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As said Soulwax takes over when dEUS decides to take a sabbatical. Another dEUS colleague doesn’t survive the millennium. Noordkaap-leader Stijn Meuris goes solo under the name Monza Ook and records his albums Van God Los and De Stad Kan Zo Koud Zijn. But Soulwax also spurs a new wave of Belgian bands like Mauro, Arid, Novastar, An Pierlé and Millionaire. Completely different music is made by show orchestra El Tattoo del Tigre, that bring mambo, rumba and chachacha.

In the electronic segment Belgium refines the triphop experience with latin influences. Acts like Dirk Swartenbroekx' Buscemi, Sven Van Hees, Gare du Nord and Plastyc Buddha don’t miss out an the many Chill out compilation albums. Other latin influences come from the duo Arsenal on their debut Oyebo Soul and Puerto Rican singer Gabriel Rios. The African roots are used in the close harmony combo Zap Mamma. But the most succesfull Belgian with african roots is rapper Stromea who storms the world from the middle of the first decade. Singing and rapping in dialect is getting in style in the West-flemish region with Hof van Commerce and Fixkes. From HvC MC and singer Flip Kowlier goes on a succesful solocareer with more singer/songwriter material.

Jo Bogaert’s returns in 2000 with his interpretation of Eurohouse. Acts like Milk Inc, Lasgo and Sylver make the scène and dominate the charts. The diva of this genre is Katrien Verbeeck aka Kate Ryan that has a big international hit with the Mylène Farmer cover Désechantée. For more interesting electronic music one has to wait for 2005 when acts like Nid & Sancy, Vive la Fête and Stijn debut. Soulwax start their DJ project 2manydj’s. Near the end of the decade Stromae appears with a sound that mixes hiphop, electro and pop. With huge international succes.

Halfway the decade also sees the return of the singer/songwriter with acts like Admiral Freebee, Frederik Sioen & Pieter-Jan De Smet and  Nona Mez. From a female perspective Eva de Roovere and Hannelore Bedert become household names as singer/songwriters.



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