The popscene in the seventies can roughly be divided in three sides. You had the ‘Grande variety’ were show and dance music was made. Artists like for instance Michel Fugain, Claude Francois, Christophe and Patrick Juvet  played a part in this. You also had the Hi-NRG Disco which started in 1976 at the United States as an underground. During 1977 - 1979, the same sound existed in Europe in the form of Space Disco with artists such as Cerrone, Sheila & B. Devotion and also Dalida.

You had the ‘Chanson de révolte’ in which the student revoltes and the communist ideas played an important role. It was the avant garde musicians who played an important part in this. Some living in communes around the country. Names like Jacques Higelin, Areski and Brigitte Fontaine were the soft side of this revolte. Colette Magny, Anne Sylvestre and Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes displayed more ruthfully their ideas. Not really revolting but certainly experimental was the French progrock scene that started in the seventies. Groups like Magma, Tri Yann and Ange mixed folk with endless psychedelic compositions.

And new was the ‘Nouvelle Vague’. In fact a more popular form of chanson mixed with clear rock elements. Artists like Veronique Sanson, Bernard Lavillier, Alain Souchon, Renaud and Michel Berger are examples of the scene.