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"Hello Europopmusic fans..."


Working on the website we reguarly encounter surprises. Like the band Regina from Finland whose first album i found in a salesbin in a recordstore in Utrecht. Sounding great i tracked them on the internet just to find out they just released their new album. And before you know it a review is placed on the site and another fine addition to the European music catalogue is found.

The same can be said for the story i began about electronic music. I started with the idea to end up somewhere in eighties and figured it would take about four parts to reach that chapter. While writing it turned that there was much more to be said about the subject and that the connections and cross references were much more interesting then anticipated. That visitors of our site find it interesting as well is shown in the number of visits people bring to that certain section of the site. The current chapter about 1977 is only the fifth and i'm still not sure when i reach the end.

Internet is also a fine medium to keep in touch with artist around Europe and also to create the ability to reach out with a special liveshow for all those fans that aren't able to fly over to see it. We all thank you for all your kind responses and interest the past half year, and we promise there is more to come.


  The history of electronic music
within European pop
Part 5: 1977: "Frankie Teardrop, I feel love" t 1

In this part we find ourselves in 1977 and synths have taken it’s place within the rockscene. We take up our story in a year where science fiction had more then a usual interest with the public and media. Note that this is the year Star Wars and the first Star Trek movie hit the cinema, the first personal computer with color graphics is demonstrated (the Apple II) and Datapoint creates Arcnet (the first commercial digital network, the basis for the commercial use of internet).

  In this setting the time seemed right for a bunch of albums that would put the pop back into synths. Without cutting other records short we set five albums in the limelight that would form the overture for the groups and artists that would take the synthesizer as their main instrument at the start of the eighties and would dominate the charts. In fact they may have lain the basis for the whole electric music-genre (read 'house') that we still hear among us today.. Read more...  


  Artist of the month...  
Lucio Battisti & Mogol

Some musical partnerships are almost like a marriage. That certainly applies to the artists we highlight this month. Although ten years after his death Lucio Battisti is, to many Italians, still one of the greatest songwriters their country ever had he couldn't have done it without the input of his soulmate Mogol. The other way round, Mogol also wrote some of his best stuff while with Battisti. Besides that, it were the arrangements and compositions of Battisti that gave a new impuls to Italian rock and pop. This month we take a look into how this special team met up and how they eventually split up..Read more...na

  The best album from...  
  Frank Boeijen Groep
Anne Linnet
Jeg og du (2000)

Frank Boeijen Groep
After a succesful musical career of more than twenty years, Danish singer songwriter Anne Linnet released the highly personal album 'Jeg og du' ('You and I') in 2000 on a very small label. What drove this succesful artist at the time to release the record on such a small label? What influenced her to write and compose such a personal collection of songs? Since 'Jeg og du' is such an outstanding album, we made it this months 'Best album from...' and took some time to dig into the background of this record....

Click here to read why we consider 'Jeg og du' Anne Linnet's masterpiece.

  Alain Bashung


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Latest album reviews
Artists of the month...Lucio Battisti & Mogol!
The best album from...Anne Linnet !
June 20; Justyna Stechowska live on the web
Live preview of Teresa de Sio's summer tour
Newly added artists pages

Norway focus country for EuroSonic


  Latest album reviews  
Jarabedepalo (Spain)
Orquestra Reciclando
Regina (Finland)

Ann Christy: (Belgium)
Zo was er maar een

RotFront (Germany a.o.)
Emigrantski raggamuffin
Sick Tamburo (Italy)
Sick Tamburo

Ginevra di Marco (Italy)
Donna Ginevra
Bløf: (Netherlands)

Amsterdam Klezmer Band (NL/Ukraine)
  20 June: free Justyna Steczkowska
live concert on the internet
A special internet event is scheduled for saturday the 20th of June. The Concert Polish singer Justyna Steczkowska will give in the city of Toruń will be broadcasted live on the Internet. The show starts starts at 8.30 p.m. (Polish time zone)! Justyna is the first Polish singer to ever perform in such a way! She wants to reach out ot as many fans all around the world, as possible. Check out the special website: www.koncert.justynasteczkowska.pl Don't miss it!
  Teresa de Sio special guest at Festival De Andre, Rome  
Above does not apply when you're in Rome and want to catch the special Teresa de Sio tour instead. Tereza will give a special preview of her Summer Tour on the third day of the Festival De André, "Talking Music", the stage is set at the Piazza Fabrizio De André in Rome. The entire festival is from June 18 to 20.
  Norway focus country EuroSonic 2010  
It seems the winds are towards Norway this year. The EuroSonic festival annouced that their focuscountry for the upcoming festival (Groningen, Netherlands, january 2010) will be Norway. The festival will programm a sample of the Norwegian music scene. This in cooperation with the Norwegian radio station NRK P3 and Music Export Norway. The programm will officially be presented at the Øya Festival in Oslo on August 14. Click here for the EuroSonic website
  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website reguarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):
Nikos Portokaloglou (Greece)
Daniel Balavoine (France)
Dungen (Sweden)
Anna Oxa (Italy)

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