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22 April 1955

Izabela (born in Olsztyn) is a Polish actress who also has a career as a singer. Her first steps on this level was during the religious festival Pieśni Sakralnej Sacrosong in 1971. She would be a continuing guest at the festivals in the seventies for instance at the Festiwalu Piosenki Radzieckiej and Opole. Between 1974 – 1978 she focussed more on her acting career however. She perfomed and musicals and plays such as the musical "Machiavelli, "Fontanna z Neptunem" and "Poemat Pedagogiczny"
This changed when she joined the rock band Budką Suflera in 1980. Together with the band she released her first single called 'Piosenki te zostały wydane'. Since Izabela was the eye-catcher of the band they soon decided to perform under her name. As such in 1981 the first album was released with as title her nickname Iza. She impressed the Polish public with her performance on Opole that year with the song ‘ STU’ . The success of the album took it’s toll on the team and her follow up album of 1982 Układy was made with an entire new band.

After this Izabella stopped recording for a long time and started travelling the world. This resulted in the 1992 album Independence almost completely recorded with a foreign crew in the English language. The first Polish album she made after many years was her 1993 collaboration with guitarplayer Tadeuszem Nalepą called Pożegnalny cyrk. The following year she undertook a reunion tour with Budką Suflera also to support the Solidarność movement. This was followed by the album Chcę Inaczej in 1996. After this it took another ten years for her to record a new album in 2007 called Sobie na złość.

On the web:

- Isabella's website: http://izatrojanowska.pl
- http://izabelatrojanowska.republika.pl/index.html

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What do we think:

DB: Not a very productive artist but one who made some very nice new wave/pop albums at the start of the nineties. Too bad she didn't continue and produce more.

PR: Trojanowska did not record many albums and just a very small part was also released on cd format. Iza and Układy are her best known albums and are all about Polish new wave (somewhere between Nena and Nina Hagen) and are quite nice.

Recommended albums:

♪♪♪ - Iza - 1981

♪♪♪ - Układy - 1982

? - Independence - 1992

? - Pożegnalny Cyrk - 1993

? - Chcę Inaczej - 1996

Sobie na złość - 2007

♪♪♪♪♪ = outstanding album, an absolute must-have
♪♪♪♪ = great album, highly recomended
♪♪♪ = nice album
♪♪ = be careful, requires listening before buying
♪ = best to be avoided