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Your favourite summer hit !


Last july we opened a poll about European summer hits (not sung in English). We shortlisted 20 classic old and recent summer hits based upon summer chart succes. Soon the rumour spread fast through the social networks (and even to the croatian shownews) and we got way over a 1.500 voters supporting their favorite artist or song.

Subjective? of course, but aren't all these polls. It also shows the generation gap because the top 5 are all hits originating in the last ten years. In fact only Matia Bazar's 'Ti Sento' was able to keep up and gained 3,44% of the votes The winner of the poll is an even bigger surprise.

Severina's 'Ante' was the only song which was never a pan-european hit. We slipped it in as a personal favorite and because the song does it extremely well when we play it at disco-parties. In the end 'Ante' gained 44,3% of the votes and can call itself your favourite summerhit. Maybe a reason for a recordcompany to release it in other countries? Click here for the final results of all twenty or see below the top five.

1) Severina - Ante (44,3%)
2) O-Zone - Dragonstea din teï (23,0%)
3) Jarabe de Palo - Bonito (11,4%)
4) Tarkan - Şımarık (5,48%)
5) Tiziano Ferro - Perdone (4,41%)


  The history of electronic music
within European pop - the conclusion
Part 8: IDM 1

We pick up the final part of our story in 1988, the second summer of love, as the British would name it. Music history stands on the verge of an explosive growth of synthesized computer music technology. Consequent reduction in the cost of equipment in the late 1990s, makes the number of artists and DJs working within electronic music overwhelming.

  With the advent of hard disk recording systems, it is possible for any home computer user to become a musician, and hence the rise in the number of "bedroom bands", often consisting of a single person. It is also the time when American and European popmusic take a complete different path. America makes a return to rock while Europe embraces electronic music fully. Begin nineties a genre that was commonly called Intellegent Dance Music or IDM brought the vision that was written down in the manifest 'L'arte di rumori' in 1913 to life. We round up our story in the year that one of the leading labels of that genre celebrates it 20th anniversary. So as an encore i added a personal top 10 of favourite Warp records - releases.. Read more...  


  Artist of the month...  

With a brand outstanding new album Skała Kayah was almost an obvious choice for Artist of the month. Poland has delivered some exciting pop music over the years and Kayah is certainly in the top ten of our favourite artists from that country. Her dark, sultry voice enables her to express the complete range of human emotions. She can sing an intimate soft ballad as well as go wild on one of her funky-disco tracks. This years release, ‘Skała’, is a showcase of the singing quality of the now more mature singer. She cherry picks from the anglo-american soul, jazz, funk and gospel, but she turns it into her own very unique Polish white soul music. Nowadays working from her own label Kayax music she gives new talent a chance to develop themselves. An exceptional pop artist somewhere along the line of the Madonna's of this world...but then from Poland.

Read here why we consider Kayah artist of the month ...

  The best album from...  
  Frank Boeijen Groep
Rob de Nijs
In de uren van de middag (1973)

Frank Boeijen Groep
The career of Dutch singer Rob de Nijs was finally picking up again at the start of the seventies when he changed scenes and became a TV-actor after being a teenage pop-idol at the start of the sixties. As a character in the popular TV series 'Do you know the way to Hamelin' he was contacted by popular singer/songwriting duo Lennaert Nijgh and Boudewijn de Groot. The collaboration led to a project that on paper would get no funds nowadays. But the Nijgh/de Groot had build up so much credibility at the time that a musical project build around 17th century Dutch folk figures and set in modern orchestral pop arrangements became a possibility. All songs were written exclusive around Rob's well-trained voice. In the end the album failed to chart and only one single was able to make it to number three. Over the years however the tales of retards, drunks, prostitutes, wizards, cartoon figures and Punch & Judy became part of the Dutch collective musical consciousness and our now considered amongst the greatest Dutch languaged popsongs.

Click here to read why we consider 'In de uren van de middag' Rob's masterpiece.



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Sezen Aksu to retire from the stage?

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  Latest album reviews  

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  Sezen Aksu retires from the stage?  
Rumour goes that Turkish singer Sezen Aksu announced her retirement from the stage at a concert in Istanbul last month. Reasons are that the heavy tourschedule she has been keeping for the past years have begun to take its toll. Then again the woman is already 55 years old so a step back might be a good idea. This also means that any live performances of her latest album'Yürüyorum düş bahçelerinde' are off . Her website hasn't made an official announcement yet but if that happens we'll keep you posted.

Mecano on Singstar


Always wanted to sing, feel and perform like Ana Torroja and the Nacho brothers but never had the guts. Now is your chance with the release of Mecano Singstar for your Playstation. Sing along to 'Hijo de la Luna', 'Mujer contra mujer' or 'La fuerza de destino'. Don't worry of it sounds like crap, just close the curtains, lock away the dog and endulge yourself. More info on the website.


New Edith Piaf box 'Sans amour...' gives complete picture


We didn't see the need to review this new box set that was released around classic chanoniere Edith Piaf. Then again it is a over complete release that deserves to be noticed. The seven-piece box Edith Piaf, sans amour ... "consists of two DVDs and five CD's packed with songs of Piaf's based on love, life, the vicissitudes of life, heartbreak and sorrow that life brings. The DVD's are the most interesting, "On Sans Amour N'est Rien Du Tout" (without love we are nothing), is a 60 minutes long documentary about the extraordinary life of Edith Piaf. Developed by Marianne Lamour in cooperation with France 5. On the second DVD, 'Le Concert Ideal', are 17 beautiful songs that make up the ideal concert proposals. This DVD contains 50 minutes going separate fragments of the most impressive numbers with images from the 50s and 60s. The box can be ordered for €30,- at www.triparoundtheworld.nl. On the site you can also listen to some tracks.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website reguarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):
Zdzisława Sośnicka (Poland)
Peter Nagy (Slovakia)
Budka Suflera (Poland)
Mango (Italy)
Zjef Vanuytsel (Belgium)
Bernard Lavilliers (France)


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