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At the start of the millenium the influence of western and anglo saxon was evident in Poland. A lot of artist mirrored themselves to Anglo Saxon and German rapgroups and styles. Rap (especially gangster rap) grew rapidly in Poland. Paktofonika, Płomień 81 and Verba are popular hiphop acts. Breakbeats and jazz are being mixed by funky combo Polucjanci.

The millenium also saw a return folk pop with combo’s like Brathanki and the Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa (The Warszaw Village Band). The exploration of jazz, folklore and pop continued with singers like Anita Lipnicka, Kasia Stankiewicz  and Anna Maria Jopek. The last grew out to be a big star in Poland as well as a much loved jazz vocalist for established jazz musicians like Pat Metheny and Joe Lovano. True pop is made by the band Ich Troje, a group around singer, songwriter and extravagant performer Michał Wiśniewski.

Rockmusic and alternative music also was made of coure. Groups like Lao Che and Trafika Dżajant mix funk, rock and reggae. Newcomers are rockband Feel who won the Bursztynowy Słowik (main award) as well as the People's Choice award at the 2007 Sopot International Song Festival. In that year they had a big hit with A gdy jest już ciemno (And when the dusk is here). Maria Peszek meanwhile shocks audiences with her anarcho electropop. While Danish/Polish singer Ceslaw Spiewa combines pop with folk.

The artists that started in the nineties (like Kayah, Gorniak and Steckowska) expanded their careers in the new millenium. Kayah also started her own record label Kayax which soon turned out to be a beehive of new Polish talent like Brodka, Krzysztof Zalewski, Błażej Król and Skubas who started releasing music at the turn of the first decade.




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