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We returned from our trip to Hungary and Slovakia with a big pile of LP's and CD's. Some artists we already knew but again we found there is lots to discover once you start digging in the local record stores. The coming weeks we'll probably keep adding new pages to the already extensive biography sections.

Meanwhile we'd did not receive any news from the legal dispute between Italian radio and recordlabels but we did learn that also in Turkey there are legal difficulties getting local music promoted. This time the differences are between MTV international and their Turkish partner. In result the Turks get Lady Gaga on constant replay. Talking of which, since miss Gaga won eight MTV awards we thought it was time to pay attention to the Serbian godmother of extra-ordinary stage outfits. And Alexandra Milosevic has been doing that way before Gaga was even born. And of course also this month a short round-up of new releases, reviews and other musical news from Europe



  Screen on black for Turkish artists due to legal issues with MTV  

We reported last month about the legal issues in Italy between record companies and the radio deriving the market of new local music but apparently Italy is not the only country. Turkey has its own legal problem between MTV Networks International and MCD ('Multichannel Developers', the local company that operates MTV Türkiye). MTV Turkey started in 2006 and quickly gained following under young Turks. A couple of months ago, the license for MCD to operate MTV Türkiye was withdrawn by MTVNI due to license issues. Since then MTV Türkiye is technically broadcasting 'illegally', without a proper right to use the MTV logo and contents (Digiturk stopped broadcasting at all). Also MTV Turkiye's website is closed with a text saying that their new site will be available as soon as possible. As a result the schedule consists primarily of pure, non-stop Anglo-American music programming almost all day long. No local music is programmed anymore. Secondary there probably will also be no 'Best Turkish Act' at this year's EMA in November 2010.

Apparently, MTV Türkiye won't even have the rights to broadcast the EMA at all. Last year’s winners, Turkish rockband and ESC 2010 participant, MaNga reacted on their blog to the situation: “Thanks to MTV, who has been one of our biggest supporters both in Turkey and abroad, we were able to take our music to a lot of new countries and reach a whole new international fan base in the past year or so. We are disappointed that because of the dispute which they are trying to resolve with their licensee in Turkey, MTV may not be able to provide the same opportunity to other fellow Turkish artists and bands for the time being. We are hoping to see this dispute resolved soon as we know they really want to work with other Turkish artists and bands.”

  The producers: Caterina Caselli  

Who made the Europopsound? Who were the persons behind the mixing desk responsible for those typical European sounds? In our series ‘The producers’ we investigate the persons in the studio who lurked in the shadows twiddling the buttons, coached and guided the musicians, came with brilliant ideas for the project in question and supervised the whole mixing and mastering process.Without maybe even knowing these entrepreneurs laid their own signature on the albums. We all know famous producers like Phil Spector, Brian Eno and George Martin. But in this series we pay tribute to those non Anglo-American producers. And t he music industry is a man’s world if you look at the managers and producers around. But in Italy Caterina Caselli proofs to be one example of the exception to that rule. Started out as a singer she developed herself into one of the most powerfull and influential persons in Italian popular music. With her sense of taste and a talent for business she helped form Italian pop music. click here for the article.


  Artist of the month...  
Alexandra Slađana Milošević

In a month when Lady Gaga receives eight MTV awards, is heralded for her unique sense of fashion and comes on stage dressed in a garment made of raw meat we have no choice in pointing our dear readers attention to Serbia where Slađana Milošević has been putting the High into fashion since 1978. And long before Miss Gaga (or Stefani Germanotta) was even in the making. Alexandra's sense of style may not always been very prêt a porter but it sure gets you're attention. Read more...na


  The best album from...  
3 - ♪♪♪♪

Frank Boeijen Groep
Three time’s the charm is an expression that certainly applies to the ambitions of Austrian singer Falco. Born as Hans Holzel his whole life was focused on being a rock star and make it in America. Eventally he did with the song 'Rock me Amadeus'. But sometimes reaching your goal can also mean your downfall.

Click here to read why we consider '3' Falco's masterpiece.



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Severina poses as Salome
Anne Linnet for the sixth time mother
Opeth celebrates 20th anniversary


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  Richard Müller:

Ana Torroja:

  Wir sind Helden:
Bring mich nach Hause
  Jana Kirschner:
Krajina rovina
  Françoise Hardy:
La pluie sans parapluie
  Anima Sound System:
Tedd a napfényt be a számba
ISeverina as Salome

Last thursday 16 september Croatian singer Severina gave a dramatic performance at the opening of the exhibition 'Saloma - Salome' at the Mimara Museum in Zagreb as the biblical Salome herself. During the performance Severina played the story dressed in a gold dress and receiving the blood dripping head of John the Baptist from King Herod. The exhibition contains paintings, photo's and installations from Dimitrije Popović with Severina as a model. After the performance the painter said: "I think Severina showed a model that best exemplifies what I wanted to show through the character of modern , contemporary woman . It showed fine nuances that are interwoven with passion, revenge and a dance that requires blood". Severina's comment can be watched on Youtube. An interview with the painter can be read here. The exhibition can be seen untill 7 october.

  Anne Linnet has become mother, again  

Danish singer Anne Linnet (56) has become mother again. Or actually her partner Tessa Franck (who Anne married last june) gave birth to Isolde Elisabeth Franck Linnet in August. This is the sixth child Anne will be raising with Evamaria ( 36) and Marcus (32) from her marriage to Holger Laumann, Alexander (21) from her relation with Mads Buhl Nielsen and the adopted Romanian infants Maria, (17) and Peter (12). And before you say 'Mamma Mia', indeed Anne is already working on the Danish translation of the same ABBA musical and busy recording a Christmas cd. Did she ever hear of maternal leave? Meanwhile her son Alexander follows into his mothers footsteps with his debut single 'Det burde ikk' være sådan her' in stores this week.


Opeth celebrates 20th anniversary with DVD


Swedish metal act Opeth celebrated their 20th anniversary not in Sweden but at the Royal Albert Hall in London. “We are bringing metal into the fine halls of culture” announced Mikael Akerfeldt and that is exactly what happened. The band played tracks from their recent album 'Blackwater Park' and a bestof set. The fun part is that the cover of the DVD is a tribute to English rockband Deep Purple´s album 'Concerto for Group and Orchestra' at the time recorded in the same venue, The DVD and a limited edition LP box will be available at the end of the month.

  Newly added artists pages  

We add new artists pages to our website regurlarly. Recently added artists pages (click to link directly to the page):

Ákos & Bonanza Banzai (Hungary)
Biplan (Lithuania)
Zsuzsa Koncz (Hungary)
Andrius Mamontovas & Foje (Lithuania)

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