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We know it's a bit late but we still wish everybody a very happy 2010. You'll probably expect us to come up with a top ten of best albums of 2009 at this point. So, just to obstinate we don't. To be honest we'd love to but we had such a pile of 2009 releases to weed through the past three months that we're still in te proces of reviewing what was going on in Europe last year. And you can always click back in the review archive to backtrack what we thought were the great and not so great releases last year.

But we do kick off the new year with a new series of feature articles, this time around those elusive figures behind the mixing desks. Yes, we mean the producer. Over the year we will present some background info about some of the most influential producers in European pop music.

One of the other new features on the site is that if we stumble on an interesting interview we will try to translate it and republish it on our site. So if you see an interesting article or interview feel free to tip us. This month German singer Xavier Naidoo speaks his mind.


  The producers...Conny Plank  

Who made the Europopsound? Who were the persons behind the mixing desk responsible for those typical European sounds?

  In our series ‘The producers’ we investigate the persons in the studio who lurked in the shadows twiddling the buttons, coached and guided the musicians, came with brilliant ideas for the project in question and supervised the whole mixing and mastering process.Without maybe even knowing these entrepreneurs laid their own signature on the albums. We all know famous producers like Phil Spector, Brian Eno and George Martin. But in this series we pay tribute to those non Anglo-American producers. This month the series kicks off with German producer Conny Plank. Famous for his production for Kraftwerk, Gianna Nannini and the Eurythmics. Read more...  


  Artist of the month...  
Ewa Demarczyk


January, the dark month following Christmas. Whom better to accompany this time of year then Polish singer Ewa Demarczyk. Nicknamed the Black Angel of polish song she wipped the stages of Poland in the sixties. Of course we're much to young to even been there. And even if we would already have been walking around it would have been a hard job getting over the Iron Curtain anyway. So, in substitute, we close our eyes and imagine what her performance was like in those days when she entered the Cabaret under the Palace of the Rams in Krakow for the first time. .Read more...na


  The best album from...  
  Vasilis Papakonstantinou (Greece)
Φοβάμαι (Fear) - ♪♪♪♪♪

Frank Boeijen Groep
The recent riots in Athens (a year after the riots of 2008) made me grab Vasilis Papakonstantinou’s classic album ‘Fear’ again. Although the cause is quit different the central theme (anger about the system, fear for the state and the police) is almost the same. Although released in 1982 it is very clear the album gets its inspiration from the Polytechnic riots from 1973. The songs on the album read like a chronological account of the events that took place at the Athens University at the time. Right to the album's gruesome finale when the tank crashes through the faculties gate and sirens come rushing to take care of the wounded and deceased. 36 years later young Greeks again explode and rise up against the governement. A good example how popmusic and socialhistorical culture weave together.

Click here to read why we consider 'Fovamai' Vasilis' masterpiece.

  Marianne Rosenberg lends her voice to new Disney movie  
  Alain Bashung

German singer Marianne Rosenberg has lend her voice to one of the characters in the German version of new Disney movie "Kiss the frog". Or as they say in Germany "Kuss den frosch". Her voice can be heard behind the character of the Voodoo Witch Mama Odie, who, with her 197 years of life experience creates all kinds of potions. Since Randy Newman wrote all the music in a way it's the first time Newman and Rosenberg worked together. If you want to know how Marianne sounds after 197 years check the German trailer,



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Jacques Dutronc returns to the stage
Marianne Rosenberg is a Disney witch


  Latest album reviews  


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  Xavier Naidoo speaks  
“Politicians in Europe lost their way”

In Hamburg, last October, Musiknews reporter Andrei Sokolov gets German singer Xavier Naidoo in front of his notebook to ask him about the why and what around his new album ‘Alles kann besser werden’. An album of three CDs, with 35 songs. We already reviewed the album in our review section but the interview gives a nice extra insight told by the maker himself. An interview that turns in some bold political statements. Read more...
Jacques Dutronc returns to the stage after 17 years

Seventeen years after his last concert, Jacques Dutronc returned to the stage this month and he still has the same casual sloppiness. Odd thing is that he has no new album to offer. Even Charles Trenet, when he made his last concert at the Salle Pleyel in 1999, had a recent record - which he also sang there. Even Henri Salvador, even Charles Aznavour, even Juliette Greco have new songs after eighty years. Jacques Dutronc, sixty six years old, just had the urge to be on stage again. Singing a compilation of material from his entire career. And the fans loved it. He will tour France with this programm till June 2010. See his website for tourdetails.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Barış Manço (Turkey)
Riccardo Cocciante (Italy)
Prāta Vētra (Latvia)
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Ainars Mielavs (Latvia)
Şebnem Ferah (Turkey)
Peter Maffay (Germany)

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