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There are so many new releases coming our way at the moment that we hardly are able to keep up. Still on the pile or on the post are new albums by Salvatore Adamo, Zuchero, Marco Borsato, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Florent Pagny, Malu, Voo Voo, Renate Przemyk & Kayah, Vanessa Paradis, Anne Linnet, Melo Bakale, Juli and many more. So, if one of you feel the vibe to review something feel free to send us the text.

Last month was also the time of the year when MTV comes to Europe for the annual European Music Awards. Actually the American Music Awards in Europe would be a much better name since there is hardly a European act to be found at this elaborate event. Again we place the question if there isn't a possibility to make this a true European event. Meanwhile Armenia won at the latest edition of the Junior ESC in Minsk (Belarus) with Vladimir Arzumanyan singing about his Mama. Ain't that sweet.

For now we leave you with the reviews and articles for this month. As always, enjoy!


  How European are MTV European Music Awards?  

We were critical about the MTV European Music Awards (EMA) last year but this year things weren't improving. Again we ask ourselves what's so European about this music prize as the name implies? Besides the fact that the show is given on European soil (scene of the action was this time Madrid) the choice in the various categories is dominated by Anglo-American artists. Neatly divided into genres. And this year wasn't much better. The show was hosted by American TV star Eva Longoria and featured American performing artists Rihanna, Miley Cirus, Katy Perry and Linkin Park. Almost every possibilty to maybe feature a European artists as guest or interlude act was eliminated (OK British rapper Dizzee Rascal was allowed to give a short vibe to Shakira's act). The event more and more shows the American hegomany over the European music scene. To make things even worse most of the winners didn't even have the decensy to come over and greet their European fans but chose to send a video message. At least Miss Gaga did have an excuse that she had a show in Budapest but still. Meanwhile most of the European music scene in all its diversity may console themselves with a shortlist in the category "Best European Act" which criss-crosses through music genres. On the evening the list is narrowed down to five acts thus not representing Europe at all! It is like comparing apples to oranges. Within the music industry, the discussion if this music award should be reconsidered has arisen many times. Without much result. Again a great opportunity to share European popmusic amongst Europeans is lost. Sadly our background story on the EMA's of last year still stands. Read more.

  Artist of the month...  
Maija Vilkkumaa


Those of you who still think Finland is one of the musical backwater regions of Europe and Lordi and the Leningrad Cowboys is the best they have to offer should check our website more regulalry. Past years we discovered Finland is a hyve of musical talent and interesting acts. On the forefront of the musical scene is singer-songwriter Maija Vilkkumaa. She has been a constant favourite among Finns for more than ten years and has just confirmed her status with her sixth album Kunnes joet muuttaa suuntaa already enjoying gold sales after its first week on release. Petra Nyman interviewed her for Sixdegrees magazine and with kind permission we reprint it. Read more...na


  The best album from...  
Klari Katona
Éjszakai üzenet - ♪♪♪♪

Frank Boeijen Groep
Of course Gabor Presser and Klari Katona could just as well have produced a simple and very well crafted album about love, relationships and the loss of childhood innocence. But maybe they unwillingly put a deeper more magical meaning to it. I've let my imagination run wild and went back to the mythological originating legends of Hungary. When the Huns and Magor came together on the plains and made a paradise for themselves with the gods from the Upper World as their witness and times were filled with wonder.

Click here to read why we consider this a masterpiece.



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Milva retires from the stage
Ojos de Brujo quits


  Latest album reviews  


Keraaminen Pää

Í Annan Heim

  Hana Hegerová:
Mlýnské kolo v srdci mém
  Rob de Nijs:
Eindelijk vrij
A katona imája
  Grand Corps Malade:
3e Temps
  Bernard Lavilliers
Causes perdues et musiques tropicales
Non conosco nessun Patrizio!
  Jasna Zlokić:
Milva retires from touring

With a letter published on her website, Milva announced her retirement from international stages. At 71, after an uninterrupted touring career of 52 years (!), she considers touring to have become too fatiguing. She can no longer give her audience the quality of public performance she aspires. Time has affected her voice and her condition, understandably, and therefore she is no longer able to perform in the ‘Milva-style’ - dramatic, intense, dynamic, demanding vocally – and to undertake international tours. Fortunately this does not mean a complete retirement from the music scene, since Milva also stated that she would continue to work in het recording studio. She has just released a brand new album, ‘Non conosco nessun Patrizio!’

Ojos de Brujo quits

With a ten-years anniversary tour and compilation album Spanish band Ojos de Brujo announced that this will be the last stand for the band: "After 10 years of musical career and some more artistic wanderings as Ojos de Brujo, having crossed the five continents, with numerous awards under our arm and having touched the sky on several occasions, now we say goodbye with this cd with special contributors and a final international tour ending in 2011. Comes time to stop and go on to other collective projects." We will miss them. Catch them live while you still can. (Check here for dates)

Concert round-up

Past month a selection of our Europop artists have released their tour schedule for 2011 (and the last part of 2010). Some go pan-european but for most you'll have to travel to the country of their origin. Maybe a nice idea to make it a small leisure trip anyway to a European city. Below we collected some dates we stumbled upon but undoubtly more tour dates will be announced in the coming weeks. Click on the name to go to songkick website for tour-schedule and tickets.

Haris Alexious (Greece)
Jana Kirschner (Slovakia)
Wir sind Helden (Germany)
Zazie (France)
Katerine (France)
Bernard Lavilliers (France)
Marco Borsato (Netherlands)
Dungen (Sweden)
Jenni Vartiainen (Finland)
Maryla Rodowicz (Poland)
Hey (Poland)
Anne Linnet (Denmark)

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Collegium Musicum (Slovakia)
Neoton Família
Klári Katona
Ivan Cattaneo

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