een mooie dag’ ('Picture of a beautiful day') is a highlight in Frank Boeijen’s career. The album was made at a time when the new wave of Dutch-sung popmusic was almost at it’s end. Flagship Doe Maar ended their career a year before and interest in Dutch sung music was already waning. The album turned to be one of Boeijen’s biggest successes with his group that was on it’s peak. Biggest push for commercial success was the single ‘Kronenburg Park’ named after the park in his hometown Nijmegen. Every Dutch boy and girl that grew up during the eighties will remember the backing vocals from Mai Tai after the second chorus, that would become the trademark of the song.

Click here to read why we consider 'Foto van een mooie dag' the groups masterpiece. Here you can also listen to songsamples.from some of the album tracks.


  In this newsletter...
Latest album reviews
Artists of the month...Kari Bremnes!
The best album from... Frank Boeijen!
Newly added artists pages


  Latest album reviews  

This month we reviewed some great (and not so great) albums for you. Click on the images to tread the full review!

  Kari Bremnes (Norway):
  Eleanoora Rosenholm (Finland):
Älä kysy kuolleilta, he sanoivat

Iivanainen, Johanna & 1N (Finland):
Outoja maita

  Benny Neyman

Adieu (box 5cd + 2dvd)
  Giuni Russo (Italy):
Cercati in me
  Maija Vilkkuuma (Finland):
  Eurovision news  

More European countries are lining up the finales to select their entry for the Eurovision. And it’s becoming clear we’re going to get a lot of English sung ballads this year. With the Maltese Chiara up front trying for the third time to win over the hearts of Europe. Luckily there are exceptions. Lithuania sends singer Sasha Son (Pasiklydęs Žmogus) and Armenia comes up with the gypsystyled Inga & Anush Arshakyanner (Nor Par). Regrettably Hungary’s entry (one of the better songs this year), actress Kátya Tompos, pulled out of the competition due to ‘theatre engagements’. For now Spain gets the award for the most chaotic pre selection hosted by Alaska (from Fangoria). But in the end winner Melody e Los Vivancos (Amante de la luna) certainly give a good and stomping show in nu-flamenco style.

More news and info on the forthcoming ESC can be found on wikipedia or the ESC website.

  Victoire de la musique 2009  

And it’s also award-time already. Now that the Grammy’s have been distributed it’s time for the European awards. On the 28 of February France honours the best they got to offer in the Zenith Arena in Paris with the annual Victoire de la Musique. Among the nominees in fourteen categories are Alain Bashung, Catherine Ringer, Julien Dore, Berry, Christophe Mae, Camille, Anais and Zazie.

Click here for more information...

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):
Irma Schultz (Sweden)
Eppu Normaali (Finland)
Maija Vilkkuuma (Finland)
Enrico Ruggieri (Italy)
Filippos Pliatsikas (Greece)
Bibie (France)
Buzy (France)
Ann Christy (Belgium)

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