Newsletter   #1, November 2008  

"Hello Europopmusic fans..."
This is the first issue of the Europopmusic newsletter! Having launched our website www.europopmusic.eu mid October, we thought it might be a good service to all people interested in europopmusic to publish a monthly newsletter with all sorts of updates regarding europopmusic.

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Both the website www.europopmusic.eu and this monthly newsletter are dedicated to 'europopmusic' and Europe's finest and best artists. We have no commercial purposes whatsoever. It is created as an extension of our own hobby - collecting music - with the only objective to share this great (and sometimes not so great) music with everyone interested. Enjoy!


  Artist of the month...  
  catherine ribeiro
Catherine Ribeiro

The voice of thunder from France. Catherine Ribeiro is still going strong although not as productive as she used to be.


Starting her career in the sixties she more and more became radical and political involved in her lyrics in the 70's accusing the French state of bad politics and turning heavily to the Humanist movement. On the other hand she gave some beautifull interpretations of Piaf, Prevert and Manset compositions. Hardly know outside France she is worth checking out. Read more...

  The best album from...  
Alice (Italy)xAlice
Il sole nella pioggia (1989) -

Many people might only remember Alice from her Eurovision Songcontest duet with Franco Battiato 'I treni di Tozeur' (1984). But she already started her recording career in the beginning of the seventies and she still releases a new album every once in a while. She has not recorded a bad album, so it is quite hard to determine which of her albums is actually her best one. In the end, I definitely have to say it's 'Il sole nella pioggia'. On her former record, 'Park hotel', she decided to explore new musical directions. On 'Il sole...' it all comes to a perfect fit. The great, great voice, the beautiful songs (composed among others by Juri Camisasca), great lyrics, telling us about nature, meditation and light. On the album, she collaborates with many important artists, like Peter Hammil (Van der Graaf Generator), Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri (Japan). But first and formost it is Alice herself, the completely unique singer/artist, that impresses us the most on this 1989-gemm. Satisfaction guarenteed!

Want to listen to 'Il sole nella pioggia'?
Just click here to listen to some songsamples from this albums...

Click here to link directly to Alice's page or visit Alice's website.

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  Latest album reviews  

This month we reviewed some great (and not so great) albums for you. Click on the images to tread the full review!

  Ornella Vanoni (Italy):
Più di me

Sezen Aksu (Turkey):
Deniz yildizi

  Rosenstoltz (Germany):
Die Suche geht weiter
  Danijela (Croatia)
Nek živi ljubav
  Hannelore Bedert (Belgium):
Wat als
  Josipa Lisac (Croatia):
Koncert ljubavi u čast Karla Metikoša (dvd)
  Mercan Dede (Turkey):
  Special release  
Filles fragiles vol. 2

After the succesfull release of 'Filles fragiles vol. 1', compiled by dutch fanatic 'Guuzbourg', the second compilation does not come as a surprise. Again, the albums contains a variety of soft French songs, sung (whispered, sighed...) by female singers. A few of the artist you will find on the second volume: Berry ('Le bonheur'), Carla Bruni & Louis Bertignac ('Les frôleuses'), Barbara Carlotti ('Pour la nature'), Niagara ('Soleil d'hiver') and Coralie Clément ('So long babylone').

For more information about this project: www.myspace.com/fillesfragiles

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We recently started an introduction page at MySpace. Here you will find links to pages from many european pop music artists.
Check us out at: http://www.myspace.com/european_popmusic

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  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):
Jane Birkin (France)
Catherine Ribeiro (France)
Guus Meeuwis (Netherlands)
Ramoncín (Spain)
Mercan Dede (Turkey)



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