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First of all we apologize that we did not brighten up your musical day in May with our monthly update. Due to a long trip in South East Asia and a wedding in Barcelona, Spain, we just did not find the time. Back home we had this stack of new releases to weed through so it took some time to write and review everything.

Meanwhile Germany won the Eurovision, Belgian schlager singer Bobbejaan Schoepen died, the Greek economy is in turmoil and the World Cup has had it's start in South Africa. What has the WC to do with music? Just check our special World Cup page to find out what each European contesting country came up with to support the local team. From tacky to tastefull.

Next to that we feature a second background article by Turkish colleague Naim Dilmener. This time about the Altin Mikrofon contest of the sixties that (as history turned out) formed the cradle of Anatolian pop & rock.
And as usual we keep you updated on the latest releases we came across and small newsitems.



  World Cup songs 2010  

For musical Europeans the battle on the music front already took place in May with the ESC. But for lots of people and sport fans the big sporting event of the year starts in June.

  Of course we speak of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the premier international football tournament. Between 11 June and 11 July 2010 the eyes of the world will be on the stadiums in South Africa. But this is a website about European popmusic so on this page we take a look at the bizarre but happy world of the football song. One of the better was once made by UK act New Order with ‘World in motion’ for the 1990 English World Cup campaign. Since then it has almost become a tradition that the countries in the World Cup have a (un)official theme song, with each country having there own anthem to chant and jump around on in the stands. On our World Cup page we gave an overview of the (un)official WC-songs for the European teams. Read more...  
  Feature article: Altin Mikrofon, the cradle of Anatolian pop
(by Naim Dilmener & Double Bass)

The sixties were the defining era for European popmusic in which in each countries the first artists and groups emerged and ‘pop’ or music for teenagers found it’s way to the mainstream. In some countries this was a gradual proces, in other it was a certain event that marked the start. One of the most emphasized events took place in Turkey were the Altin Mikrofon contest of 1965 caused an explosion in modern music.The contest was held four times before the it disappeared again (set aside a comeback in 1972 and 1979). But by then it’s role as a turbinal force for Turkish pop was already fulfilled. Artists like Erkin Koray, Baris Manço and Cem Karaca had the platform to present themselves to a broad audience and start Anatolian pop and rock. Together with Naim Dilmener we created a smal retrospective ons this influencial contest.. Read more...


  Artist of the month...  


The suggestive 'Banana Split' single formed the start of the turbulent career of Belgian chanteuse Lio.). At the start of the Eighties Lio was cultivating her Lolita character perfectly, singing punky electro songs with lyrics with a clear double, erotic meaning. A few successful albums were released ('Lio', 'Suite Sixteen', 'Amour Toujour') and Lio was the hot girl in France during the first half of the Eighties. She collaborated with many trendy artists like Alain Chamfort, Etienne Daho, Jay Alanski and Jacques Duvall . A turn to more serious music reduced her to a cult-figure in the decades after. But somehow Lio never disappeared completely returning to the musical limelight now and again. Read more...na


  The best album from...  
Alaska y Dinarama (Spain)
Deseo Carnal - ♪♪♪♪♪

Frank Boeijen Groep
With synthi-pop dominating the charts in 1984 (think Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode) Spain gave the world Mecano but it was ambigious singer Alaska and her Dinarama that was everywhere in Spain at the time. Not in the least due to the controversial themes they handled on the album. In sync with the era the album featured ten songs that comprised an air of  “anxiety, despair, revenge and destruction, all in an wave of twisted relationships and pessimistic thoughts wrapped in philosophical and moral desolation.” Or at least that’s what the band’s bio states. The gay-erotique artwork did the rest.

Click here to read why we consider ''Deseo Carnal' Alaska's masterpiece.

  Alkistis Protopsalti touring nothern Europe i  
  Alain Bashung

Alkistis Protopsalti (by the Greeks lovingly called 'foni fotia' (voice of fire) is not known to tour very often outside Greece. The last big tour in 2006 only did some dates in Southern Europe. So the upcoming shows with composer Stefanos Korkolis are a rare opportunity to see her live for other Europeans. Scheduled shows are October 23 at the Savoy Theatre in Dusseldorf (DE), October 30 at the Melkweg in Amsterdam (NL) and October 31 at the PSK (Bozar) in Brussels (BE). The tour is dedicated to her latest album Fanera mystika, which we already reviewed.



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  Latest album reviews  


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Alkistis Protopsalti:
Fanera mystika
  Sign of life from Zazie: new single  

We've almost given up but suddenly it's here. The new single from French singer Zazie. Two years after her Best of (selling over 50,000 copies) a new album is announced of which this song 'Avant l' amour' is the first result.
Again she teamed up with Philippe Paradis, her favorite composer in recent years, with whom she wrote the album Rodeo and Totem.

"We worked together for a long time and it hit us like that. Now we live also together, with my daughter and himself. That is not easy sometimes but we're doing well. [...] There is less and less disruption between my music and my life. " Zazie says. The new album called '7' will be released on September 20 next (and September 13 in digital version). First live shows will be during Christmas at Paris' Olympia. Dates will be scheduled soon. For the final stages of the new album Zazie started a blog: you can follow her here: http://www.zazie7.com/

Succes for Lena with her ESC win



It took some years but for the first time in 28 years (Nicole' s 'Ein bisschen friede' ) Germany won the ESC. Lena Meyer-Landrut's "Satellite" received a total of 246 points. It also became the first winning-song from a Big-Four country since Katrina and the Waves' victory for United Kingdom in 1997. The song won over Turkey's entry "We Could Be the Same" from MaNga with a margin of 76 points. "Satellite" received the maximum 12 points nine times and received points from all but five countries. But the last months 'Satellite' also turned out to be a commercial succes reaching the number 1 spot instantly in Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Finland and a top 10 position in Holland, Belgium and Austria. In her own country has sold 3x gold. It's been a while since a ESC winner was also commercially so succesfull.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Teoman (Turkey)

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