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We celebrated another milestone last month when our website passed the 20.000 unique visitors. Maybe you had something to do with that so thank you for your interest and mission work.

Maybe this was partly due to the fact that our item on Slađana Milosevic was picked up by Croatian and Serbian media and we even got an item at the local shownews. Slađana herself send us an interview which you can find in a translated version on the site. Another newsitem that attracted a lot of visitors was the fact that we picked up on Tiziano's coming out as one of the first outside Italy.

But of course there was also our regular news, new albums to review (especially France currently has an avalanche of new releases), birthday's to commemorate (have a happy 60th Annette) and a feature article on the old state labels of Central Europe.

As always, enjoy!


  State labels of Central Europe
(1960 - 1990)

There is a saying that every downside has an upside to. If we look at Central Europe's music industry in the period under Soviet Rule we could apply this saying. Allergic to anything coming from the West (especially the USA) the local authorities created monopoly state companies for recording, pressing and releasing music. From then on, for nearly forty years, the only competition for those companies was from labels of the other Socialist countries. Although there was a strict regime of what was to be allowed the countries didn't want to look completely backwards when popular music started leaking in from the West in the sixties. They started to allow youth culture to record their own style of rock and pop based in the styles popular in the West. Although controlled and sometimes censored this warped form of protectionism formed a secure basis for musical projects that would, under normal commercial (read capitalistic) circumstances, never be sold let alone released. The intellegent progrock of the seventies, the Central European new wave of the Eighties, the folkrock movement, tens of thousands of quality titles came into being in this Socialistic bubble giving a rich and unique turn to western pop and rock. In tribute to those old state labels we present an overview of the most important ones on our feature page.

  Tiziano Ferro comes out of the closet  

In an interview with La Republicca Italian singer and heartthrob Tiziano Ferro explained his recent coming out as gay. It all is written down in his personal diaries: to be published in a book titled 'Three decades and a chat with Dad' (ed. in stores from Oct. 20), which reveals all its problems: the adolescent bulimia, non-acceptance of homosexuality, from depression to the inability to love. The singer his happy with this step. Are we surprised? Maybe, but what did we expect from a selfdeclared fan of Icon Raffaella Carra. Click here for a translated version of the interview.


  Interview with Alexandra Slađana Milošević: "To be an artist is a most frisky profession"  

Following our focuspage about Serbian singer Alexandra Slađana Milošević she mailed us with a copy of an interview she gave to the Macedonian magazine Utrenje in august 2010. We gave it a try to translate it from cyrilic and you can read the result here. Furthermore she informed us that she just finished shooting a video for the song 'Izdaja' (Betrayal) which she recorded with a rock band Alogia. The song is a result of Alexandra’s collaboration with Serbian poet Milan B. Popovic with whom she had co written the lyrics. The video is directed by Vladimir Ilic and will soon be released. We’re sure it will be placed on her Youtube-channel.


  Artist of the month...  
Annette Humpe


This month Annette Humpe, German composer, producer and singer, reaches the respectable age of 60. Reason enough for a small retrospective on our website and also in the shops where a special compilation cd is released. CD1 is a compilation of Annette herself but on CD2 a team of musical collagues goes wild on her catalogue. Read more...na


  The best album from...  
Baris Manço
2023 - ♪♪♪♪

Frank Boeijen Groep
Writing for this section we often bump into a deeper meaning behind an album. This certainly was the case with this months edition when we took a closer look at Baris Manço classic '2023'. Always puzzled by the title we now know it refers to the upcoming 100th birthday of modern day Turkey. To understand the context of the album we had to take a dive into the country's history all way back to 1923. It only added to the excellence of the album.

Click here to read why we consider '2023' Manço's masterpiece.



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Anna Vissi and Sakis Rouvas go face2face
Colette Renard dies
Teoman releases interactief clip
Indexi returns briefly to the stage


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Ornella Vanoni
Live al Blue Note

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Philippe Katerine
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Meine Zeit
Anna Vissi & Sakis Rouvas go Face2Face in Athens

For those of you waiting to see greek singer Anna Vissi (Άννα Βίσση) live, you'll have to buy a ticket to Athens since miss Vissi is busy untill spring 2011. Together with singer Sakis Rouvas (Σάκης Ρουβάς) she will feature in a musical show in the Athens Arena starting this 15th October.. The Show will be held every Friday and Saturday until the spring of 2011. See the promo video. Undoubtly she'll perform her new single 'Agapi Ine Esi'

Colette Renard dies (86)

Although her fame has been long passed chansonier and actress Colette Renards played her part in the history of French pop in the fifties when she sang songs like 'Irma la douce' , 'Tais-toi Marseille' and 'Nuits d’une demoiselle'. Born as Colette Renard Rager, in the Val d'Oise in 1924, she ended up in music when she was hired as secretary of the orchestra Raymond Legrand (Michel's father). Her fame came in 1956 when she starred in the musical 'Irma la douce', about the Parisian red light district. Over the years she would become more an actress then a singer acting till 2009 (she acted in the TV series 'Plus belle la vie' from 2004 to 2009). In 2002 she recorded a final album, written and composed by a host of prestigious authors and composers like François Rauber and Michel Rivgauche. After a sickbed of a year she died last 6th October 2010 at the age of 86. Listen to Collete singing 'Irma la Douce'

  Indexi briefly returns to the stage  

Legendary Yugo-band Indexi (whose fame started in 1962) gave a reunion show last month (28/9) in Zagreb. A whole range of friends joined them on stage amongst which Arsen Dedić, Dado Topić, Irina Kapetanović, Željko Bebek, Kaliopi, Zijo Valentino and Goran Karan. No wonder the show was called 'Indexi i prijatelji'. From the show recordings were made soon to be released on Croatia Records. Pictures of the show can be found on their Facebook page.


Teoman releases interactive videoclip


Turkish singer Teoman takes videoclips to the next level with his new single 'Yalnız Kalpler Sütunu'. The clip can be watched on the internet but the viewer also has an interactive role in it. During the video you can click on all sorts of items and get additional features, you can make it rain, make the phone ring, change the TV channel and so on. OK, it may not have a big wow-factor for all you computer nerds but from a musical side it's a innovative way of trying to get your new single across and it's fun. For those of you who we made curious go to the special website and try it out for yourself. Patience when it opens, it has to load a few seconds.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Rainhard Fendrich (Austria)
Kasia Nosowska & Hey (Poland)
Marta Kubišova (Czech Republic)
Nick & Simon (Netherlands)
Philippe Katerine (France)
Jana Kirschner (Slovakia)
Jurga Šeduikytė (Lithuania)

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