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The 14th of february is in Anglo-American culture the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. But what is the rest of Europe doing on the day of courtly love?. And are there Europop songs you would play for your Valentine? Of course there are. We made a selection of songs we think would fit perfectly on a Europopmusic Valentine compilation. And then it was up to you. The past two weeks we received hundreds of votes but soon enough it became clear that 'Seni seviyorum' (I love you) from Turkish singer Nilüfer was the absolute favourite. Followed by Croatian Teresa Kesovija and her classic lovesong 'Moja posljednja i prva ljubavi', Polish singer Anna Maria Jopek with ' Jeśli myślisz, że ja cię nie kocham' and Spain's Miguel Bose with 'Te amare'. For all results go to the Valentine's page.

But we get more input from all you out there. The past months we got several pleas, requests and corrections why we did not have an Austrian section. To our shame we actually never focussed on Austria but ready to be of service we dove into our record collection to find that we actually had a reasonable Austrian selection. Artists like Georg Danzer and Rainhald Fendrich, but of course also Falco and Kruder & Dorfmeister all fall under the genre Austropop. So, by popular demand, the Austrian section has been opened last month. Enjoy and as always comments stay welcome.


  New country section ...Austria  

To most non-Austrians the mountain filled region of Europe is a place where you go for skiing, were Julie Andrews sings 'The hills are alive with the sound of music' and which main export article is naughty erotic movies. Musically some maybe know that Mozart and Strauss came from Austria, that Vienna is know for it’s operetta theatre and you can hear Yodelling in the mountains. On top of that most people will think that Austrians speak German.


Squashed between former USSR countries and dangling in the shadow of it’s western big brother it’s hard to imagine that just over a century ago this was the centre of Europe with it’s Habsburg Monarchy stretching from Warsaw to Istanbul. And yes they do have their own language. Although very related to German, Österreichisches Deutsch is a dialect in it’s own right. The difference is like American and British English or Dutch and Flemish.

With influences coming from all sides the Austrian music scene is currently very vibrant. But with some thinking you'll probably be familiar with a few Austrian artists without even knowing. Like Falco, Opus and Kruder & Dorfmeister. It was high time Austria got it's own entry. Read more...



  Artist of the month...  


With the rise of a 45RPM singles market and portable recordplayers in Turkey in the seventies singer Nilüfer became the absolute Queen of the 45's at that time. From ‘Dünya Dönüyor’ to 'Oh Ya' to ‘Kalbim bir Pusula’ all became massive hits and dominated the Turkish airwaves for a decade. An international adventure turned out to be less succesfull though. In the Eighties the climate changed although Nilüfer continues to this date to be a popular personality. Not suprisingly that when word got out people could vote for Nilüfer in our Valentine webpoll she won with a convincing majority. The Queen is still powerfull it seems. She deserves rightly to be our feature Artist of this month. .Read more...na


  The best album from...  
  Marek Grechuta (Poland)
Korowód - ♪♪♪♪♪

Frank Boeijen Groep
We said it before and we’ll probably say it again but Poland delivered some great and original popmusic over the years. Even in a time when the authorities weren’t supporting ‘Western deviations’. This month we pay homage to a Polish classic from 1971 by the hand of Marek Grechuta and his group Anawa. Korowód (Procession) is an eclectic record mixing influences from classical, folk and jazz under a progressive rock-umbrella.  In the center of all this musical mayhem is the steady peron of Grechuta. With a strong voice he recites the poetic lyrics (written by himself or others) giving bitter comment on live in Communist Poland (or so it seems).

Who first attacked each other?
Who appointed the first blow?
Who is the first of us to recognize?
Who are enemies? Who are friends
Who was the first fame and all his pain was for nothing?
And who is not able to sleep not able to cross borders?

Click here to read why we consider ''Korowód' a masterpiece.

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New country entry: Austria
Nacho Cano (Mecano) speaks

Claudio Baglioni announces Benelux shows
Tokio Hotel wins NRJ award


  Latest album reviews  


Grosse Freiheit
Michael Falch:
Fodspor i havet

Binder & Krieglstein:
New Weird Austria

Schall und Wahn

  Claudio Baglioni announces Benelux concerts  
Italian singer/ songwriter Claudio Baglioni has announced that he will give two shows in the Benelux this April. A rare chance to see this Italian superstar up close. With songs like 'Questo piccolo grande amore' and other old hits plus material from his new album to be released soon this is going to be a night to remember. Venues are the Melkweg in Amsterdam (22 April) and Vorst Nationaal in Brussels (24 April). Tickets can be bought online through Ticketsonline (amongst others)
  Tokio Hotel wins NRJ award  
Last Midem in Cannes German rockband Tokio Hotel was awarded at the French NRJ awards in Cannes in the category "Band Of The Year" They had to compete with U2, Green Day and Black Eyed Peas.

In February, the band will go on tour supporting their new album "Humanoid". An English version of their 'Humanoid' album will be on sale soon (but of course we like the German version better). For tourdates see: Read more...
Nacho Cano denies rumours of a reunion of Mecano


“Everyone has taken a different path”

Spanish Eighties popgroup Mecano's shadow is long, very long. So one of the three former Mecano members, Nacho Cano, found out when he hinted towards a hypothetical reunion just before last Christmas. This fanned the flames of nostalgia throughout Spain where people were desperately trying to find out when shows were scheduled. In a recent interview with ABC Espagna Nacho sets things in perspective. “"The truth is that it is long since we have communicated. I know the same from them as you, Jose Maria is painting and Anne is making a record”. Nacho himself is “working my butt off with the musical ‘A’ that will go on tour for the next two years”. In that perspective a reunion is highly unlikely. Still recent releases by Mecano are selling very well adding to speculations. Read more...

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Tocotronic (Germany)
Jakie Quartz (France)
Joan Manuel Serrat (Spain)
Modus (Slovakia)
Locomotiv GT (Hungary)
Marika Gombitová (Slovakia)

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