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One year already...


Dear Europop fans,
A year ago we started our webportal Europopmusic with the ambition to give an online insight in European popular music that was sung in the native tongue. We wanted to put some weight against the hegemony of the Anglo-American music scene to point out that there is some great music being made on the European contingent without even the slightest chance of getting noticed outside their own countries. We wanted to show that the cultural diversity in the European Union is a good thing and should be supported.

We honestly didn't have a clue if anyone would be interested and would have been mighty pleased with about 2.000 unique visitors a month. How different did it turn out with over 9.000 visitors a month and we're still growing (currently we get between 300 and 400 visitors a day!). With high visiting rates from France, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Germany. With music (business) magazines picking up on our initial press release, with Croatian show news having an item about our summer poll and with positive reactions from music lovers and artists around Europe sending us updated info or albums to review. We want to thank you all for all the positive vibes you've been sending us the past year.

We also found out that people are usually feel complimented that you take an interest in their country but getting them to listen to music from another country is something else. Still there's a start with musicfans mailing us to thank us for introducing them to music they never heard before (and probably would never have known of they didn't bump into our portal).
With that in mind the idealistic mission behind our website still stands: being a guide to (and for) European popmusic and artists.


  How European are the MTV European Music Awards?  
  This year (on November the 5th) the MTV European Music Awards (EMA) were awarded for the tenth time. What's so European about this music prize? Besides the fact that the show is given on European soil (scene of the action was Berlin) the choice in the various categories is dominated by Anglo-American artists. Neatly divided into genres. The European artists may console themselves with the category "Best European Act" which criss-crosses through the music genres. Read what we think the problem is.  


  Artist of the month...  


The tigress of Cremona or Mina Anna Mazzini is definitely the most influential female singer in Italian pop Music. And with a brilliant new album she still a force in Italian pop. She started her career at the age of 19, this year exactly fifty years ago, with her first tv-appearance in 1959. Since then, she has recorded more than 1,000 songs, released over 100 albums, sold more than 75 million records and scored 70 singles in the Italian charts. She is the only Italian artist who reached the first place on the national album charts in five different decades. Up till now she continues to release new albums at least once a year with lots of commercial success.

Although Mina did had some international success, especially in Germany and Japan in the sixties, she remained an Italian phenomena. How can we understand this phenomena, which is obviously very closely related to Italian culture?

Read here why we consider Mina artist of the month ...

  The best album from...  
  Frank Boeijen Groep
Bijelo Dugme

(Former Yugoslavia)

Bitanga i princeza (1979)

Frank Boeijen Groep
The fourth album of Yugoslavian rock group Bijelo Dugme is considered by many as one of the best albums they ever made. Positioned between their transition from progressive rock band to more eighties new wave 'Bitanga i princeza' combines the best of both worlds. It was also this album that composer Goran Bregovic started working with orchestral arrangements and mixing them with folkloristic elements. With the pressure the band faced at the time, being extremely popular and also out of the limelight for three years since their last album, expectations were high. The audience wasn't disappointed.

Click here to read why we consider 'Bintanga i princeza' Bijelo Dugme's masterpiece.

  In memorium: Jacno  
After a short punk flick with the Stinky Toys it was Jacno that brought electropop to France at the start of the eighties. Together with Elli Medeiros as a recording artists he was also the brain behind the initial success of Etiene Daho, Daniel Darc and the Modern Mathematics. Although his influence on French pop was great his efforts to get a solo career going remained futile. On the 9th of November 2009 the French dandy of new wave died of cancer at the age of 52. Read the obituary.


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  Dutch victory Junior Eurovision  
Last 20 November the Junior version of the Eurovision song contest was held in Kyiv, Ukrain. Child participants from 13 countries all over Europe battled for the grand prize and eventually the Netherlands won this 7th edition. Fourteen year old Ralf Mackenbach wowed the jury with his song 'Click Clack' about his passion for tap-dance. He got a total of 121 points, followed by Armenia and Russia with equally 116 points! Fourth was Belgium and the fifth Ukraine, with 113 points and 89 points respectively. Ralph already has some stage experience with his parts in the musicals Tarzan and Beauty and the Beast and is following a professional preparatory training at Lucia Marthas Dance Academy in Amsterdam. Looks like it paid of.


Too young for Rammstein?


Age restriction on Rammstein's new album?
We have not been able to review it yet but already the new album by German band Rammstein is causing controversy in their native country. According to the Ministry of family affairs the album should not be sold to people under 18 years. Stumbling block is the song Tu Ich Dir Weh (I'm your pain) and the cover of the album Liebe ist fur alle da (Love is for everyone). According to the Minister the band propagates 'unprotected intercourse' and 'dangerous propaganda by encouraging sadomasochist deeds'. How's that for free publicity. Also their new single Pussy with a cover showing all bandmembers in highly pregnant state adds fuel to the fire.


Meet & greet with Ich+Ich


Ever wanted to meet (and greet) with Adel Tawill of German duo Ich + Ich? Well, you can on their 'Gute Reise'-Tour 2010 if you send a good enough reason on their
Ich+Ich MySpace page...

  Newly added artists pages  

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