The popscene of France could be placed in the 1920’s International radio brought (dance) music like tango, pasodoble and german cabaret to the French public. Mixed with the already excisting tradition of singing culture in the local café gave the basis for the French Chanson as we know it by now. The spark that lit the way to popmusic came from the America’s with the coming of the Revue Negre in 1925, with Josephine Baker as the eyecatcher. The mistinquet cabaret was French pop in the rough. After the second World War the French music scene flourished. On one hand you had the more serious form of chanson with artists like Edith Piaf, George Brassens, Patachou and others. These songs were mostly heard in the café’s and bars. On the other hand you had the more cabaresque version of chanson with artists like Zizi Jeanmaire, Charles Trenet, Yves Montand and Henri Salvador. It’s this unique blend between heavy and light entertainment, between a smile and a tear that gives the French pop it’s typical signature.