Friends of Europop

If you have a blog or website and you feel you should be added in our list of friends of European Popmusic just mail is at info@europopmusic.eu. In return we ask you to add our website on yours. You will also find a lot of befriended Europop artists on our My Space page.

  • Allure of sound has a nice website running dedicated to bringing you the latest pop and dance music news from around the world.
  • For personal reviews and memories on Eurorock (and metal) check Martin Carayol's great blog Trans Euro Express.
  • Handling more breezy side of europop and our constant feed for anything hot and ready for the charts coming from Europop check the almost daily videotips and Tweets from Europopped.
  • If classic Italo disco is your thing you should check Italo-interviews from our friend Zeljko. He had some rare conversations with some classic Italo artists.
  • Filles sourires. Blogspot from DJ Guuzbourg who specializes (amongst other music) in the french female singers who some refer to as sigh-singing. He also released two compilations cd's with this typical French singing style.
  • Muziekweb: The Central discotheque Rotterdam (Netherlands) tries to become the largest collection of music Europe. You'll find more than 300,000 cds, some 10,000 music dvds and 300,000 lp's. CDR kindly gave us permission to add soundbits of music they have in their database (which is by far not everything we have on the website).