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Summertime in Europe!


It is summertime in Europe! European pop music has produced some of the best or memorable summer hits. We want to know what your favorite is!

According to encyclopedia a Summer hit is: “a term in entertainment industry which refers to a title (song, album, film) released and peaked in its popularity during summer and often later quickly faded away”. We like to add to this definition that a true summerhit is usually picked up in the country where people spend their vacation and take the song back to keep the memory alive. No wonder that a lot of summer hits originate in Mediterranean countries. Sun, sea and pleasant times work as catalyst for merry sunny tunes. And apparently people seem to be a lot more receptive to strange languages with a summer hit then they are in other seasons.

As the definition says a summer hit’s chart position usually quickly fades, but in terms of a souvenir we tend to disagree. European popmusic delivered some classic tracks some of which still bring out that summer feeling. For this special summer page we started to browse the European charts to find what Europop songs where in fact classics in the summer hit category. The oldest we could find was ‘Danse de Zorba’ by Trio Helenique, one of the latest is of course O-zone’s ‘Dragonstea din teï’ which was a megahit a few years back. On the 'summer hit' page as well as the homepage you'll find 20 of the most memorable europop summerhit. Cast your vote to let us know what the ultimate summer hit of all time is. The poll will close at the end of summer (20 september).



PS: we will be taking some time off in the next few weeks, so there will not be a newsletter in August. But... we will be back in September! Enjoy your summertime!


  The history of electronic music
within European pop
Part 6: are friends electric? t 1

With a title like that it's no wonder we take Gary Numan and his Tubeway Army as a bridge to the explosion of genres using electronics in the eighties. At the start of the eighties the music scene was buzzing with acts that used the synthesizer as their core instrument. What is important to say at this point is that until know the synthesizer was used to imitate or reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments. As it was originally made up by the electronic music pioneers you read about in the previous chapters.

  An important chance is that this idea was left with the acts in the eighties. They used synthesizers to produce mechanical sounding rhythms, vocal arrangements as a counterpoint to the artificiality of the instruments, and repetitive and osilate patterns as an effect. Also a lot of synthesizer based genres were based at the start of the eighties. Just think electronic body music, industrial or Italo disco... Read more...  


  Artist of the month...  
Udo Lindenberg

A good example of an artist incorporating all definitions of Europopmusic and being very political outspoken is rock ‘n roll rebel Udo Lindenberg. Especially in the eighties der Udo was very active to start with the single ‘Wozu sind Kriege da?’. The following album ‘Utopia’ is a methaporical excercise for Germany as it should be. With his usual mix of rock and chanson Lindenberg made his point.

Read here why we consider Udo Lindenberg artist of the month July...

  The best album from...  
  Frank Boeijen Groep
Luz Casal
Un mar de confianza (2000)

Frank Boeijen Groep
Records filled with heartbreak...we love 'm. Usually those are the best records. In this category Luz Casal's 2000 album 'Un mar de confianza' certainly falls. Although it stays unclear if she really was writing down her personal crisis down the lyrics all have that bitter tone of a relationship gone (very) wrong. And it could be that after the huge succes of her 1995 album ‘Como la flor promitida’ the pressure was too much for her personal life. Anyway, it gave the world a great album.

Click here to read why we consider 'Un mar de confianza' Luz Casal's masterpiece.

  Alain Bashung


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The forgotten Knokke-Heist song contest
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New retrospective book about Greco


  Latest album reviews  
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Justyna Steczkowska: (Poland)
To mój czas
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Jarabedepalo (Spain)
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  The forgotten Knokke - Heist Song contest (1959 - 1973)  
The past half year we got a lot of e-mails and traffic on us mentioning the Belgian Knokke - Heist songcontest. As we found out ourselves there is very little information about this contest although older people (especially in the Benelux) remember it well. But if you’re born after 1965 you’ll be bound to be oblivious of the excistence of this festival. Still, it played an important part in giving a stage to the light-popular genre in Europe in the sixties . More info.
  New book about Juliette Greco  

We already stood still at the 60th anniversary in showbussiness of Juliette Greco.

Now her career on stage, public life, movies and music has been captured in a new retrospective made specially for her shows at the Theatre de Champs Elysee last month. Simply entitled 'Merci' the book has a large amount of very rare photo's and posters as well as personal reviews on Greco by the likes of Armande Altai, Biolay, Miossec, Olivia Ruiz, Anny Gould and more. A great book for all the fans. (ISBN 978-2-84167-608-8)

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website reguarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):
Pascal Obispo (France)
Kasia Kowalska (Poland)
Tzimis Panousis (Greece)
Martyna Jakubowicz (Poland)

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