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"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


First of all, we wish all of you europopmusic fans a wonderful and musically 2009! Traditionally, the end of the year is the time to make up all kinds of lists of 'the best of ...'. We certainly like to add our part to the fun, so we made up a list of our 15 best europop albums of 2008. Naturally, this list is completely subjective, but who knows, maybe it will help you discovering some new artists.

Since we launched the europop website some three months ago, we received many comments, suggestions and encouragements. It confirmed our initial conviction that a platform to share Europe's pop music was needed and appreciated. So we definitely will continue our work in 2009, hoping you will enjoy and appriciate it. And, as ever, feel free to send us all your comments, opinions etc. via info@europomusic.eu!


  2008's best europop albums  
  Last years 15 best albums (in random order):  

01. Willkommen im Club - MIA.
"Former punkpop band peaks with most mature popalbum of its career."

  02. Bleu pétrol - Alain Bashung
"Despite (or thanks to?) difficult times (cancer), Bashung proves he is still one of Frances leading pop artists."
  03. Deniz yildizi - Sezen Aksu
"Turkish diva releases her best album of the new millennium. Without Sezen, Turkish pop music would not exist."
  04.Zdravo Marijo - Severina
"Croation Lolita reworks Bregovic's catalogue. A highly inflamable combination!"
  05. Jest cudnie- Maryla Rodowicz
"Poland's own Madonna is back with an intimite and acoustic album - grand cru."
  06. I love you- Mathieu Boogaerts
"Modern, creative and back to basics - with 'I love you', Boogaerts takes the lead in Frances alternative music scene."
  07. Anne Linnet - Anne Linnet
"Denmarks grandmother of pop music is back with her best album in years. Respect!"
  08. Oktober - Bløf
"After their prestigeous Umoja project, Holland's most popular band takes a U-turn to the inner self."

  09. Adieu les complexes - Beáta Palya
"Hungarian folk music mixed with western pop - Béate creates a world of her own."

  10. Universelle - Sapho
"Sapho recorded world music before the word was invented - and now she takes it one step further with Universelle."
  11. Wat als - Hannelore Bedert
"Hannelore proves that you can make flemish folklore-pop without being corny."

12. Watershed - Opeth
"Scandinavia's best metal act delivers an album where, more then before, the grunt meets the folk"


  13. Jo & Co - Anna-Maria Jopek
"Terrific life performance by Polish Golden hair. Is it jazz, pop or world? We don't know - but it is definitely magical."
  14. Stark wie zwei - Udo Lindenberg
"Udo an old fart? Hell no, and with some great new songs he has the album to prove it"

15. Siamesisk - Under Byen
"Alternative meets classical on a project where the boundries of both genres are sought"

  Artist of the month...  

The punk wave also hit communist Poland at the end of the seventies. It was the era one of Poland's most popular bands would emerge: Maanam. Founded by excentric leadsinger Kora and partner Marek Jackowsk, Maanam's career reflects the political and cultural phases the country went through the past few decades. They encountered problems with passing the iron curtain, tried to break Europe but failed due to lack of vinyl to press the records and so on. After the fall of the iron curtain the band succeeded in continuing their career in their homeland and remained very popular up until today. Read more...

  The best album from...  
Claudio Baglioni
Io sono qui (1996)

'Io sono qui' ('I am here') is the best album by one of Italy's most popular singers, Claudio Baglioni. Feeling the breath of a younger generation eager to take over his reign (Ramazotti, Zucchero etc.) he forced himself into a new creative direction. Out with the synthesizers and the underhanded emotions. With an international crew, compositional refinement and excluding false sentiment he made an adult and poetic album. Click here to read why we consider 'Io sono qui' his masterpiece...

Want to listen to 'Io sono qui''?
Just click here to listen to some songsamples...


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Artists of the month... Maanam!
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  Latest album reviews  

This month we reviewed some great (and not so great) albums for you. Click on the images to tread the full review!

  Anne Linnet (Denmark):
Anne Linnet
  Anaïs (France):
The love album

Mathieu Boogaerts (France):
I love you

  Vincent Delerm (France):
Quinze chansons
  Lio (Belgium):
Je garde quelques images...
  Mor ve Ötesi (Turkey):
  Catherine Ringer (France):
Chante les Rita Mitsouko and more à la Cigale
  Sapho (France):
  Yildiz Tilbe (Turkey):
  Preparations for Moscow - News on ESC 2009  
Between 12 and 16 May 2009, the 54th Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Moscow. The contest will be held in the Olympic Indoor Arena within Moscow. According to Vladimir Churilin, the venue's Director-General, the building can take up to 25,000 thousand spectators.


Up til now only a few countries have decided which artist will represent it in Moscow. One of the most striking entries is coming from Israel. It was announced that they will be represented by famous singer Noa, duetting with Palestinian singer Mira Awad. This will certainly be cause for many discussions, both on and off line...

More news and info on the forthcoming ESC can be found on wikipedia or the ESC website.

  Winners European Border Breakers Awards  

On January 17, 2009 ten European groups and artists have received this year's European Border Breakers Awards. In giving these awards, the European Commission, in cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), rewards debut artists' and groups' who have successfully crossed national borders. At the same time the prizes highlight and promote the richness and diversity of European music, its creativity and its contribution to innovation.

This year's winners of a European Border Breakers Award are:
Adele (UK) - 19
Alphabeat (DK)
Cinema Bizarre (DE)
The Dø (FR)
Kraak & Smaak (NL)
Ida Corr (DK)
Lykke Li (SE)
The Script (IRL)
The Ting Tings (UK)

Although we sympathise with its goal, we are a bit disappointed that all of these european artist are singing in English. We hope next year's list of winners will contain some artists that sing in their own language...

Click to read the complete article...

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):
Sapho (France)
Joaquín Sabina
Alain Souchon
Subsonica (Italy)

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