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Fashionably late as we sometimes can be we celebrate Italian pop diva Patty Pravo's birthday this month although she already had her party in April. But her 60 years on the planet and 40 years in stage were a nice reason to make her artist of the month and review her career appropiately with a festive retrospective alphabet.

Further more we take a historical view on a complete other segment of European popmusic namely the Hip Hop and rap-scene. French connaiseur Marie-Agnès Beau delivered a case study a few years back and with kind permission we updated it a back for your reading pleasure.

Next to that we feature an interview with Spanish singer Mónica Naranjo who is currently wowing audiences in Spain with an orchestral apprach to her catalogue together with the philarmonic orchestra of Mexico.
And as usual we keep you updated on the latest releases we came across and small newsitems.



  Hip Hop and Rap in Europe:
The culture of the urban ghetto's
(by Marie-Agnès Beau)

Hip Hop and Rap play such a basic part in Europopmusic of today that it’s hard to imagine that in the Eighties it was still considered an underground scene in most European countries. Western Europe picked up somewhere mid eighties but Central Europe took much longer to get into it. At first European Hip Hop mostly copied their American examples. But more and more the social characteristics of the hip-hop culture turned out to be great feeding ground to develop a specific identity of their own. And a great way to express yourself in your own language and still sound cool. But in 1996 the European Hip Hop scene was still in development. As such that the European Music Office published a report on "Music in Europe". The second part of this study was titled "Music, Culture and Society in Europe". It contains six critical essays and five case studies on the cultural value of music in the European Union. This case study on Hip Hop and Rap in Europe was written for the occasion by Marie-Agnès Beau. Since the basics of this study are still very much relevant and give a nice historical insight in the development of Hip Hop in Europe we got kind permission of Marie-Agnès to reprint it for your reading pleasure. click here.


  Artist of the month...  
Patty Pravo


A symbol of Italian pop culture, diva controversial and unconventional, sinuous body and a hoarse voice and a pioneer of the sixties to beat to experimenter of new sounds, last april "the Piper girl" turned sixty. And although we are actually three months late we don't see why we can celebrate her crown year with a short trip through her career from A to Z. We found a notable detail from her career to go with almost all the letters of the alphabet. Read why the G stands for Guy Magenta, the M for Mogol, the P for Piper and the N for Narcotics. Meanwhile we're toasting an excellent Prosecco to Nicoletta's birthday and enjoy the music she made over the years. Read more...na


  The best album from...  
Michel Berger (France)
Differences - ♪♪♪♪♪

Frank Boeijen Groep
In the middle of the dark eighties - war in the former French colony of Lebanon, the sinking of Greenpeace's 'Rainbow Warrior' by the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) agents, elections coming up in France and tension in the communist area, Michel Berger released 'Differences', an album with a cry for possitivism.

In a time when Madonna's ‘Like a Virgin’ and Phil Collin’s ‘No Jacket required’ topped the charts, ‘Differences’ was a sophisticated breath of fresh air and a noble plea for a better and tolerant world.

Click here to read why we consider ''Differences' Michel Berger's masterpiece.

  Dutch singer Nynke Laverman will give exclusive concert at dawn on 14 August  
  Alain Bashung

For the Frysian art manifestation 'Scheene Kunstroute' Dutch singer Nynke Laverman will give a very exclusive show on 14 August in the Frysian village of Spanga (NL). The event will take place at dawn when the sun rises behind the stage. The band will consist of Ward Veenstra(guitar), Reyer Zwart (bass), Astrid Haring (harp) and Jan Stavenuiter (percussion). Miss Laverman will be performing songs from her critical accliamed album 'Nomade' and more. The show will start at 5.30 in the morning and afterwards breakfast will be served. With a ticketprize of only 35 Euro it's a bargain. Click here for ticketsales.

  Justyna Steczkowska wins lawsuit over nude pictures  
  Alain Bashung

Polish singer Justyna Steczkowska has won a lawsuit against gossip magazine Super Express. The magazine published onauthorized pictures of the singer standing nude on a beach. According to Justyna: "I'm a musician and sounds are my whole world, they go through my body, but it doesn't have to be shown naked to do so". The magazine paid an unknown amount of damages to the Anna Dymna Foundation (a fund for disabled people) and published an apology in their issue of 16 july.




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Interview with Monica Naranjo
Nynke Laverman gives special show at dawn
Sebnem Ferah comes to Amsterdam
Justyna Steczkowska wins from paparazzi


  Latest album reviews  



Dziś już wiem

Das gezeichnete ich:
Das gezeichnete ich
Under Byen:
Alt er tabt
En plats I solen
O Miłości
Iedomu Spārni: 
Mirkelam & Kargo:
Susana Cáncer:
El baile de los Días

Interview with Mónica Naranjo



Currently Spanish singer Mónica Naranjo is touring her home country accompanied by the 'Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra ' to present her 'Adagio Tour 2010'. With the show Naranjo gives an overview of her musical career. The local newspaper of la Ceuta interviewed the singer prior to her show last 5 july about her work and family life, stating that "if I had to give up something today that would certainly be my career ". Read the interview here. Mónica will perform the Adagio show four more times in Spain this summer. 17 July in the Plaza De Toros León Arena in León. 28 August in the Plaza Antonio Cortijos Águilas in Murcia, 5 September in Granada at the Plaza De La Constitución Guadix and at the Caseta de Los Jardinillos in Albacete on 10 September. Click here for ticketsales

  Zazie will release 49 new songs this year  

Last month we already anounced the new single for French singer Zazie.
Again she teamed up with Philippe Paradis, her favorite composer in recent years, with whom she wrote the album Rodeo and Totem. "We worked together for a long time and it hit us like that. Now we live also together, with my daughter and himself. That is not easy sometimes but we're doing well. [...] There is less and less disruption between my music and my life. " Zazie says. The new album called '7' will be released on September 20 next (and September 13 in digital version). The number seven is all around the project consisting of the album which is a compilation of seven digital 7 EP's, 49 tracks in total! Build around the days of the week the schedule for the EP's is as follows:

27 - 9: Monday "Ma quête "
5 - 10: Tuesday "En images "
13 - 10: Wednesday "Les enfants "
21 - 10: Thursday "Recyclage"
29 - 10: Friday, "Collectif"
6 - 11: Saturday "On sort "
14 -11: Sunday "Relaxation"

The whole thing will be released as a box set in November. First live shows will be during Christmas at Paris' Olympia. Dates will be scheduled soon. For the final stages of the new album Zazie started a blog: you can follow her here: http://www.zazie7.com/


Sebnem Ferah and Nil Karaibrahimgil come to Amsterdam



It has just came to our attention that Turkish singer Şebnem Ferah will come to Amsterdam to perform at the local pop venue Paradiso on the 29th of October. Later this winter Nil Karaibrahimgil will hit the same spot on the 12th of December. Both singers are very popular in their homeland Turkey and both just have a new album released this year. We could not find any info (yet) of shows in other European countries but we keep you posted if we hear about them. Tickets for the Dutch shows are not on sale yet but will be soon through www.ticketmaster.nl

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Mónica Naranjo (Spain)
Alkistis Protopsalti (Greece)
Spinvis (Netherlands)
Urszula (Poland)

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