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This month was international women's day (8 march). A good reason to publish a feature article we received from Turkish pop journalist Naim Dilmener. Under the title 'My name is woman, i have no power' he gives us an insight how women have been portraid in Turkish pop since the sixties. What we learned the emancipation of women's perspective in Turkish lyrics has been with ups and especially downs. Just as an example, but when the world was going "zigazigaah" on Girl Power, Turkish themes took the other way round. An interesting article. We hope that we can bring you more background articles from European popjournalists in the future.

But we also continue on our closer look to the producers behind European popmusic. This month we added Eddie Barclay to the section 'The Producers'. Although in the fifties he made some great bigband stuff with Quincy Jones he made name for himself as the big talenthunter for French pop. He also became known for his many wifes and festive lifestyle but that's beside the point.

And as usuall we keep you updated on the latest releases we came across and small newsitems. One newsfact just came in and we certainly don't want to forget him. At the age of 79 French singer/songwriter Jean Ferrat (famous for songs like 'La Montagne') died last weekend. May he rest in peace.


  The producers...Eddie Barclay  

Who made the Europopsound? Who were the persons behind the mixing desk responsible for those typical European sounds?

  In our series ‘The producers’ we investigate the persons in the studio who lurked in the shadows twiddling the buttons, coached and guided the musicians, came with brilliant ideas for the project in question and supervised the whole mixing and mastering process.Without maybe even knowing these entrepreneurs laid their own signature on the albums. We all know famous producers like Phil Spector, Brian Eno and George Martin. But in this series we pay tribute to those non Anglo-American producers. This month we continue with the man behind one of France's most influencial record labels...Eddie Barclay Read more...  
  Feature article: Feminism in Turkish pop (by Naim Dilmener)  
  The position of women and women’s rights has not always been equal. Not for nothing an international women’s day (the 8th of march) is still necessary in a large part of the world. It seems almost appropriate to publish a feature article about the theme women’s rights in Turkish popmusic in this month. Turkish pop-journalist Naim Dilmener contacted us if we would be willing to publish his article with the title ‘My name is woman, I have no power’. A title inspired by a song of singer Hümeyra. Of course we would. Read more...  
  Artist of the month...  
Jacques Higelin


Higelin, king of the café-théâtre. Mid sixties, Paris, the café-théâtre made an uplift. Parisian nightlife already knew the café-chantant since many decades and chansoniers like Piaf, Brassens, Trenet and Patachou performed there in a small room situated in a café or a cabaret, or even in the café or cabaret amidst the clientelle. In 1966 this artform was upgraded to theatrical presentations to singing tours, and even improvisational theatre. In this mixture of vaudeville, musical comedy and living-on-the-edge an artist like Jacques Higelin fitted right in. For more then 40 years now Higelin has been an unique entity in French pop and rightly deserves to be our artist of the month..Read more...na


  The best album from...  
  Mari Trini (Spain)
¿Quién? (Who?)- ♪♪♪♪♪

Frank Boeijen Groep
Did Spain had anything musical credible to offer during the Franco period? Well, of course. On the male side you had artists like Serrat but in a country known for its testoteron it is even more special that a female singer ánd composer like Mari Trini kept her ground. Internationally she is more known for her 1973 album ‘Ventanas’ (yes, the one with the green doors on the cover). But at the age of 27 she was able to step it up to and album that also convinced the local critics she was something else. Trini sadly passed away last year but ¿Quién? stands proud as her musical testament.

Click here to read why we consider ¿Quién? Mari's masterpiece.

  Alain Chamfort speaks about his Yves Saint Laurent project  
  Alain Bashung

Alain Chamfort has been pretty quiet over the past five years. Today he breaks his silence with a new album entitled Une vie Saint-Laurent – a collection of impressionistic songs recounting the life of the late, great fashion designer. It is based on an idea and lyrics by Pierre-Dominique Burgaud (Le Soldat Rose), with Chamfort (best known for his huge hit Manureva) composing the music, as well as producing and releasing the album outside conventional distribution channels. Read the entire interview on the RFI website.



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Feature: Feminism in Turkish pop
Slađana Miloševič returns
San Remo, 60 years
Chamfort about Yves Saint Laurent project
Patty Pravo presents new soundtrack single


  Latest album reviews  


D'autre part
Jacques Higelin:
Coup de foudre
Quentin Mosimann:
Mala Vita
En exilio

Alles Rot

Au bon moment, au bon endroit

  Slađana Miloševič returns for Bosnian TV show  

Serbian poppunk diva extraordinaire Slađana Miloševič returned briefly to the stage past weekend (27 feb) for a TV show at National Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina BHRT. The show was called ‘Kod kuće je najbolje’ and featured Slađana (in various outfits) performing seven of her classics. Highlight was a duet with Dado Topic. After 26 years the duo performed their ESC entry ‘Princezu’ again. To warm up for the show Slađana also gave a surprise gig at club Sloga in Sarajevo. The TV show was be aired 14 March, also on the internet and through satellite TV.

Some pictures are posted on her Myspace page .
San Remo 2010 - 60 years of Italian songcontest





Past month Italy was occupied by the earthmother of European Songcontests, San Remo. Last 20th of February the finals took place and the winner is young singer Valerio Scanu with the song 'Per tutte le volte che'. As usual the whole event was pretty chaotic with Valerio's song initially rejected the second evening of the Festival, later fished out the following evening when, as suddenly the rules, have been reset to a vote of two orchestral songs consequence of Sanremo and remote voting. It's a flying start for young Valerio who only released his debut album last year. His second album has been available since last week. The winner of the Mia Martini critics award is half Morrocon Malika Ayane with 'Ricomincio da qui'. A song she recorded for the soundtrack of the movie 'La prima cosa bella'. Check for details the San remo website and their nice 60 years historical section.

Patty Pravo's new soundtrack-single
Alain Bashung

Italian singer Patty Pravo delivers the titletrack for the new movie by Ferzan Ozpetek (known from movies ‘Hamam’ and ‘Une giorno perfetto’) called ‘Mine vaganti’. The song, called ‘Sogno’ will also be released as a single separate to the soundtrack. The film also features another Pravo song, during the closing credits you can listen to her classic ‘Pensiero Stupendo’. The movie was already shown at the filmfestival in Berlin but was officially released on 12 March.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

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Het Goede Doel (Netherlands)
Bluvertigo (Italy)
Téléphone (France)
Alain Chamfort (France)
Sarolta Zalatnay (Hungary)

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