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Music from the United Kingdom has achieved great international popularity since the 1960s, when a wave of British musicians helped to popularize rock and roll. Without this wave Europopmusic would probably look quite differently. So in that manner we thank the Isles at the other end of the North Sea for their contribution. Without any modesty the BPI (the British representative for the record industry) boasts on Wikipedia: “Music of the United Kingdom, has had a great influence on modern music worldwide. Indeed, the United Kingdom has produced the many of the World's most influential artists and bands, Including The Beatles and Queen.”

Right, as you probably gathered by know we do not doubt the influence of British rock ‘n roll. We do however think that the influence is over-exaggerated especcially when it comes to the idea that everything has to sound and look like Anglo Saxon pop music. It doesn’t.

As one will find in this website every European country has it’s own 'couleur locale' which make out a diverse and impressive palet of sounds and styles.

The history of British and Irish popular music has been documented into absurd detail. We redirect you with pleasure to the Wikipedia pages about Music in the UK and Ireland where the history of popular music is explained by a separate page for each year since 1951!?! Or visit your local bookstore or library where there are a zillion encyclopedias or biographies at hand for your favorite British and Irish artists.

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