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The first months of the year are usually the months when the music industry celebrates the best of the previous year with their anual music awards. Starting of in the US with the Grammy's, Europe has its own awards with illustrious names like the Echo (Germany), Victoire de la Musique (France), Brit (UK), Edison (Holland), MIA (Belgium), Fryderyk (Poland) and so on. What is interesting to see is that these events more and more turn into a celebration of local pop and rock. The line up and nominees are usually filled with local stars and acts. Now this could be the result that getting the Anglo-American stars is becoming much to expensive but we hope that pride of each others culture also plays a part.

This trend also sparks the hope for a true European Music Awards. It can replace the farce MTV each year organizes under the same name. I mean, the MTV event has nothing to do with Europe but features a program consisting for 99% of American artists. Oh well...more on the past awardshows in our 'award show round up' below. Enjoy!


  The history of electronic music
within European pop
  Part 2: The audible future at Brussels Part 1  

Part 2 of our feuilleton about the history of electronic music in Europe takes us from Pierre Schaeffer's 'Groupe de Recherche de Musique Concrète' to the experiments of sound engineers like Xenakis and Stockhausen. It also follows Jean Jaques Perrey to the USA where he meets likeminded people like Raymond Scott and Robert Moog. MIA.

  The latter rediscovering the Theremin and on the verge of creating the worlds first true synthesizer, the RCA Mark II. The decade builds up to the World Expo of 1958 in Brussels where all the ideas come together in one audible glimpse at the future. A 5-minute videoclip of the omnious Philips Pavillion at the expo will explain what was so special. Read more...  


  Artist of the month...  
Sezen Aksu

We dare to say that no other artist has been so influential to Turkish pop then Sezen, at least no femal artist.

She started her career in 1975 and since than she has released 14 singles and 22 albums and has sold more than 20 million copies. She has performed live more than 1,500 times. Her songs have been recorded and played by more than 100 other artists and she has won over 200 awards. Internationally, many people might know her from some of the hit songs she co-wrote for singer Tarkan. Over the years she became a role model for many young female singers and also a sort of mother figure since a lot of the current popular singers started their careers doing backing vocals in Sezen's band. Read more...nam

  The best album from...  
  Frank Boeijen Groep
Miquel Bosé
Bajo el signo del Caín (1993)

Frank Boeijen Groep
In 1993 Bosé was on a threshold in his career of making the move to becoming the adult recording artists we know him to be today. The album to mark this step was 'Bajo el signo del Caín'. Although universal themes like love and hate would always be in his music he started to display a social and theological awareness with this album. The search for faith in God (the titletrack), the war in Bosnia ('Nada particular'), the longing for freedom and the environmental crisis ('Wako Shaman') are themes that he worked into the album. In the end the album sold about 600,000 copies in the year after its release and features one of Bosé most beautifull songs 'Si tu no vuelves'.

Click here to read why we consider 'Bajo el signo del Caín' Miquel's masterpiece. Here you can also listen to songsamples.from some of the album tracks.


  Bijelo Dugme on tour  
  Bijelo Dugme - EU Tour 2009
De Sio's musicians
Legendary ex-Yugo rockband Bijelo Dugme is doing a small European tour in the months of March and April. Tickets for the shows in Zurich and Vienna are already sold out but you can still catch the 2009 reunion in Düsseldorf (D) and Nijmegen (NL). Online ticketsale: click here.


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Latest album reviews
Artists of the month...Sezen Aksu !
The best album from... Miguel Bose!
Newly added artists pages

Tour news from France
Music awards round up


  Latest album reviews  

This month we reviewed some great (and not so great) albums for you. Click on the images to read the full review!

  Ahilea (Macedonia)
Café Svetlana
  Franco Battiato (Italy)

Fangoria: (Spain)

  Meg: (Italy)

  Mietta: (Italy)
Con il sole nelle mani

  Nick & Simon: (Netherlands)

  Zuhal Olcay: (Turkey)
Aşk'in halleri

  Jan Smit: (Netherlands)
Stilte in de storm

  Anna Vissi: (Greece)

  Tour news from France  

In France rock legend Johnny Hallyday goes on tour again celebrating his 66th birthday. He can be seen around France untill november of this year. Jane Birkin will be supporting her new album with a small spring tour around the bigger French cities just as Vincent Delerm.

Jeanne Mas is performing the Olympia in may and Indochine is touring in the summer and autumn. Alain Souchon announced a two week concert series in the Casino (Paris) in october supporting his new album ’Ecoutez d'où ma peine vient’. A special evening is announced by singer Camille who will give three intimate concerts at the small theatre the Bouffes du Nord (Paris) on 7, 8 and 9 July.

Tickets can be easily bought on www.fnac.com.

  Music awards round-up  

Young Sardinian singer Marco Carta is the winner of last edition of San Remo 2009 with the song ‘La forza mia’ ( My power).Carta won the Fame academy TV Show 'Amici' (Friends) last year and now holds his second victory. During the traditionally chaotic contest he beat other young talents like Gaetanno Zampetti, Ania and Studio 3.

In Germany the winner of the Echo's were (amongst others) Udo Lindenberg, Ich + Ich, Die Artze and newcomers Thomas Godoj and Stefanie Heinzmann. Pictures of the elaborate live show (what do you mean economical crisis?) can be seen on the echo-website.

The Dutch music awards, the Edisons, will be distributed on the 22nd of March in Rotterdam. Around the event a small festival is organised in several venues of the city where much of the contestants can be seen live. Nominees are (amongst others) Blof, De Dijk, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and Jan Smit. Programm and tickets can be found on the website

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):
M (France)
Mireille Mathieu (France)
Vive la fête (Belgium)
Macaco (Spain)
Zuhal Olcay (Turkey)

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