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The nineties see an uplift in grungy types of bands (Los Planetas, Cancer Moon) who sadly mostly sing in English. More interesting are singers like Luz Casal and Alessandro Sanz who grow out in a big national stars in the nineties. Other newcomers are soft-pop combo La Oreja de van Gogh, Estopa and Greta é los Garbos. The more punky kind of music is made by ska band ‘Un Pingüino en mi Ascensor’ , Alaska & Dinarama and La Secta. An artist like Miquel Bosé sheds his teenybop image for good in this era with very mature and interesting albums.

The end of the nineties sees a return towards more traditional music with the Musica Mestiza scene. They mix rap and reggae with flamenco and Roma gypsy music and in doing that become full circle. Musica Mestiza (or as some might call it) originated in Barcelona but has a following around Spain. Musica Mestiza is sometimes filed under the European Patchanka  movement which can also be found in Italy and the Balkan states. Groups like Caja de Pandora, La Cabra Mecanica, Macaco, Amparanoia (around Amparo Sanchéz), Manu Chao en El combo linga incorporate and mix the different styles into something new and still typically spanish. Ojos de Brujo name their music ‘nuevo flamenco’ and aren’t afraid to incorporate live flamenco dancing in their act. Singer Rosario Flores (daughter of famous couple Lola Flores and Antonio González) finally gets a break-through in the nineties fusing her Roma-heritage with quality pop. A more symponic-folk approach comes from Mallorcan band Antònia Font. Mid-nineties sees also the rise of pop-diva Mónica Naranjo who would turn to rock later in the millenium. In the new millenium the Spanish equivelant of Star Academy, Operación Triunfo, started it's domination on Spanish pop with David Bisbal as one of the more succesfull finalists.

In the new millenium Spain also turns out to be a perfect breeding ground for alternative popbands who lay an emphasis on the rock guitar and mix that with the rich guitar-tradition of their country. Examples of the more pop variety are Vetusta Morla and Supersubmarina. Lo-fi electronic-acoustic is made by Joe Crepúsculo who gives a whole new turn to the Tarantula. More electronic with a nodge to the Eighties comes for Dorian. While bands like Viaje a 800 mix stonerrock with local elements.





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